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  1. I've had alot of 'connection to host lost' games. Not sure if I get salt or not, not sure if host just closed the app. If connection is lost (which happens alot with this game), no salt should be given to anyone in the lobby. It should be able to tell the difference from leaving on purpose or timing out. Some days I swear I'm in the salt mines cause I can't find a game and the games I do get in they're all dicks
  2. This happened to me last night. During double xp I tell peeps they can kill me for the points. Everything was done right, I never spammed the x button at all when sweater was used. Tommy hit me 3 times with the ax and I never went down.
  3. It is tedious, but you can at least do it faster. Rolling perks goes quick when in a lobby. I put myself in a private match by myself then roll away, goes alot quicker
  4. I hope they don't fix this, I like it. Used to hate playing Pinehurst, I like it now
  5. Play it out and let them have their fun.....then get revenge the next game!
  6. Swirlie in the toilet....if any of my friends use that kill on me I won't play with them for 2 days lol
  7. This happened to me too, I deleted the digital version. Everything from the digital transferred to my physical copy
  8. custom maps would be sweet! We had them in RE Revelations 2
  9. Was playing on Crystal Lake small the other day, a non-repair person gave me the fuse. I literally went to every house twice including boathouse and tool shed and never found the box. I asked Jason after the match, didn't have a mic or just didn't answer me. Also could not find the second battery in that same match anywhere. I just figured I missed them and went about my day, lol. Makes me wonder now......
  10. I think they should add another way to kill Jason. I've been stuck so many times when we can kill him and there's no female character to get the sweater. Should be a way for male to do something to kill him
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