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  1. That’s a tough one. Part 6 & 8, were my mains. Mixing it up lately...with Part 3 and Savini.
  2. Their were issues recently, with the servers, but they fixed it. Xbox...I just played 2 matches offline and one public match online. Everything worked. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. Is it working now?
  3. I was referring, to the counselors, randomly running into Jason.
  4. That has happened to me too. Not sure why, but it made me laugh. 🤣
  5. It doesn’t bother me. The round will eventually start.
  6. When I get time, to enjoy some time off to play, I can’t stop playing. Yes, certain issues annoyed me. Hacks, server issues..it’s not the best situation. They got hacked and are trying to correct that. Now, I’m happy just being able to play, with the dedicated servers still running! Enjoy that! It might not last that long. Enjoy everything, while you still can.
  7. @TimDuke 01 Oh ok. I’m glad, that it somewhat got fixed for you. You can’t block, that person in specific? I don’t play on pc, not sure on what you can/can’t do.
  8. @TimDuke 01 Did you lose anything? Or was someone butthurt and wanted to threaten you?
  9. Hey @Dunken! I understand that. Good travels, with whatever game you enjoy! I took a long break and have been playing again. I really missed it. Some games are great, others are a mess. You have this. Best wishes! 🤘
  10. This achievement still hasn’t popped for me. The xbox one is still, hit or miss. My percentage keeps going up and down. I keep trying though.
  11. @rewNATION You have a few options. Try rebooting your modem/router. Also delete the game and reinstall it.
  12. @mattshotcha Xbox. After the downlond/install, matches were a little laggy. To be expected. Played a few more matches online, they have loaded quicker. Hardly any problems, no disconnects. So far, online matches, are definitely better! Thanks for the quick fix!
  13. Nerves of steel, restful and marathon. The Chad. Everyone’s pallet is different. Enjoy the game, however to want it to play out. Good luck 👍
  14. Machete and the axe for me. Yes, the guns help, yet after you hit or miss, they are gone. I prefer a stun weapon.
  15. Hey @mattshotcha! Do you have any update, concerning the patch, that’s in testing phase?
  16. Hello everyone! Xbox one. Played 3 online matches, this evening. 1st online match, died, stayed and got the credits. 2nd online match, fatal error...crashed. 3rd match, everything worked well, I escaped via the boat. The servers have issues, yet are somewhat playable. I can’t wait, for this patch, to correct this on/offline issue!
  17. Xbox one...8:27pm eastern time. Dedicated servers are still down. I’ll try again tomorrow.
  18. @The Milwauking Dead That could be true. @Dragonfire82877 It gave me a chuckle. One of many posts, encountering lost Savini skins. Throughout the years, I’m sure that you both have seen so many excuses. Oh no, my Savini skin is gone (never had)....My incident...I was fixing a chair, in the kitchen. The receipt I had, was on the chair. My fan was on ‘high’ and the whirlwind was too strong. It shredded my info. Please help. Lol! 😂
  19. @TimDuke 01 Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that!
  20. @powerhouse33 Maybe, reboot your modem and router. It’s been running smooth, so far, for me this evening. Good luck!
  21. ☝️Exactly this! You may win, you may lose. It is what it is.
  22. Last Sunday, every quick match, worked for me too. No issues at all, with full lobbies. After work on Monday, the issue was back...still can’t play. Really odd. I don’t know.
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