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  1. Rydog information comes from an old build of this game. Seeing that the devs makes changes to this game all the time , even the unintentional and unaware ones means that people shouldn't rely on it anymore until he becomes active again and starts updating his stuff.
  2. You sound mad bro. Maybe you should take time away from this game? I never really had a problem hearing his music. His stalk is however less helpful for him outside the wood, since purple is one of the worst colors to blend with the environment.
  3. Get some help. The map isn't properly balance. And I'm and advocate of Jason. You ignored the supporting evidence which explains your inability to comprehend what I wrote. RNG putting the fuse box always at the bottom. 2 seater with the boat. All narrow waters means I don't have to play goalie at the exit. Yup. Now if it helps you sleep better, there is another map that favors counselors that I could complain about. But that wasn't asked.
  4. Cabins are too far apart. The islands makes it a chore. The fuse box is always on the bottom. Sometimes you are giving the 2 seater instead of the 4 seater. The boat has to traverse narrow waters and the exit is pretty far. This is a map that heavily favors Jason.
  5. Not really. The fact that he is purple means he sticks out like a sore thumb.
  6. If this ends up helping Jason at the cost of slow counselors getting nerf then I'll still take it. I just hope that extra item isn't an additional med spray or pocket knife.
  7. Yeah, breaking a door down with scissors would look weird, but we already have a Jason trying to do the same with a spear. I favor the scissors because it's a more unique weapon and not another damn axe. That machete could be used for Jason X instead.
  8. This topic wasn't hard to understand. I believe people just refuse to read the long paragraphs you wrote and jump to their desire conclusions leading to off topic posting. If there is buff/nerf in one area there needs to be a buff/nerf in another area to compensate. That's basically the easiest way to say it without getting into further details.
  9. Him and Stroiker are good and they have a lot of videos. I put Play with Jason ahead of Stoiker simply because he does all the fundamentals and doesn't take risks.
  10. What did he say to you? If the overall value of items increases, then this is just another slap to Jason. Too many people in my games are quitting any chance they are forced to be Jason. It's so easy to win as counselors that now you don't have to do anything. Just watch Jason quit and you win.
  11. The problem with that is that I do not see Mitch being the last person to die. He just doesn't look the type to live longer then Adam.
  12. My point was if counselors can get away with unrealistic survivalibility then this shouldn't exclude Roy. IIRC, Roy was blinded by the light from the tractor since he had his other hand up by his eyes. I like Roy and I think he should be in it. While technically not Jason, he is still a hockey mask killer and did acted out his killing very well. He killed 17 people over a large area. The most at the time for a F13th film. So he gets credit.
  13. We have counselors surviving two story window jumps and requiring 5 hits from Jason machete or axe to simply die. The game is already unrealistic just as Roy was in the movie. He took all that damage which I would qualify as life threatening and still manages to get up fine.
  14. Jason is weak from the onset. He only has morph, hasn't lay traps, and no rage. This is the best opportunity for counselors to make their getaway. Not closing doors and not laying traps by the doors basically means you help speed up the time to loot and find parts. Since every counselor is alive from start this gives you and everyone the best chance to escape with a full team effort. A Jason with no shift is not a threat. If two objectives are being worked right away he can only contest one without shift and probably too late to lay the trap at the battery compartment since its already put in. TLDR; Jason is weak in the beginning. You survival rate goes downhill the longer you sit. That's why. More counselors should try to adopt this approach.
  15. I use to close every door, doing the traditional method. Now I leave them open. There is a reason for that. Try it out sometimes.