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  1. I used to kill everyone easily before the pocket knives in the camps were added. After that patch I struggled to wipe the camp because I relied too heavily on grabbing, and often I wasted a lot of time chasing people who had 2, or even 3 pocket knives, and not just one person. I raged a little... And finally decided to switch my strategy to mostly slashing. I throw knives, slash, and slash some more until there are only a few people left, then I start to grab... Once they're set to limp. It's hilarious how people rage and insult me now. It feels a little cheap, but it's the most efficient strategy currently, so... I roll with it. I guess I'm in the Dick Team now.
  2. Paula was one of the few characters I felt so bad for. Annie too. Uuuuh, maybe a redhead Annie? There's been some mentions about a hitchhiker trope, the two options are Annie and Banana Girl. Banana Girl would add more diversity, but I'd pick Annie just because she was so damn adorable.
  3. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I still fail to see it, I don't know, maybe it's because I wasn't around in the 80's to see it. It's only names and they've been around forever, it's not as if you meet a Deborah, an Adam or an Eric and say 'Oh, your name is so 80's". At any case I don't expect to be particularly listened, at this point it's all for the fun of doing it, hah! Gun is going to do whatever he wants in the end. There's an upcoming horror survival of teenagers vs murderer, and it has a Mean Girl called Amber. Fun fact: She has heels.
  4. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I fail to see how that is relevant, most names have been around since forever. "Faye Dunaway was one of the hottest actresses in the 1970s playing neurotic, highly driven women with sex appeal. Initially, Fay was the most popular spelling, up until the 1970s when Faye became more popular, perhaps bolstered by the actress." But you're absolutely entitled not to like it, of course!
  5. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    @a kamikaze man I think your build wouldn't make her a viable and fun character. Haven't you noticed with characters like Jenny or Lachappa, you have to sprint every now and then a little because running Jasons actually can catch up to you by jogging? Specially with all the tripping, unlike Jenny, your girl will trip a lot with 2 composure. I think the stamina is an illusion in this case, she will last a long time moving at the speed of a snail... But will have to sprint a lot in many situations, and sprinting consumes stamina much faster, and also neglects the 7 points that you've decided to put in stealth. Also, no one is going to comment on the name Faye Summers? Come on, people! It sounds so musical and easy to pronounce, is like the worlds have a tune of it's own, lol.
  6. And then people be like: "Speed is overrated."
  7. That sounds a bit too early for it's times.
  8. Vanessa doesn't need a nerf, theoretically, she's in perfect balance with the rest of the counselors, they all have the same amount of skill points spread between the attributes. She's just good at many things with the con of Jason knowing where she is at all times. If she's the last one, or only a few counselors left and Jason is no dummy, there is no way she's going to be repairing anything.
  9. No! We don't need a counselor that fits in the 80s. We need 80's casual wear clothing packs instead of silly holiday packs.
  10. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    My take on it...! Still fairly similar to the build I had in mind when I first started this topic. I'm not getting into the Melissa composure debate because I am personally against characters ripped off from the movies. This topic was created before Fox and Shelly were released, and as much as I loved Melissa in the movies, I much prefer representative tropes over characters we already know, and whose fates have been seen in the movies. What about the name Faye? I find myself in love with it, it sounds very musical.
  11. Absolutely no. Find another way to make strength important without destroying the fixers. They're already vulnerable enough.
  12. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Chilling and having a manicure in the creative room of the devs, I hope.
  13. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I'd name her Lorelei or Melanie. And would give her a Marilyn Monroe costume for the halloween pack, as much as I hate it
  14. True. I'll ship Chad with the Mean Girl if she ever makes it into the game, that'll make sense! I'm just cool with Chad and Deb because gameplaywise it's my favourite combination, haha.
  15. Chad and Deb? I ship it. It's always been my dream team anyways, haha. Fixer + Bodyguard. Highly effective.