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  1. Best horror character ever?

    I dunno Michael Myers is kinda cool I guess
  2. Thanks but different topic/statement
  3. Why is this in other games discussion
  4. Just think of the potential! It could ( If done properly ) could be a way of adding new weapons and not needing new Jasons. 3 kills per weapon or even a weapon packs with maybe 1. A shovel 2. Sledgehammer 3. Scythe. Any ideas/opinions?
  5. Unpopular opinions on horror films

    I also don't like the first nightmare on elm street and like Halloween 2 much more than the original Halloween ( original Halloween 2 not the rob zombie one because wtf)
  6. Favorite Quotes

    I've been doing it ever since I started- my friend when I asked him when he started smoking ( I think he was high)
  7. What are you doing out in this mess
  8. Super fan

    I think it's pretty self explanatory
  9. Your favourite forum member?

    I don't know if you know him but that @Jason4prez guy seems like an alright dude.
  10. For me, the real face of Jason

    Tom did this on purpose he wanted to make his child Jason grown up
  11. Jason Part 5

    Good song but why
  12. The real question is why can't we see the unmasked versions of the jason models