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  1. I've only seen the rainbow blood in challenge 9
  2. I always get detected and can't get the xp goal feel free to spoil the hidden objective if it will help me pass
  3. Soooo... Umm damn gun just can't catch a break
  4. Jason4prez

    Best horror character ever?

    I dunno Michael Myers is kinda cool I guess
  5. Thanks but different topic/statement
  6. Why is this in other games discussion
  7. Just think of the potential! It could ( If done properly ) could be a way of adding new weapons and not needing new Jasons. 3 kills per weapon or even a weapon packs with maybe 1. A shovel 2. Sledgehammer 3. Scythe. Any ideas/opinions?
  8. Jason4prez

    Unpopular opinions on horror films

    I also don't like the first nightmare on elm street and like Halloween 2 much more than the original Halloween ( original Halloween 2 not the rob zombie one because wtf)
  9. Jason4prez

    Favorite Quotes

    I've been doing it ever since I started- my friend when I asked him when he started smoking ( I think he was high)
  10. What are you doing out in this mess
  11. Jason4prez

    Super fan

    I think it's pretty self explanatory
  12. Jason4prez

    Your favourite forum member?

    I don't know if you know him but that @Jason4prez guy seems like an alright dude.
  13. Jason4prez

    For me, the real face of Jason

    Tom did this on purpose he wanted to make his child Jason grown up