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  1. Yeah, I would go with that. Maybe if they do go with a practical joker, he can use his props to distract Jason.
  2. I think Part 3's name was Chuck and Chili. I love the stoner character idea. Would you consider the heavy kid in the game the Shelly character? I think he has enough differences that we should also add a practical joker character.
  3. 1. Skipable Executions (If wanted) 2. Heroes ALA Star Wars Battlefront (Alice, Ginny, Chris) 3. A way to kick someone when they're cheating/helping Jason without punishing others 4. A way to keep others from being punished when people leave the lobby 5. Jason Weapon Selection (The early trailers showcased various Jasons with weapons they currently do not have. I would like to see these implemented back in) 6. Part V map and Roy Skin Thanks for the great game guys, I hope these ideas help future work.
  4. I would like to have an option to skip them if we want. I've just hacked them up just so I don't lose some kills/XP because some executions take too long. As fun as they are to watch, they can lead to someone's escape.
  5. Yeah psn is usually pretty cool and helpful...until this happens. Sorry that you had to experience that Ted but I do hope you come back when its all calmed down.
  6. Yeah, hopefully soon. It just makes me laugh now that we almost could hear each others voices over the computer screen
  7. mostly i wanted to apologize for the folks who have every right to be mad if they want to be. I go a little too far with it sometimes, but thanks.
  8. @Primarck First off, just wanted to say I took this too far so I sincerely apologize. Second, I'm mostly getting frustrated with other people and took it out on the wrong person. Third, I do understand your side as well as mine I just really want all of this to go away and we can all play. I just trust it to happen it seems more than some others on the forum. Fourth, kittens (just kidding) I just want this all to be square and cool but I do think we would have been angry as well if they delayed it to the fall to fix this. I think they are in a lose-lose situation unfortunately. Again seriously sorry for being so fucked up.
  9. I'm also unable to play at the moment by the way. Patience and trust are virtues long lost.
  10. "Since folks like are here telling me not to complain" What the hell does that even mean?! Also, not a fanboy just someone with much more patience and and understanding that I'm going to get the game I want eventually and don't believe myself entitled to everything without problems. It's mostly irritating that folks who will talk shit to these developers don't have a clue what they're doing but assume they're evil Snidley Whiplash motherfuckers or something. I would love to see you and everyone else who thinks they can do a better product and make one. Put your money where your mouth is instead of your foot and prove them wrong and hell, prove me wrong.
  11. You did receive it. Probably should re-phrase that. Also, 'The Game is Live' contradicts your complaints about it not working so re-phrase that as well. Also, be sure to buy 'Far Cry 5' for 60 or up to 100 bucks and get a broken game like Ubisoft always does then come back and tell me this is a major issue.
  12. I've never been able to get a refund from PSN. It's in their small writing that once you purchase it, you're stuck with it unless it breaks your console which this game while broken does not. So good luck there. Simplifying that by the way.
  13. I'm personally going to love it when everyone like yourself will still be on the game in the coming months and all of this will lead to nothing but a pissing contest of who can complain the loudest about the exact same issues as if it's going to instantly fix it for everyone. Also, as a backer I'm glad you know everything I do because I so did NOT complain once about this game getting to streamers. Oh, and that you live at GUN on their couch so you can in fact see that they're just working on the Savini skin and Clothing DLC while laughing evilly as they wipe their asses with your money. You are so insightful Biddy and your saltiness could make a great caramel.
  14. Then we would have all been complaining about it being pushed back to the fall. They seriously cannot win either way.
  15. I have to agree with the muting Jason move. I found it way too easy to find people and they would even give away which one's had pocket knives or where they set traps etc. making me not go after them right away and essentially selling out their friends unintentionally. I think counsoler's should only be heard with a special ability otherwise they should only hear each other through the walkies.
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