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  1. As it is done atm, I guess its not possible since the intro is only a film strip, not real time rendered, but it sure would be neat to see the actual councilors react to Jason instead of the generic ones. Also, seeing others close-up instead of just Chad (I know he´s the jumpy one, but still). Also, if it would ever be real-time rendered, they could add a random non-chosen councilor to get killed instead of mr Deadguy. One can dream of it at least...
  2. Although I don't agree with you on the "any type of clothing is fine", I actually agree with you about adding flip-flops to swim-suit DLC costumes. Sure would hurt as hell running around bare-footed in the woods!!!
  3. About the need to smash window before grabbing: Nah, I'd be happy if Jason could just reach through the window and grab them, but great idea with the jump through mechanics!
  4. I only bought the swim suit and emotes pack (gonna buy the grab kills pack to), even though I love the game, because I feel the other DLCs takes away from the immersion instead of enhancing it. Every time the ugly purple Jason comes running I can´t help but sigh since it ruins the feeling of the game. Would really love having an option of choosing between Canon and Everything Goes servers or something so I don´t have to see it if I don´t want to... Probably not realistic, but, as someone said above; every DLC that strives away from the movies or setting is only going to create less immersion, not more. I play it because of its closeness to the films. These days though, everywhere I turn I see bunnies or devils running around. Meh. More normal 80s clothing variants and haircuts would be great though.
  5. Well, we've all experienced it; Jason chasing a councilor around the same table or, to a lesser extent, windows, making the game look more like an episode of Fawlty Towers than a horror game, and also really boring to watch for all the deceased characters players. How about if a prolonged close proximity to Jason leads to: even greater risk of stumbling even a risk or falling(!!!) even faster loss of endurance, wonkier steering? This way, extended proximity to Jason will be deadlier, creating less feeling of control for the councilors. - Feelings of too much control in a horror game takes away the fear imo.
  6. Gotta agree. For me, f13 is supposed to be hard on the councillors. Most of them SHOULD die during a game, and Jason is supposed to feel like a near-indestructable Powerhouse of Death, especially since it often takes quite a while between the times one actually gets to play him. I WANT to get scared when I see him or hear his music! I want to feel "Wow! I actually survived this time" as opposed to getting used to casually surviving more times then not. Its a horror game. Please, allow it to remain so.
  7. Part 4 and part 6 Jason has the Destruction ability. With part 3 Jason, it took me about 5-6 hits at a door to break it. With part 4 and 6 it took only 2 (sometimes 3) hits, but I found that perfectly fine because of the Destruction ability.
  8. It would be really awesome to have an Iron Man-variant where the players won´t have any control of which councillor or which Jason they get to play. No perks allowed for councillors, and Jason grab kills is randomized. Also, no more than ONE of each councillor, i.e. no more clones!
  9. Would be totally awesome, roleplaying these poor souls, getting to know them a bit... y'know, drinking beers, going for late night dips in the lake, smoking the drugs, and showing their wedding tackle to each other etc. Would get even more intense when jason kills them in the original game mode!
  10. We have different colors on clothes, swim suits. Why not also make the councillors even more unique! This way it would feel more like different people than clone parade.
  11. What would be really kewl is if we could hear ourselves babble when Jason comes near, Also hints on when to use "hold breath".
  12. Which feature/s would you like to see? Poll with multiple choices.