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  1. One dot is singled out... So maybe (hopefully) single player?
  2. My typical converations: Me: "full lobby, nice. Does anyone have a Mic?" Lobby: *Bunch of kids with crappy mics yelling and talking over each other*
  3. I really hope they improve him. Out of all the Jason's, Part 7, in my opinion, is the most badass looking one. I would love to use him, but they way he is now, I'd be lucky if I got 3 kills.
  4. So I'm not really good at these kinds of thing. Hi, I'm Titan. Been a long time fan of the Friday the 13th series. Out of all the movies, I would have to say either part 4 or part 6 are my favorite, unless FVJ is included in which that takes my top spot. I play on PS4. If you want to add me my gamertag is the same as my name on here.
  5. I like Jason's like that who try to have fun with it. I don't agree with letting you escape. I would've let you be last alive tho.
  6. If you found the propeller then no one escaped in the boat. There's only One propeller that spawns each game (assuming that there is a boat option to escape). Also did you not have a map? If you look on your map it shows you where the boat is located. Plus it also shows you how far each escape objective is completed. If you can't find a map from a cabin I suggest going up to one of the multiple guide boards around the map. There's a free map there to anyone who doesn't have one already.
  7. I think you're thinking of the vacation house. I'm referring to the Jarvis house. Log cabin looking one.
  8. I've never committed suicide on purpose. I think it's trash that players do that instead of getting killed by Jason. It takes XP away from that player. Should get a 1000 XP penalty for doing it.
  9. One thing I'd like to point out in one of the maps is the basement for the Jarvis house. Most of the time when I'm playing and tell someone about it they have no idea what I'm talking about. Most people walk inside the Jarvis house trying to get down there even tho it's only acessible from the outside. Also why even put that in the map? There's only one way in and out of that damn trap. I've seen Jason troll a counselor by placing 3 traps in the doorway? I just don't understand why they would trap us counselors down there with no means of escape.
  10. Huh.. If only someone seen this coming? Oh yeah.. I did. If you're having trouble looking for a game I recommend playing private with some friends, or get in a community and play with them.
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