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  1. Thank you @NthnButAGoodTime!! My bad.
  2. I get why you closed my post, yet at this point in time...this is unacceptable/should've been fired up and ready to go! At least when the physical copies launched. We should have had dedicated servers by now. Players constantly screwing other people out of xp....not cool at all. I'm not mad at you, but damn...this is getting really old.
  3. Hello Ben! When are the dedicated servers arriving? It's getting very bad, when almost every match...everything that players do, host quits...all xp is lost. All of the times, that it happens to me and many other fans....makes the over all experience very frustrating! Please make a statement on this. Thank you!
  4. I agree with you. Also, no news about dedicated servers?!? I thought, that they would be arriving this month? Or am I wrong?
  5. No dedicated servers. The last patch/game content was great! ?
  6. Maybe a lot of players are comfortable...with the earlier maps. Each day is different for me. I enjoy them all.
  7. We got some content and a nice patch! Dedicated servers will arrive. I'll still be playing either way. ?
  8. @Brigadius Thank you for creating these, for the forum members! Much appreciated! ?
  9. Good-lawrd...that eyes...Lol...I'm just kidding about that. I had to. Go into your gamer history and block them = never play with them again. Or next time, just mute the toxic players. You'll find a good lobby. Don't let it ruin your day. ?
  10. I'm pretty stoked, to see that Mitch is coming to the game. I thought that his name was Chuck though? Oh well...he's a nice surprise...arriving on the 13th! ?
  11. I get hate messages, once in a while, on the X1. Read...chuckle...delete. Don't let it bug you.
  12. I'm hoping that dedicated servers will come early or on the 13th. I asked the devs and got no response. Hopefully they will arrive sooner, instead of later.
  13. I'm currently at level 41. I'm excited that Jason 4 is coming! My playing time is very short, with my work schedule and g/f. I'll get there....I can't wait!
  14. Thank you guys @Tattooey and @DamonD7! Talked to my boss and I'm off on the 13th. I'll be on and off..during that day. After 6pm est time, I'll be on for a while. It would be great to play with other forum members! Gt: CheezfryzBandit on X1. Possibly...multible Friday events ?!
  15. Thank you sir! I'm looking forward to playing with other forum members! ?