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  1. 2 New Jasons?

    Roy, Pre and Uber Jason were voting options from Gun Media given to the public when this game was being made. Part 4 also didn't make the cut back then, but now he is in. They said Pamela would be too hard to put in the game. Not that she is off the cards. This is all that we know from Gun Media standpoint. Just so we are clear, the roadmap doesn't end after we get to the end of this one. Someone ask them on their twitter page before.
  2. 2 New Jasons?

    Pre-Uber is fine. Uber is ridiculous. Imagine Deborah with a frying pan knocking him off his feet.
  3. 2 New Jasons?

    If you look at the Jason shrine room there are two shrines that are covered in sheets with an empty spot on the bottom right. This means there could be a 3rd Jason at a later date.
  4. You can immediately attack or grab after blocking when in combat stance. Play with Jason does this all the time and I still don't know why people couldn't figure it out yet.
  5. Unpopular counselors

    I don't know why, but it feels so damn rewarding when LaChappa is the only one who survives. đŸ˜‰ I wish there was an emote exclusive to him where he lift up his shirt and shows everybody his physics before leaving with the cops.
  6. Unpopular counselors

    I see lots of Kennys. Jenny and Eric, not so much.
  7. No more repair characters. We have enough of them and we need 3-4/10 repairers.
  8. Shelly composure should be a 10. Never in the movie did he show any ounce of fear compared to Chuck and Chris who were spook about everything. Shelly only showed curiosity when heading to the barn when he heard noises. So if they gave him less then 10, then they are way off in representing him correctly.
  9. This better be the last for part 3 characters. I'm starting to get sick of them whoring that movie out. Show so damn love for the rest of the films.

    Doesn't the snowflake represents the beginning of Winter? We have VC2.0, offline bots and single player demo showing up before the snowflake. So we are suppose to get them before the 21st of December. If not then they'll have to redo the roadmap again.
  11. I wonder if people are going to start trapping the car door now as part of their normal routine and leave the yellow car untrapped.
  12. I personally don't destroy hiding spots because I sometimes want them to use it instead of running from me. If there are a lot of hiding spots, what I do is walk around a bit and then walk outside. Turn on stalk and then they'll eventually come out of their hiding place. This is where you can surprise them.
  13. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    What does this mean? Are you saying that if a part was pick up and dropped back down in the same location it won't appear on the map unless it is moved from the location?
  14. A Speculation

    He only killed two people in that movie. Most of the time he just follows the hiker around and letting him get away for no reason. For that, he feels irrelevant to me and I don't know how he would play if he was in this game.
  15. Having fun =/= balance I can have fun on the Jarvis map. It doesn't mean it's balance right. Right. And the way to do that is to fix all the problems with Jason gameplay mechanics(grab, hit detection, combat stance). Then he can be feared again. Not by virtue of a badly design map. The last thing Jason needs is for the map to help him out.