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  1. i wish it was only related to that this is even as a counsellor whether it be you running or doing general stuff it just dashboards the same with jason too and i bought a new external hard drive because my old one was damaged. ie where i couldnt morph certain games wouldnt install. anyway that being said i guess its a memory leak causing this it just dashboards regardless of whatever you are doing which is a shame and offputting
  2. what about the fact the xbox one version has a hard crash 1 out of 3 games resulting in loss in progress to where it just dashboards?? any info or fix on that in the works? it put me off playing and i doubt im the only one having this issue
  3. i came back after months after getting a new hard drive and installing it and all games works fine on xbox one. and to find one out of 3 games it dashboards its happened as counsellor why is this a thing? can anyone else tell me if this still happens and it isnt just me? it put me off considering the hard drive is brand new so definitely isnt down to that and all other games work fine
  4. jasons morph cursor is still missing on xbox one. still cannot morph im not the only with this issue either judging from a comment i saw on the last patch notes!
  5. jason STILL has the morph bug on xbox one no cursor showing on map! double post can be deleted
  6. i still have the same problem. they did not fix the morph bug issue its been like this well over a year for me! i cant play it on xbox because of this ps4 no issue ....they said corrected the issue or whatever. corrected my ass. its a shame really as i have savini on their and cant use him or any jason in this state of the game
  7. the update i got tonight about 9 gigabytes or so on xbox one was supposed to fix the morph reticle issue? i updated loaded the game nope still no reticle to morph .... well rip using savini jason on xbox one then. i guess im stuck with ps4 and no savini
  8. ah ok well it felt like it but thats good to know considering its why i stopped playing f13th not being able to morph thing is why did it take so long to address it? its been a year more or less. was fine till one update then bam idk it broke well for me its permanent! so hence why i stopped playing because it was annoying to have to leave every game as jason because i could not morph as i had no cursor. i even installed it to my internal drive not external nope still the same problem. so its not that just a game breaking bug for him to morph how can you guess where your trying to go if their is nothing to show the direction?? lol what?
  9. is that a serious question or a troll. my only issue is that hence why i sent in a video. id actually like to be able to morph. so dont post something so stupid. its been like this for over 6 months this morph issue. dont believe me? google it then. it still exists even now
  10. so you still ignore the morph bug where the cursor wont show on the map on xbox one even though i clearly sent in a video to you guys showing it and people comment on your last patch notes having the same issue. and no mention about it? shake my head honestly. priority issues from keeping us playing. the morph bug is a priority ISSUE! you cant play as jason on xbox one because of it
  11. yeah i reported it to them at jasonkillsbugs. ps4 doesnt have this problem on xbox it needs fixing. why they have not addressed it i do not know. and ignored it like the issue doesnt exist i sent them a video to go with it for them to watch showing it. every other game i play is fine but f13th. nope. yeah i tried the hit start thing too but it doesnt make any difference still no cursor to morph so basically as it is i cant play jason on xbox one im sure me and you are not the only ones. yeah me as well. xbox one version because of it is unplayable make a video of it upload it to youtube send it to jasonkillsbugs on this website. it needs fixing!!
  12. the damn challenges where i need to kill chad. and aj and the hippy guy. i was in the barn and he saw me all the way from the barn and i got detected failed hidden behind a wall. this challenge is buggy as hell and when she is at the stove cooking sometimes no matter walking she detects me and teleport glitches to the pan on the hob. fuck this challenge. great testing devs. and i restarted this challenge at least 20 times. to try not be seen but nope. its like chad has wall hack powers even when im no where his line of sight
  13. i can not stress this enough. the morph cursor on xbox one is broken! it does not show on the map when to morph it has not for over a year! i have the game on ps4 it is fine. and i do a google search it goes back as far as 6 months. i even contacted you at jasonkillsbugs today with a video about it and showing it. i had some hope this would fix it but i suppose not. the point is i and many other xbox one users have this issue and no morph on this game is gamebreaking so please devs. look into it. do a google search see for yourself on the morph bug
  14. ok so i have not played friday the 13th on xbox one in months. i come back last night and today i use savini jason last night no morph cursor on map. today i switch to a different jason same issue keeps making the static out of bounds noise when i try occasionally it will morph to some good and bad locations either way in its current state it is unplayable as jason not being able to control morphing and yes i did report the bug but i cannot be the only person having this issue
  15. in game chat is broken i hear people but my mic doesnt work private or public. i go into party chat boom it works this is on xbox one by the way. anyone else having this issue? its damn frustrating when communication is key ..... and my headphones are set for the voice
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