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  1. Sometimes the shotgun is even in the barn in the back on a wooden box or a bail of hay, I notice this more on small maps. Not only that but in the main cabin I have seen the shotgun on a couch. It mainly spawns in the main house on each map resting on a mantle. And like they said tommy always has one, so it’s def real to have 3 per map.
  2. I always see his marker when he gets closer to me, or in my general area. I also can see the marker when he shifts and after he morphs. I actually never had an issue spotting him
  3. Well nobody will because the update for the virtual cabin hasn’t hit yet. So you can’t earn it for the time being.
  4. I think it would be a very very good idea to give 1 point to be used on a counselors core stats. The point can be earned at leveling milestones, like lvl 10, lvl 30, lvl 50, lvl 70 and finally lvl 101. I think this would def give dedicated fans a second wind on this game. I feel that gaining levels in this game serves no purpose that I’m aware of other then clothing, and honestly that’s real s***** cause that’s not gonna save our lives. I could care less about clothing, I want either a point to add to my core stats or a skill tree. Something that would help us have an edge over Jason, other then perks. Let’s be honest here, the perk system can def use improvement. While rolling for perks is totally up to chance, they REPEAT constantly. It burns out more CP then what we can gain, maybe an ability to trade perks between players or even a perk store, where you can sell your unused/unwanted perks, and this gives players even more opportunity to purchase or acquire a perk that they have been wanting for their play style. I know for certain this would def go over well with players. Maybe even having more events or a daily or log in reward of some kind. The daily reward log in doesn’t even have to be super special, it could be extra cp, it could be start with a melee weapon for the next hr, ya know something fun and simple. The events you guys could have, maybe something like having people enter in for the best Jason kills, or best counselor hiding spot. I’m serious about these ideas I know for a FACT this will keep fans here and bring new fans to the game, since the hard copy will be released soon! Please consider these ideas. I’m sure people will agree
  5. Well they do have a section where you can SUGGEST and idea. However their disclaimer is basically any idea you provide them they can use at any time and if they do basically you have no say as to what it can be used for
  6. He will be as OP as every other jason. The developers won’t let us know the stats or weakness/strengths either.
  7. Ok these “sound bubbles” how can you pursue a counselor from these bubbles? I try following these bubbles to no avail. What am I doing wrong...? Or is this a made up thing?
  8. Ok... playing a match earlier, someone got the sweater... and used it and the stun effect was not as long as it used to be. Also I stunned Jason with a baseball bat, I also have a perk on that improves the stun ability of the baseball bat, and instead of stunning him my bat just shattered in a million bits with no stun. I also have a perk on the makes all melee weapons stronger. So I am actually pretty confused by this, and wondering why Jason needs to be even more OP or I’m wondering if this was an unintended thing brought on by the update...
  9. Gotcha! I know part 3 Jason sucks at breaking doors down, I saw it this morning. I just know part 7 is the absolute best at destruction, I use part 7 for this ability alone
  10. Xbox users have had the worst luck with this game unfortunately, they are probably aware of it and it's probably gonna take a while to fix... I'm sorry
  11. If Jason is raging he will walk through doors no problem just like all of them, it all boils down to which Jason you choose. I have played many games since the new update and all the variety of Jasons I played against didn't seem any better then the other, excluding part 7 cause he is the only one whose destruction is the best.
  12. Actually Jason didn't get any buffs I think the counselors actually got an unintended nerf. Example is hitting jason with a bat or wrench, the stun effect doesn't last long no matter the perk that you have on, same with fire crackers and the shotgun. I think unintentionally the stun times got reduced with this update somehow. Jason shouldn't even be considered for anymore buffs PERIOD. He is already OP ( which is to be expected) but the counselors though, a little buff magic here and there wouldn't hurt, just to get a slight edge in our favor.
  13. It's not a bug lol they changed the button dedication that's all. Yes it's annoying having to push different buttons to find it but it's not the end of the world
  14. In the event of seek and destroyed I'm assuming the items would appear outside the cabin where they died. I know if you die in the water your items "wash" up on shore so it would make sense it would be by the cabin
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