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  1. Hopefully this one is actually good *crosses fingers and toes*
  2. My game just installed an update, but I can't find any news about it? (Playing on PS4)
  3. I see your point, but still, a topic is a discussion about said topic ?
  4. That's why the topic is "most badass MOMENT", not " most badass match" lol
  5. Lol what, who said I'm mad? And I didn't call u a baby lol. And I said EVERY time because team killing would only be a big problem if it was EVERY time, but it wasn't every time, least it wasn't for me.
  6. Sooooooo, not like it happened every match! Besides, trolls will be trolls, taking out team killing won't fix them and also, I didn't mind the infrequent times it did happen, made the game more interesting and fun and basically even created the "paranoia" mode we never got at times lol. And even if it was "EVERY time", there's still something called Private matches" which was the remedy for those that want team killing. One of their worst catering to the "babies" decisions these crappy developers made (amongst many)!
  7. Bring back team killing!!!
  8. Misterx

    July Friday the 13th

    I wish Jason would just kill them all for disgracing him......
  9. Misterx

    Weekly Challenges

    I really hope different devs get ahold of this game some day and continue the work, or recreate the whole game and add everything and make this game into what it should've been!!!
  10. Misterx


    What I wanna know is, is it even possible to re-add them??? I know it's not new content since it was already in the game previously and that they were most likely taken out so the game could run better on consoles. But would they still be considered "new content" since they were never in the alpha/official release!? "I for one have always stated how much I want them back, for they made Jason look a lot more like well, Jason! And made the councillors and Jason a lot more organic looking and thus better/scarier!!
  11. Misterx

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Yes!!! This PLEASE!!!! Greatest idea ever!! Especially seeming how we won't ever get Team Killing back! This at least makes sense!! Orrrrr, bring team killing back!!!
  12. The firecrackers don't seem to work half the time!
  13. My dream of a game finally happened, I felt so high! So happy... I'm still happy I have what we got, though bitterweet... I can't help but feel depressed lately, this game, this game that will only ever happen this one time in my life. Has been robbed of being the best it could be, it may never be definite now? Please don't insult me, I'm depressed and I just don't know where else to project this. I was so happy..... I will live.... But Jason might die, I may as well be dead inside too. Thanks for doing all you did Gun/Illfonic. I just can't shake this right now.
  14. What I'm noticing is injured councillors break out of grabs just as fast as un-injured councillors. It's ridiculous grabbing a near dead Tommy and he breaks out of the grab in 2 seconds :Z once upon a time grabs used to be near impossible to break out of while injured, no matter who you were (it also makes more sense that injuries doom you in a grab)!! I think this is a glitch????