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  1. New avatars?
  2. Someone asked why it would be removed. Because it makes it so no Jason music or static effects happen when active so it would only work in multiplayer. But I any body remembers the gameplay reveal trailer with part 3 using a machete he had a sort of blink ability where he could stand still and a highlight of him could be moved around to the desired spot and he would go there instantly
  3. That's an awesome idea
  4. Just a place to talk about it
  5. I love how he just sounded so desensitized to it I hope the next map he says " well shit there goes my evening " or " huh you don't say"
  6. I meant alive Jason vs alive michael
  7. So this how I'd imagine a Halloween game would work. It would be a lot like resident evil 7 with Laurie trapped inside a big house and Michael being an unstoppable force she could run into while trying to escape the house the house would be huge because Laurie strode is known as quite a good sitter and a rich family has hired her while they are at a Halloween party the house house would have guns or knives to fight back against Michael but not kill him also the kid she is sitting wouldn't be a problem because Michael doesn't kill children outside of his bloodline post your thoughts on it here
  8. Tommy Jarvis and the removal of team killing. Friday the 13th part 13: omg you frickin slasher Jason why
  9. Good point
  10. Same isn't it supposed to be out