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  1. From what I've personally noticed I can't recall a time I've ever seen it not be the first person killed.
  2. @Alien_Number_Six Yar's Revenge and Missle Command. You sir are my new hero
  3. I don't feel so old now @DamonD7. LOL i've got the big 4-0 coming next month.
  4. @Tattooey I'll be on from probably about 8AM-1Pm CST. Working graveyard sucks.
  5. Depending on the amount of time left my personal favorite thing to do as the final person is go chill behind Jason's shack and run out the clock. From my experience not many Jason's bother to check there if they don't get the audio cue from someone entering. On the downside if Jason does happen to check chances are you won't get away.
  6. The only false advertising is Chad stuffing that black Speedo.
  7. All a skill tree would do is give us an illusion of choice. Someone somewhere will figure out what the optimal skills to take would be and if you don't have those you've gimpd yourself.
  8. Or someone could be vote kicked cause they accidentally blow a Vanessa out of Jasons hand with the shotgun. LOL On the upside I'm sure it made Dick Cheney proud.
  9. Had a guy in a pub game try to get me to help him body block a trap a couple of weeks ago. Introduced him to the business end of an axe instead.
  10. Personally I'm torn on the change to TK'ing in a Public Match. On one hand they needed to do something to get it under control. On the other hand I feel like the new troll will turn out to be hijacking parts. Not to mention it will be an indirect buff to counselors who like to mob Jason since they no longer have to worry about hitting each other. I think the best way for them to curb TK's would have been after X amount of kills in Y period of time the TK has to spend a certain amount of time playing the game (spectating doesn't count) in the following manner. 1) Always be in gimp mode one shot away from death 2) Unable to pick up items or weapons 3) Unable to hide 4) Worth XP to any counselor who kills them
  11. For me I would consider it more Karma than anything. Set up a trap at a front door that I left wide open earlier in the game. Fast foward to later and have Jason hot on my tail. Jump into cabin through a window. Jason proceeds to bust in the back door. While he is doing that i'm getting ready in the front of the house to show Jason the business end of a baseball bat. Jason comes into the front of the house from the back and BLAMMO I drop him with the bat. Decided for shits and giggles I would do Lipton a solid and throw Jason a free teabag. Quickly give Jason his comp teabag and kill myself getting caught in the trap I placed earlier as I tried to run out the front door.
  12. @Tattooey Don't worry about it I won't miss the xp from that single kill LOL. On the upside I can only get better from here.
  13. Just wanted to pop back in thread quick to say hello. I created a new forum account to reflect my Xbox GT. Speaking from experience on X1 I encourage everyone to take the plunge and join the Agency on your platform. Those that I have played with have all been good people.
  14. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Decided I needed my forum name to reflect my gamertag so I created a new account. I tend to lurk more than comment so i doubt people will see me post very often but you never know.
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