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  1. I think in the space ship map there should be teleportation hubs, not only to get the upper hand on Jason but jason could also wait or set up traps at each spawn location, so it goes both ways, just a thought! Oh and liquid nitrogen death!!!!!
  2. absolutely, i just think borderline impossible to kill him so some buffer would be nice, or maybe some jasons masks come off easier than the other, like sackhead, he shouldnt even need his removed
  3. Just thought it would be a neat if when you make your city map, you see a cool animation that has Jason kicking boomboxes out versus the regular stereos we get to smash in the current maps lol, just a thought, u guys are awsome!
  4. I think that if Jason gets shot point blank in the face it should remove his mask instantly, increasing the chances to kill him by atleast 10 percent! I think it would be a great buffer and something that wouldn't change the difficulty of the game by much, thanks u guys, absolutely love the game, keep up the great work!!
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