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  1. And poor Victoria stuck on that outfit for the rest of eternity. ...The nightmare.
  2. Barbara Ann

    Favorite counselor and perks

    Victoria, obvi. Thick skin, medic, and quick swing. Sometimes I switch Thick skin for marathon. And most hated counselor; Vanessas that sprint all around the map gathering resources and leaving all doors open.
  3. Barbara Ann

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I miss y'all (: We had such fun!
  4. Barbara Ann

    The End

    Noooooooooo, DUDE. I am going to miss you! But I have the feeling it is not quite the end yet, I'll see you around! I'd rather remain optimistic about the future of the game and us as a community! A highly disfunctional one, but that does not keep me from loving this place and all of the people I've interacted with.
  5. Same! :3 Let's hold on.
  6. Does the lawsuit also unable the possibility of original content? Film content is not everything. Original maps, original Jasons (Like Savini), original counselors and original gamemodes should still be possible. Or am I mistaken?
  7. I wish, but they're not gonna do that. Less baggier pants and a shirt underneath the jacket would really help. Something like this: Notice the pants are still very loose, but it has an entirely different shape. The current pants look like she's wearing diapers. Plus an all black or an all white recolor to match the different patterns.
  8. Some Fox ideas...! I saw this video and it was instant inspiration. Come on guys. It's easy money!
  9. All the F13 characters are plain and boring in my opinion. I'm not even a Melissa fan, but she certainly spiced up that movie with her bitchiness. And not just the people who like mean girls, it gave other people something to be passionate about, I bet a lot of people enjoyed watching her getting axed in the face, lol. That's why they saved her for last. A lot of people were waiting for it! But Tina? We knew she ran no risks cause final girl. All she did was whine about cause she had visions and awesome super powers, boohoohoo. Megan was more entertaining to watch for a final girl. I mean, sure, it's a classic and I love it but...! Let's be real. It's not like the series offer a lot of fleshed out characters and complex storylines.
  10. As if! Good girls are plain and boring, dear.
  11. I'm out of inspiration right now but... Does something like this work for you?
  12. I agree she should have had bitchier lines. The voice acting is good, I like it, she sounds pissed whenever she lands a strike on Jason. It's dissapointing that all the counselors share the same dialog with only minor differences in pronunciation or so. You take that back! How awesome would have been if instead of being predictable and killing Melissa off, they would have killed Nick and have the enemies team up and form an unexpected friendship (: Anyways, Victoria over Jenny any day. Fox over Jenny any day. Vanessa and Tiffany over Jenny any day! I'm sorry, Jenny, but...
  13. Barbara Ann

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Check the gorgeous pantsuit. Oh, Vicki, why couldn't you get something like this?
  14. Barbara Ann

    Not fun rolling Perks

    Spending CP feels like a chore.