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  1. I wouldn’t say nearly everyone. A lot of the people I know run counselor as main. I’d like to see the statistics on people that would prefer to be Jason over a counselor. I did like being Jason when I first bought the game but found it more exciting being a counselor, especially with friends. But that could just be me. 

    I’d love to make all the annoyances with the game disappear. Host quitting is obviously one (yay for dedicated servers), teaming with Jason is equally as infuriating. 

    Thank you for you your feed back Nougat.

    I’d love to know what everyone else thinks ?


    Edit: Would it be possible for @GunMedia_Ben, @wes, @ShiftySamurai to possibly make a twitter poll? Something like “Which character do you most enjoy playing “Jason/Killer”, “Counselor/Survivor”? Just an idea!

  2. Hey everyone,

    So after a good few matches of having to sit through watching up to 20 minutes watching Jason and a person fuck around, I came up with an idea

    (Before anyone starts asking me to use the search; I have. Read through many pages)

    How about make it where Jason signs up different from the counselors? What I mean by that is that counselors can all team up in PS, Xbox, PC.. what have you and enter the lobby. Jason would be signing up solo and just stick “Killer/Jason”. 

    It would stop Jason/friend counselor from teaming up together to ruin the game. Because really, 20 minutes is enough to put up with this bullshit. Especially when it happens time and time again.

    I don’t play DbD but I heard they have the same idea. 

    Apart from the teaming issue, it would also stop people leaving from the start when they’re not selected as Jason and leaving the group with barely any players.

    I would love to see this implemented. What do you guys think?  

  3. 2 hours ago, Truth said:

    No judgement from me. That's actually why I got one.

    Not sure about phones, I got a cheap Motorola and an even cheaper plan.

    As for the battery, I got this one for my Switch: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CO8LCP2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    But this one is more reasonable for a phone: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KT26W0G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    The one for the switch is a little bigger but has a lot more battery life. The other one is about the same size as my phone and has plenty of charge to be able to use your phone all day.

    I want to delete it from my phone but once I'm in town and I find Pokestops I have to...

    I'll have a look into the Motorola. I've been sticking with the iPhones because all my family have it for Facetime and iMessages. 

    I'll have a check of those, desperately need one and knowing it has good feedback makes me feel more comfortable buying it!

    In the meantime I'll get a battery pack until I upgrade my phone. I thought people were lying and being silly when they say their iPhone breaks when a new one comes on but I'm actually starting to believe it now :( 

  4. 53 minutes ago, Truth said:

    There's some cheap ones on amazon. I got one for $10 that gives it like 3 full charges.

    Or you could always just get a better phone and not have to carry additional power around.

    That's really not bad. I do go out a lot during the day so a battery pack would be amazing. Wouldn't have to worry about making calls or listening to music. Or playing Pokemon Go (don't judge...). I'll look into that :) Thank you.

    I do plan on upgrading my phone once I get the funds. Can I ask, any cool new sleek phones that has a good battery life?

  5. Kinda drunk so sorry if there’s any mistakes and I know it it’s a repeat comment, but can any dev PLEASE comment on if we’re getting the patch at the same time as the US (in the EUU)? I really don’t want to wait like every other time. Why not just time it so everyone gets it at once? Is that such a problem?? Everyone in the EU would appreciate that. I know you want to push out then contact ASAP but come on... let everyone play!!

  6. I’m confused about why sometimes the US gets the patch before the EU. I know there has to be a reason for that, does anybody know?

    It sucked getting the previous patch, I believe, 4 or 5 days before anyone else and the Halloween DLC a day before Halloween. 

    @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben Will EU and US get the patch at the same time? Just a “Yes, “Nah” or “God knows” answer would make me happy. 

  7. You do have some real good perks there! The ones I would personally scrap: Sneaky (+Window speed), Heavy Sleeper (+Tent sense avoid) and Firecracker. 
    That's just me though. I've never found a use for any of those. As @Redrum138 said, perhaps also Heavy Hitter because of the upcoming nerf to it. 

    The rest I'd keep. Sucker Punch, Marathon, Thick Skinned, Medic and especially My Dad's A Cop (totally situational).

  8. I've had a good look at the stickied topics and I can't find some answers I'm looking for. 
    I've figured out how to tag users with the "@" function. Another thing is trying to reply to multiple quotes. E.g: If two people posted two different posts and I'd like to quote and reply to each, how do I do that? 

    I'm past 2am here so I can't think of any more of the top of my head but I'll add more when they come to me. Any help would be welcome.

  9. I do like another idea of killing Jason and the boat idea is pretty cool. The only thing I'm thinking is if Jason sees the boat in the middle of the water, checks to see who's alive and one is Tommy, he might think twice about trying to out to kill him. 

    If the counselors are in the camp and prepared to kill him he might not suspect it right away (and even stand a fighting chance of taking them down), but the boat idea might be an instant death trap for him. Unless it's incorporated that still does have a fighting chance to kill Tommy in the boat.

  10. 6 minutes ago, CPLhicks31 said:

    There are also a lot of dumb panicking people who cut in front of the car...

    That's true. Probably thinking they can jump onto the car bonnet for a ride. I would stand by the side of the road, looking a lift, and yeah.. quite a few times they'd prefer to turn me into roadkill than pick me up.

    Wasn't there a post from a Dev a while ago saying they planned on the driver getting extra XP for picking up additional passengers? That would lessen the hit runs I think.

  11. Anyone else experiencing this? It used to be fine until a couple of weeks ago. Right now I'm in work and I've had to charge my iPhone 6s 3 times because its went down to 10%. I haven't been making a lot of calls/texts or playing games. I have "Low Power" activated, closed all the background apps and the brightness is right down. Granted I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac on medium volume for a couple of hours... reckon that could be the reason?

    Any help would be mucho appreciated!

  12. On 12/13/2017 at 8:55 PM, NthnButAGoodTime said:

    @Danny, from a sky level view, Funny Games is heavy-handed commentary on finding entertainment in horror. Rather than the victims just being a statistic on the body count, the movie makes you sit there and experience every bit of the horror alongside of the victims, and it is soul-crushingly effective.

    @NthnButAGoodTime That's what made it a real different kind of horror (thriller?). Brilliantly done. What I thought was excellent was that it was a scene by scene remake of the original. You're 100% right on it being soul-crushingly effective! 

  13. 2 minutes ago, silencedeffect said:

    police! it's always like a boss battle scenario when Jason waits around the exit and you're the last one left. I would be the last one walking toward him by the exit and I would get on my mic to say some sort of witty line like "We all knew it would come down to this moment" or "You wanna do this the easy way or the hard way?"

    Hahaha ? good quips

    It is a lot of fun waiting for the police, trying to stay out of the way so he doesn’t tunnel you until the police come. The downside is the party at the police line.. 

  14. 3 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    Easy listening. Boat speed. Heavy sleeper. Teamwork. Tinker (at least for me, speeding up the repair doesn´t make it easier. bigger zones for clicks, or less clickzones would make sense for me.), everything sense related as there is sense spam.

    I like to use the Tinker perk when I’m playing Vanessa. If there’s no repair chars about I’ll give it a shot. I mess up about 2-3 times but I can bolt if Jason shows up if I don’t complete it. 

    I’d add Grinder as well. Total waste of a perk spot.

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