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  1. Not sure if I'm right about this, but I think that the reason the devs won't be releasing more content to the game, even if the lawsuit gets solved, is that they propably won't continue to pay for the franchise, and thus aren't allowed to do more f13 related stuff. This is just me thinking loud, and may be completely wrong.
  2. . In that case, the whole body would be enlightened. As it is now, only the face and part of the chest is affected, which looks weird.
  3. Yeah, but it is easy to see yourself by just starting an offline game with Packanack and choose one of the Jasons whos eye/s are visible. During the intro it almost looks like someone has an invisible candle in his face.
  4. I did a search on face light, but came up with nothing, which surprised me, since it looks really weird. I've noticed that there's a weird face light on Jason's face in the starting Packanack intro (when he kills a Councillor and walks towards the others as they scatter). My suggestion would be to take it away since it just looks weird. Maybe it is intentional, but it looks funky and I don't mind not seeing his eyes, if that is the reason it has been put there.
  5. Well... OR one could also say that the way this game is being trash-talked by whiny players who always prefer complaining before anything else is horrible.
  6. Didn't you read what devs said about continuing bugfixes etc. By releasing the new content, we at least got it (new councillor, single player challenges, Jason weapon switching etc.). Now they can fix the bugs that people are complaining about.
  7. I just saw the news; no more content for f13, the game. Period! Because of some st*pid lawsuit. The movie’s screenwriter, Victor Miller, is taking Horror, Inc. and Manny Company, the production company that owns the rights to the movie, to court in an attempt to reclaim ownership of the intellectual property. (Source: https://venturebeat.com/2018/06/11/friday-the-13th-the-games-future-is-on-pause-due-to-a-legal-dispute/) This has been one of my favorite games ever, and now Gun Media and Illfonic won't be able to create more content for it.?
  8. ... Just wanted to say that. I mean, its more like the film in terms of trying to be stealthy, hearing the counselors speak, getting to know them better etc. I sure hope Gun media decides to add more of these, including the newer characters that was left out. Still hoping for a social sandbox mode too, hanging around with, or meeting friends during daylight without Jason (like a prelude).
  9. Ok, so the wheelchair isn't very well animated yet. No tilting whatsoever up- or downhill, and if it gets too steep, the wheeling animation gets replaced by the regular corny "falling" anim, but at least its in the game! Hopefully it gets better implemented later on.
  10. Well, the counselor dies, even after being thrown through an opened window (at ground level), which have always seemed a bit silly to me. If the opened window broke, just like a closed window does, then I could imagine the counselor to have died due to several fatal lacerations. As it is now, counselors who gets tossed through an opened window just seems overly frail imo.
  11. Well, when I start a quick game, I always want to wait until the lobby is full, simply because the more players in a match, the easier it is surviving, generally speaking, since Jason has more counselors to chase, which increases my chases of succeeding with my goals as a counselor before Jason focus on me. When a bunch of players starts quitting a match, simply because they're not Jason, it makes it soo much harder for the rest of us that stays in the match. Its bad behavior plain and simple. Deal with it or play with offline bots.
  12. As it said in the title: Let windows break if Jason throws someone through an opened window! this has been something that has bugged me for a long time!
  13. Nonono. You're the 11th. I'm the 12th. Great idea!
  14. What s/he said! There's a couple of really ugly ones that needs some more love, so that they'll work for all councelors!
  15. I'm curious about what new features that will be available with the new game engine! I just hope there is a ton of stuff that will be improved eventually with this change! Love this game!!!
  16. But people still have their personal issues they want to address. I agree that the thing you're addressing are important stuff, but the visual stuff is considered important by many as well. There are many reasons people play the game, and graphical (fluffy) issues might be just as important to some as your hard issues. All depends on which view one have.
  17. @ShiftySamurai Will it be possible later on to choose a server based on which language you prefer? As it is now, since I live in Europe, its really hard communicating with fellow councelors since a lot of them don't speak or don't want to speak english. This has severely impacted on the joy of playing the game. Before last update (I think), we could choose which game servers to play on, but now I´m stuck with the European servers, and despite having better ping, I'd prefer a ping impact to not being able to speak properly with other players in quick play.
  18. @ShiftySamurai Will the team fix the graphical clipping, like hands stuck into radios during Call Tommy animations, Jenny's hair clipping, dragged out of car clipping etc? Also, will the updated engine support skeleton animations adapting to ground elevation, so councelors won't die in the air when grabbed in a slope?
  19. Actually, while I also hate ALL the clipping issues, including severe one when some Counselors are being dragged out of cars, putting their hands through the radio while calling Tommy Jarvis etc., I personally really dislike the hair of the flirty girl; Tiffany Cox. Those bangs, man! It looks like several identical hair alpha layers put on top of each other! Yuk. Gotta say I love the game though. Always had, even with all the annoying bugs that were. Yeah, his pants feels like they don't have textures on.
  20. Oh, I would love a Sandbox Mode! With options for day-/nighttime, sun/rain Just hanging with other players and getting to know them, using special summer camp animations to do: smoking/drinking/showering/ reading/grilling (hot dogs or marshmallows)/sitting/Lying down/dancing/eating (hot dogs etc)/diving/able to do pranks; like scaring the others etc./playing music on the boomboxes etc. Couple animations (would obviously require a mutual accept): Dancing together, snuggling, I believe that many of these animations are going to be made for the offline challenges, so hopefully not so much extra work for devs.
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