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  1. Found two Pamela tapes and they never stuck. Played full game, no disconnect. ?
  2. Found two tapes since update neither stuck. I have 10 so might be duplicates but they said it would be fixed in this patch. ☹
  3. I have 10 tapes, found my second duplicate today. kinda fucked
  4. I made this image in an earlier post about prestige system for an icon idea. This game could definitely use one.
  5. Flipping the car back confirmed, you can go up to it and use a throwing knife as Jason. Was messing around trying to figure out how to flip the car and when i did it sent me on top of packanack lodge. If someone flips the car in your game, try it out lol. It also works if it is not flipped, but started.
  6. Don't team kill but if i get part of the car ready and have the keys i'm joyriding, if you don't want to escape with me i'm happy to let you hop out and take the next taxi
  7. I wait till I get shift and then only go for resourceful kills, unless it's Tommy fuck him
  8. Xbox had to wait for hotfix till now, hope it doesn't take long for y'all. Love my norn iron and UK buds. Hopefully you get the norn iron reference haha
  9. On Xbox One the RB button makes your counselor look behind. I never use this because you can just rotate your camera and run away while looking at Jason to see if he shifts or not. I think they should replace this with the emotes because I can not run and look at how many people are still left in the game at the same time. Thoughts?
  10. It is only the up button on the d-pad then you use right stick to choose between different ones. Other things on update window animations are great, but laggy if you use swing instead of tapping A on it. You still can't combat stance down doors unless you are directly in the middle of it. Graphics look better on xbox one then they were. Oh.. and you can knock Jason out now from inside the house with the new window animation, i like that tho Same.... start, and mute takes longer when you're playing Jason and you can't see what's going on in front of you. Might just take some getting used to
  11. When they added emotes they took out the function to see who is left in the game, who escaped, who's what counselor. You'll have to press start go to mute players to check.
  12. I've got most of them, but the badges i need seem glitched out. i.e. i've flipped people out of the boat way more than 12 times
  13. I got the boat stuck in the creek by higgins haven once. While attempting to get out the Jason told me to reverse the car back the left and then he threw a throwing knife at the car. I don't know where he threw it but after he did the car flipped and I was evacuated.
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