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  1. What do you guys think the updated unreal engine will improve? Graphics? Car/body physics? Stability? Weather effects? Write down what you think
  2. Give ur ideas to make Jason great again! Mine: revert him to how he was on release 💁
  3. Do you guys think the girls should have boob physics? Being Friday the 13th especially, I think they should give the girls nips when their clothes get wet too. But this game feels even more dated without the inclusion of boob physics 🤔 I hope they add them some day! Even if they're subtle, some bounce is better than none
  4. There used to be a glitch sometimes when u entered the tent. When u were inside u could run around a little & it made it pretty much impossible for Jason to get you too. I saw this in spectator and somehow these two guys both were able to enter the tent, so I had to take a pic lol
  5. Classic Friday jump scare tactic XD
  6. It's like a house or building in an old 2D video game. Where they're really small on the outside, but huge inside xD
  7. I couldn't agree with anymore than I do!!! Exactly how I'm feeling right now....... Honestly
  8. Brokeback Mountain 2?
  9. What about when Roy busted through the door and blew it up like Jason in rage mode!? He even seemed to have Jason's strength at times lol. Of course it was to fool the audience into believing "it was" Jason,, but still... Lol ?
  10. Where is Chad's black speedo?? I don't get it!? Tiffany's swimsuit Color is there, but Chad is missing his BLACK speedo! Why would u guys put that on the dlc image and not actually have it in the pack??? Disappointing to be honest
  11. Kenny realized, it def wasn't oregano in that spliff! "Marked for death"