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  1. 2 minutes ago, dandop1984 said:

    Last 3 games I had. I found 3 pocket knives, as well as a surplus of fire crackers, and bats. Sometimes it’s just luck. This game is intended for team play. However I just survived a match as Jenny and I was a lone wolf the entire time.

    going to stop streaming this game.. i gain to many randoms that dont communicate at all. this game is not ready being this hard or this difficult. its just a big trashy mistake

  2. played 10 games 1 pocket knife found, thanks for making the game compleetly team based / without a team there is no fun or any chance of survival thanks for ruinin the game, i am thinking about stop supporting this game with my stream, till this shit has been put back. -.-. i cant invite always a full lobby to make a game work or survive atleast. this is for nobody a option. so yeah. the new map is also a way to big map after this pocket knife nerf, if you have a bad based stamina counselor youre dead. 100%.


    Rip f13.


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  3. 6 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    I find the game the best it has ever been right now, it's going to take some work to adapt to everything, but that's part of the fun. I agree that if your not fast, and there's no team work then you are probably dead. I think we need to discuss possible counselor strategies, and then popularize the effective ones. 

    yeah but 9/10 times you got retarded russians or french or where ever they are from and dont communicate or just screw you over the game was perfect. with the ammouth of pocket knifes, its now like team mode only works, solo playing is terrible and is just a lost match. you think thats good? i think it only has negative effects. i played just 8 games i only found 1 pocket knife. -_-'

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  4. ive been having issue's since the last week, with that my game gets stuck on random moments, there is also problems with the connections towards NA and europe, they are not stable, and i play NA with 200 ping, i refuse to play with russian kids from even bellow 12years old that cant speak english for shit, i would love too see a russian server in the future / french server, this isnt really working i speak pretty decent english and i'm getting annoyed by these russian/spanish/french kids that cant speak for shit english, there is also issue's with party members getting kicked out all of the time from the party, and i dont even leave the lobby, they also get kicked out of the party compleetly for no reason, 


    Please fix all these issue's. :( 

    Greetings, Aalke

  5. On 25-11-2017 at 5:44 PM, bjoernsen80 said:

     Not in my opinion. You have at least 8 Perks in your list i would not put in mine even if I would get them in epic with zero penalities. And on the other hand you miss some really great perks like restfull or soldier.

    well i think all perks areusefull in a way of your playstyle otherwise they werent been brought into the game :);) 

  6. 1 hour ago, IronCatFish said:

    I really want to roll an EPIC swift attack and sucker punch. 

    However, when it comes to perks these are the only ones that really matter.

    The rest are completely situational or just useless.  Even the EPIC versions don't matter. 

    I equipped an EPIC version of Tinker on Deborah once and I saw no difference.  If anything, it made it just a tad harder to do a 2 skill check on a repair.

    Potent Ranger depends on you being summoned as Tommy who already has max stats.  He can knock off Jason's mask in 2-3 hits with a machete without the perk.

    im collecting them all!

  7. 1 hour ago, Hal Bailman said:

    These are the only perks I'm running at the moment. For my playstyle, both Medic and Swift Attacker are non-negotiable, with the final slot either going to Hypochondriac (for the nerds) for extra help with de-trapping, or Heavy Hitter for everyone else to help buy a bit more time during escape attempts. The only exception is Marathon for Tiffany and Vanessa for obvious reasons.



    http://prntscr.com/het9kn my collection so far you got some nice perks!

  8. 11 hours ago, HorrorPops86 said:

    There def needs to be tiers to the perks.

    For me it should have been a no-brained  that you gain perk slots as you level up. You should start with 0 perks slot and get one every 25 levels so when you finally reach 101 you earned 4 perk slots.

    Also, every 25 levels, players should be given an attribute point to apply to their favorite counselor. This is an incredibly basic idea that I can't believe was never implemented. 

    Next, a dozen of the perks are useless and need to be rid of. Rolling for perks is annoying and unsatisfying when you have the same chance to get crappy perks from an already semi-garbage set whether you are level 1 or 101. Who actually uses the swimming or boat perk?

    Furthermore, the nerf and/or low impact of certain perks is ridiculous. A 7% chance is negligible probability for anything to occur. Anything less than 15% chance for something is irrelevant and no bettinperson would bet on those odds. If you are sacrificing a perk slot for something, it should have a significant chance of actually working otherwise why even use it? Why would I bet on a 12% chance to be invisible during Jason's sense? So basically 1 out of every 10 times he uses it I won't show up? AKA it's worthless. If the perks were earned gradually, they would be worth more and reward players who spend time in the game. There's a real issue with seasoned players not being compensated for having invested time in the game. The amount of gradual outfit unlocks was unnecessary when things that actually affect the game remain the same for new players or 101s. It's an obvious byproduct of the culture we live in where everyone wants to start a game with all the achievements and everything unlocked. Participation-trophy culture. That's my 2 cents

    that the reason i want to be able to upgrade perks / boost them :]

  9. Hello, players / admins / owners of the game (f13)

    i came up with the idea once your max level(101), you gain % points to spend to increase your perks and disincrease your negative % on all perks in the game, ive been rolling alot of CP and got 12 epic perks, the problem is to bad :wacko: they are not maxed % or have a big -4 -5 % negative stats,i had an idea to create a system would make people play longer the game and increase more fun of the game, and have a next goal to look foward (after your max level) for getting all the perks maxed out on %'s in positive and 0% on the negative aswell, this was just an idea that came up in me because ive played 300 hours now, and its gonna take me years to have and the max % positive and 0% negative, i hope this might be an amazing idea to improve the fun of game and keep players playing longer, the XP for leveling can be doubled after your 101 or tripled i dont really care. i would love is this would be a future change towards the game i just really like the game but its gonna get me bored if this doesnt change! let me know your opinion down bellow and what you think what would help the players to stay! B) Ps (gaining extra CP and XP per counselor you save in a car or boat might be also great,) :D


    http://prntscr.com/h6d2jk ) (http://prntscr.com/h7dpbo perk list) 

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  10. Hello, owners / players / and community of F13 the game,

    i had a simple question i have been playing jayson like 5 times today, and ive seen alot of people walking outside of the map, what is sort of a bugg abuse / cheat, is this ban able if i have a proof with a recording / steam profile link, on this person using  a cheat / abuse / bugg how ever you wanna call it, its really stupid and annoying and it ruins the game kinda,

    (i hope this is band able).


    greetz Aalke,

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