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  1. @ShiftySamurai Dedicated servers (X1) are running good! Thank you and the team! 🤘🤘
  2. Honestly.... Many posts, get ignored...or deleted. I’m done posting......for now. The team or mods...delete honest opinions, over and over again...good or bad. Don’t waste your breathe people. I don’t mean to be harsh...sadly this is happening more lately. I don’t want to walk away, from this game or forum...yet damn. How they are handling things...makes it that much more difficult to support it.
  3. For all the PS4 users. Sony is experiencing an outage right now.
  4. Brian76

    We should be happy

    I agree! No new content at all...it’s not the best news. I didn’t want that to happen, just like everyone else. I hope they fix the game...every update introduces a new problem...ever since launch. 🙄 I do hope that dedicated servers happen for console players. I miss playing online.
  5. Brian76

    July Friday the 13th

    I agree. They state a lot of false promises. I’m not being an ass...it’s the truth. Dedicated servers were almost done....last September/October. Sadly...that was a false statement.. So who knows, what they have planned...if anything.
  6. Brian76

    Womp Stomp Films Responds

    Everyone...keep your opinions to yourselves. Don’t waste your breath. A certain individual is delete happy. Don’t waste your time. Thanks everyone!
  7. This post is very true. Pretty much everyone, feels the same way. No matter what the outcome is...they’re done on content/they give up. Yet the forum members/consumers should just automatically be ok with this? How does that work?
  8. Brian76

    Ghostboy Exits

    @Ghostboy20 Another member down...smh. I think that you’re on x1, not sure, if you are...pm me your gt, when you have time. Have a good day man! 🤘
  9. Brian76

    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    @BrokenFattHardy Not you too man! That’s 3 members in 24hrs. We were just starting to hit it off! Lol. I understand your reasons man. It’s sad, that it had to get to this point. When you have a chance, pm me your gt for the x1...I’ll hit you up. Have a good one man! 🤘
  10. Hey @Kodiak! I want to personally thank you! I’ve read every post in this thread and feel the same way, that a lot of members do, with this occurring news. It’s not a good situation. I want to go on a rant and blast certain people. Yet, that might not be good right now. They seem to be ban happy/delete this/ignore that. It’s not right, to the community/paying customer, that has stood by them since day one or three months later! I get it ‘respect the rules’, yet at this stage...it’s getting harder to do. A lot of the posts make sense..to many..a hard pill to swallow. Thank you, for fighting, to let forum members, vent and speak about this. That means a lot...to many of us! 🤘
  11. Every platform can have toxic players. Every day is different.
  12. Maybe the publicity, for the game, ran its course. Who knows.
  13. I thought they could be done offline also. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll go up 4%...next game go down 8%. That seems right. Lol.
  14. Damn. Also...I’ve ran across Jason helpers too. I lost it, when they were the last to survive and the player would turn on them. Gave me a chuckle. Are you serious...a comm ban?!? Ffs! That’s ridiculous.
  15. My last QP match played...Higgins. Survived 15 minutes. Another counselor saw me, flashed the flash light on me non stop. I wasn’t paying attention to it too much, it seems to happen a lot. Another counselor, comes my way and rolls over me, with a car. Woohoo! I fixed two parts to that car, to only get run over, by the same car. Lol.