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  1. Nice post @Fair Play Option 2 would be great!
  2. I agree with you! The buffs to Jason were needed! If you are a counselor, play differently. It should’ve never been a gang bang on Jason! The forums exploded, after the patch/Jason buff. I saw it coming. Lol! Play and adapt..we’ve all been through this/players from the beginning.
  3. So far, what I’ve read has been good. I can’t wait to play online. Jason should’ve always been op!
  4. @TheHansonGoons I see the same on Xbox. Not able to purchase, yet the two are there. Also, it looks like pitchfork kills, for part 2. @mattshotcha Hello sir! Why is this happening?
  5. After the last two patches, on the Xbox, I’ve experienced this too. I’m not sure, why it occurs. It’s not all of the time, but it happens.
  6. @xllxENIGMAxllx Thank you for posting this! The forum members appreciate it! Being posted, on other social media page(s), with its own forum being uniformed...smh...the trend continues.
  7. Welcome to the forums @Ethanhead258! Lol. Don’t even stress about it...hit that mute button. Everyone plays differently. Mother will be proud. Slash away!
  8. That’s pretty much, how most of us feel. I’ll still be here too, until the game goes offline. I don’t want to see that happening...time will tell.
  9. @lasse_hei Thank you sir! Have a Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and be safe!
  10. Exactly this...☝️ That’s how it should’ve been. The last time, that I rolled perks...I received the same perk, 4 different times/different variations...within 5 consistent rolls. It doesn’t matter what day, hour, whenever...that you choose to roll. The current system is a mess. Congrats @Methodicalize!
  11. Yeah, that is frustrating. Hopefully, something changes within the future patches. I’ve seen it happen. Although, the past few evenings, I was lucky enough to come back as Tommy. Thankfully, the rage quitters helped. 😆
  12. @lasse_hei Wow...you are still having issues. Not having this matter addressed quickly/hotfix, does make me wonder also. I’m not sure, on how the new studio handles things. I play on Xbox and have had my fair share of issues...I feel your pain.
  13. @Dolemite I’m glad hear that man! You did another amazing job! The detail is great! Give it time...someone will make a bid. Good luck!
  14. On the Xbox, people quit..all of the time. Ever since we got dedicated servers, it doesn’t bother me. I get my points earned. Just start another match and hope for a good one.
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