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  1. Absolutely! There are many ways to make yourself a desirable target... If you manage to touch that player's sensitive nerve. Haha.
  2. ...Lol, the mean girl is a timeless classic trope, everywhere, haha. I'd love for her to have high heels, I've included at least a little heel in every one of my sketches, I just don't think they're going that way because it's extra work with the animations. I could be wrong, it just doesn't seem likely when so far they have used the same skeleton for everyone. As for the heels, um... I wonder, how many of you are women, and how many of you do actually have more than two or three types of shoes. Obviously it would be extremely uncomfortable to run with stilettos, but It's far trickier than that, there are many types of heels, some are more comfortable and stable than flats or ballerinas... Flats have no heel at all, and they're surprisingly uncomfortable to walk and wear for long periods of time. This? I can work with this. I can stand all day long, and run if I have to. The heel is thick and stable, the construction of the shoe follows the natural arch of the foot. No problem! This...? No way. The stilettos need no explanation, and the flats are too hard and have no arch at all, so, by definition they cannot be comfortable. Still, regardless of comfort, saying that you can't move fast in heels is just a generalized cliché. These are common girls participating in a race for discounts in shopping... And they're running with stilettos. I don't think I'd dare to run in stilettos, they probably ended up with sore feet, and it's obviously dangerous. But look at them! Some of them are ridiculously fast.
  3. Well, when I say "lure" them away, I mean it. I become as annoying as possible to make him eager to take me down. I don't mean to sound sexist, but beeing a girl actually helps, hah. ...Hey, it's still a strategy.
  4. I suppose they could make her limbs shorter but if you pay attention all characters are the same height for the skeleton animation. They all have elbows, hands, knees and toes at the same level. I'm not sure its possible to add heels and have her frame look natural unless they animate her differently than the other characters. So that's extra work they're clearly not willing to do.
  5. Vanessa is very useful if played right. I pick her to draw Jason's attention from other players. Whenever he's harassing a fixer, I sprint past him and lure him away.
  6. There will be no heels. That much is clear after they removed Fox's heels.
  7. ...Right? I always play her with the default shirt and the blue jeans because those are the only variants that I actually like. I don't like the rest of the recolors, some of them are really awful and they don't match with anything. This is the best combination I could find.
  8. I never quit as Jason, not even if I don't feel like playing him. I hate it when they leave. And you know how it goes; "Don't do to others what you don't want done to you."
  9. Not really, no... Just google Mean Girl. This is the trope. They'd absolutely hate both basic slut Tiffany and greasy-hands Fox.
  10. She should be Chad's counterpart when it comes down to stats. Absolutely, yes. I've mentioned this plenty of times. Fox, popular girl role? What? If anything she'd be the sort of edgy girl.
  11. Friday the 13th, Dead by Daylight... And now Last Year! This is almost like the moba boom! Survival games are blooming this year. Anyways, check this out, Last Year already has a mean girl within the original group of characters! She's basically what we're pushing for. She even has the pearls!
  12. @bewareofbears That's something we can agree on. That was the first thing I said as soon as they announced the Spring Break DLC. I have both DLC's because I'm desperate for some extra customization, but I'd happily trade them for some regular outfits in the blink of an eye. ...I still kind of love dancing nonstop all the time though. Sorry...! I can't help it.
  13. Even though I have the spring break and halloween DLC's, I've been calling this since the start. As much as I love customes and the ability of changing clothes all the time, I'm hoping for clothing packs of regular, casual wear instead of more silly things. Also, I wonder what's gonna happen if we get the Grendel/Spaceship map... Will there be a pack of futuristic outfits...? And if there is, we will then see these counselors from the future at the summer camps...? That's even weirder.
  14. Absolutely, I feel ya sis! Hah. I don't mind about composure particularly... But it does get more intense whenever I'm playing Deborah. Her composure is higher than Tiffany's and it takes a little more for her to freak out, but unlike Tiffany, I know Deborah cannot outrun Jason. If I don't have a bodyguard around I play it super sneaky to keep him from noticing me.