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  1. We are only two likes away from our goal!
  2. Muffin vs Reggie

    Muffin all the way!
  3. I have the suspicion it wont, haha. I hope to be wrong.
  4. Agreed! I think Deb is adorable, even her hairstyle is the best of the bunch. She's actually my main until Victoria is released, but I do play Vanessa whenever I want to guarantee my survival, haha. Of the whole bunch, it seems now Victoria will be the most detailed, polished female, she looks gorgeous. Her hair in comparison seems much better, but I wonder if it will be animated. It might be too short to have animations.
  5. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    She better be or else we riot! Then again all of the counselors released after launch have received so little love. Who knows if they'll be at all.
  6. Final Girl Should kill Jason

    That's cause he keeps coming back from the dead! But seriously, it doesn't even have to be a kill, just a defeat. Like the movies.
  7. Final Girl Should kill Jason

    I just had a crazy idea. All of the sudden I thought, wouldn't it be fun if there was some sort of duel between the final girl and Jason? Instances that, once there is only one girl left, would recreate ways similar to those in which Jason was defeated in the movies. For instance, having the final girl facing Jason in an ultimate duel inside the barn of Higgins Haven, where he was defeated by Chris in part 3. Perhaps, once everyone is dead, an event called 'Final Showdown' begins, and it's possible to set the barn ready to kill Jason. It's got to be challenging and fun on both ends. Perhaps she can close the barn doors to earn some time, it cannot be broken by rage but lasts for as long as a regular door. During that meantime she might set a trap ready...! Like the rope Chris hanged him on, and must be elemental to his defeat. Once the scenario has been set ready, perhaps there can be a duel of QTE's that trigger a fight cinematic that has a few variables depending on who got the best scores, and determines who is eventually defeated.
  8. Jason did kill muffin in Part 2! They found the corpse. Sure, Muffin appeared at the end, but that seemed more like Ginny was hallucinating since Paul was also there, and as we know his status was left as unknown. Plus...! Ultimately we will never know for sure, but I'm definitely on the Jason killed Muffin train.
  9. You can, if you give the OP a like. GO DO IT!
  10. Final Girl Should kill Jason

    I'm all in for new ways to kill Jason. But I'd remove the composure penalty. After all, the final girl is that, literally, the only girl left, which can be any of our female counselors. However, it seems very easy the way it's presented. Extremely easy. Killing Jason is already easy as it is. There should be a harder series of steps to follow.
  11. My thoughts are... BITCHES, GATHER 'ROUND. @ProfessionalBeefcake @Impactedmedal38 @IronKnight55 @TiffanyxAJ @tyrant666 @FrenchFriedPotaters @Flyin_J @IcrazyKid855 @kitcat @BFizzle @TiffanyIsBae @PrincessTiffany @Gummybish @FinalBoy @mandixmx @SmugDoka @StripMonopoly @JennyMyers1984 @Turtle @Veevleigh @Lexandremon @Culp @Elias Voorhees @ElusiveGamer We are claiming Muffin for our Glamorous Pink Campsite and we are not going back empty handed. I hereby ask for your support by giving the main post of this topic a big like.
  12. I believe this much is true. I wonder, however, if that is something intended or is a glitch that might be fixed during the engine update. At any case...! It's a 7 vs 8 (6) stealth, and we don't know yet how does 7 stealth play since Victoria is the first. There might be a big step in between, same with 3 Repair. We are going to have to wait and see!
  13. There's already a thread about this with more people participating and a few pages already. Go bump that one! http://forum.f13game.com/topic/18097-please-put-jj-and-her-guitar-in-the-game/
  14. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    Honey, we're just rolling with it now.