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  1. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    If grip strength actually still worked like it used to, then it would be a valuable trait. It used to be that when u had full health it was easier to break free of his grip, and when ur health was low, it was next to impossible! Please fix the grip issue GUN!!
  2. We need the new characters Mitch, Fox and Shelly to have swimsuits and Halloween costumes too! It should be added as part of an update and with extra colors for the swimwear and Halloween costumes for the other councillors. Like Chad's Black speedo (which we never got despite it being advertised!!)
  3. Please fix/bring back his scream that he used to make in the Jarvis House intro! This missing is just weird and makes it look weird. While I'm at it, please bring back the missing basement door on the Jarvis Guest house too!
  4. It made no sense to remove it. You couldn't lock it anyway :z
  5. As the title says, I've noticed the blood that marks the ground after slashing/killing councillors is missing on PS4. I checked Xboxone and they show up in that version. Please fix
  6. Seriously gettin sick of this!! It's basically the biggest fuckin dick move you can do as a host. I just finished a match as Jason, a full lobby, prob killed the host 3rd last and what does he/she do? Waits till there's only one councillor left and I'm just about to kill her and fuckin QUITS!!! Like seriously. You're tellin me, the one playin the game fair and square as Jason, not even slash killing, doing a good job and this random dick fuck just decides to be a salty little fuckin bitch and waste everyone's fucking time (mine being very limited) and wait till the very end of the match to try and have a pussy's last wimper and pull a complete fuckin dick move!??? FUCK OFF What a fuckin waste of a good match and finally gettin to be Jason just for that complete bullshit!! Fuck all you host quittin god damn fuckin twats!! >.< Go play somethin else for everyone's fuckin sakes!!! And NO, I don't have time to play in private lobbies. I barely have time for f'n quickplay!!
  7. I actually really miss that part of the intro, so much that I asked about this as well..... :/ Hope it comes back in the next patch!
  8. Ummm I've been playing religiously since day one & have never in all my quickplay matches ever thought team killing should be removed. So speak for yourself I guess. Taking out TK killed a fun element of surprise and suspense and honestly after thousands of matches WAS no big deal, rather a breath of fresh air. I guess opinions are subjective though.
  9. I vote just completely reverse it back to regular friendly fire and suck it up buttercups! It's not like it happened EVERY match anyways lol. And when it did happen, I didn't mind cause it only made the match more interesting imo when someone would be "that douche" and started team killing! Revenge was a fun game it'self sometimes Just bring back team killing already! It's supposed to be in the game anyway!!!
  10. Are we gonna see the replacement to the basement door of the Jarvis's guest house? And is Chad's awesome scream in the Jarvis map intro forever gone? It was awesome. I hope these changes were unintentional?
  11. Totally all for this idea!!! Very Jasonesque actually
  12. I know they said rain was taken off Xbox, but I've yet to see rain on PS4 since the update? I played 10 offline matches and didn't see rain once? Personally I think weather should be an option in single player, alongside being able to pick the councilors and their clothing
  13. Sorry guys. I mean't to say in offline mode I haven't seen any rain xp
  14. Does anyone know if this update brought with it, the updated unreal engine?? From what I've seen, the graphics and physics look exactly the same? Thanks
  15. Where we now are ?

    I hope an update comes out today.......
  16. What do you guys think the updated unreal engine will improve? Graphics? Car/body physics? Stability? Weather effects? Write down what you think
  17. Give ur ideas to make Jason great again! Mine: revert him to how he was on release 💁
  18. Do you guys think the girls should have boob physics? Being Friday the 13th especially, I think they should give the girls nips when their clothes get wet too. But this game feels even more dated without the inclusion of boob physics 🤔 I hope they add them some day! Even if they're subtle, some bounce is better than none