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  1. Yeah, that is frustrating. Hopefully, something changes within the future patches. I’ve seen it happen. Although, the past few evenings, I was lucky enough to come back as Tommy. Thankfully, the rage quitters helped. 😆
  2. @lasse_hei Wow...you are still having issues. Not having this matter addressed quickly/hotfix, does make me wonder also. I’m not sure, on how the new studio handles things. I play on Xbox and have had my fair share of issues...I feel your pain.
  3. @Dolemite I’m glad hear that man! You did another amazing job! The detail is great! Give it time...someone will make a bid. Good luck!
  4. On the Xbox, people quit..all of the time. Ever since we got dedicated servers, it doesn’t bother me. I get my points earned. Just start another match and hope for a good one.
  5. @Dolemite Hey man! How did things go on eBay or afterwards? Did anyone purchase this?
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a great day!
  7. @Grape Thank you, for the update! @mattshotcha Is this true? I’ve noticed an increase myself, while playing this evening. Also, if news or info, is posted on other social media pages, why is the forum...the last one to find out/have no knowledge about these announcements...until after a forum member posts the news?
  8. @TheHansonGoons Wait....this wasn’t discussed before? Nope...nope...never seen this one! Lmao! Someone isn’t making sense. @HaHaTrumpWonYou cared enough to respond back, even though..it wasn’t meant towards you. Wait...what?!? Everyone plays this game differently. It is what it is.
  9. @mattshotcha Really good ideas here. Many good tweaks mentioned, throughout this thread...from forum members. I hope that you guys, are keeping an eye on this and will maybe implement them, within these future patches.
  10. Good-lawrd! If you don’t have time or enough space, for a grab kill and they are close enough...then swing away.... It’s not a cheap/lazy way of getting a kill. Adjust your tactics, if that happens and try to survive.
  11. Random selection/same perks. I pick a main and get selected as someone else most times.
  12. Welcome to the forums! The pig splitter, is usually my main. The fire-axe, pick-axe and machete are my random choices.
  13. I’ve seen this, while spectating a match. Jason wasn’t stunned at all.
  14. Killing Jason, isn’t tied into that achievement. I’m glad that you finally got it @Bonker2468! On the Xbox, I’m pretty sure, that I did all the required Jason kills. Mine still hasn’t popped. Oh well...I’ll keep trying.
  15. @mattshotcha Hey Matt! Thank you, for all of the responses and clarifications posted today! I think that the counselors are fine. Tweeks with the ‘perk’ system, could change that too. Are the stuns, that happen to Jason...being looked at? He shouldn’t be a piñata. Right now, playing as a counselor, seems to be too relaxing.
  16. Lol. I’ve never seen that one. On the xbox, I’ve only seen Retro Savini a few times.
  17. No new content is coming. It’s been stated over and over again. Yes...they are passionate about the game and want to add more content. Wanting to add new content or doing it, after the lawsuit...are two different things. No matter what the outcome is..updates only. No update has arrived yet. We shall see. I don’t mean to sound harsh...it is what it is.
  18. The second Savini, looks absolutely great! Both did! I’d love to make a bid...yet I can’t. If you can, post the eBay link. You should get a lot of good bids man. Good luck!
  19. Today, the loading times have varied, for me too. You can either do what @Ahab has suggested or wait it out. It’s Halloween today, many players...are probably not online. Welcome to the forums!
  20. @Dragonfire82877 Lmao! Sorry about that. It’s been a long day. Thank you!
  21. Hello everyone. Last evening, I escaped when the cops arrived. I was spectating/checking my phone. All of the sudden, I returned to the game as Tommy. I haven’t played online, until the dedicated servers went live. You can be picked if you escape? Is this a known issue?
  22. I understand why you asked. You were very clear, with your questions. I was simply trying to answer your question...not a problem. ?
  23. Hello @Ahab! Savini’s trident...is not an option. From what I’ve read and or have seen...only Savini Jason has that weapon option.
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