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  1. Thanks for the invitation @Jason Todd Voorhees! I’ll join this weekend.
  2. Cheats are on? Jason should be OP. He should be hard to defeat. As a counselor, try to survive, or escape. If hunting parties, push him into rage mode, he should be unstoppable. Defeating Jason, should never be easy.
  3. Jason Part 3, no changes need to be made. Learn and adapt.
  4. This thread...lmao! Where is the video proof? Also, me asking this, doesn’t make me a smart ass. I’m not saying, that it doesn’t happen. I’ve played against many teamers. I would like to see this happening and then judge it from there.
  5. Xbox one...The later pm hours (Around 5 pm Eastern time) No problems here, finding a pub match. If that helps.
  6. That’s a tough one. Part 6 & 8, were my mains. Mixing it up lately...with Part 3 and Savini.
  7. Their were issues recently, with the servers, but they fixed it. Xbox...I just played 2 matches offline and one public match online. Everything worked. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen. Is it working now?
  8. I was referring, to the counselors, randomly running into Jason.
  9. That has happened to me too. Not sure why, but it made me laugh. 🤣
  10. It doesn’t bother me. The round will eventually start.
  11. When I get time, to enjoy some time off to play, I can’t stop playing. Yes, certain issues annoyed me. Hacks, server issues..it’s not the best situation. They got hacked and are trying to correct that. Now, I’m happy just being able to play, with the dedicated servers still running! Enjoy that! It might not last that long. Enjoy everything, while you still can.
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