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  1. Hey @mattshotcha! Do you have any update, concerning the patch, that’s in testing phase?
  2. Hello everyone! Xbox one. Played 3 online matches, this evening. 1st online match, died, stayed and got the credits. 2nd online match, fatal error...crashed. 3rd match, everything worked well, I escaped via the boat. The servers have issues, yet are somewhat playable. I can’t wait, for this patch, to correct this on/offline issue!
  3. Xbox one...8:27pm eastern time. Dedicated servers are still down. I’ll try again tomorrow.
  4. @The Milwauking Dead That could be true. @Dragonfire82877 It gave me a chuckle. One of many posts, encountering lost Savini skins. Throughout the years, I’m sure that you both have seen so many excuses. Oh no, my Savini skin is gone (never had)....My incident...I was fixing a chair, in the kitchen. The receipt I had, was on the chair. My fan was on ‘high’ and the whirlwind was too strong. It shredded my info. Please help. Lol! 😂
  5. @TimDuke 01 Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that!
  6. @powerhouse33 Maybe, reboot your modem and router. It’s been running smooth, so far, for me this evening. Good luck!
  7. ☝️Exactly this! You may win, you may lose. It is what it is.
  8. Last Sunday, every quick match, worked for me too. No issues at all, with full lobbies. After work on Monday, the issue was back...still can’t play. Really odd. I don’t know.
  9. Hey @mattshotcha! Four attempts this evening. Xbox one. Eastern, PA...NA...wired connection. Tried to play online, selected ‘quick match’. The round started and I was connected with a full lobby. As time went on, I couldn’t activate anything...ex. doors, weapon pick ups, health items, windows, drawers. Then it would lead to a ‘disconnected from server’ error. Wanted to let you guys know.
  10. Hello @mattshotcha ! Xbox one og. Eastern USA. Last night, one offline match/7 multiplayer games worked flawlessly. Tonight, 3 offline matches worked great, 5 multiplier matches...lobby was full, about to start and got the crash error. Are the servers still having issues? Just asking.
  11. Spoiled? Naah man.... not at all. These issues should’ve been fixed by now. You disagree?
  12. Lmao! More time?!? No disrespect towards you at all! After 2 years of patches, that have ended poorly, with more mistakes...UNACCEPTABLE...no more excuses!! Enough is enough!
  13. These issues should’ve been fixed in 6 months after release, at the earliest. Yet after 2yrs, the same problems are there, with newer ones? What should your fan base think?!? Later updates, more of a broken game? That told me a lot. Yes, they tried to get a good patch out or proclaimed that. With what was stated and was presented...two different things. No matter what your company rank this is....UNACCEPTABLE!! These issues should’ve been fixed! It’s still the norm to say that it’s ok to accept that?!? Come on...smh. 🙄
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