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  1. Sorry, friend. It was a translating issue. In my game, the name is "Emblema"
  2. Once I've been playing since the launch date, I got easily the hiddin spot kill emblem (in the beggining, people was used to hide a lot). I always focus on the boat, too. When I am jason, in a map with boat, I set the traps on car and phone box and stay next to them leaving the boat free. I dont kill anyone until they set the boat and start to move it.
  3. Whats Yours? Mine is the one for scaping using boat
  4. I was playing as Jason and thereĀ“s 2 invisible players in my game. I was seeing only the weapon. It should be fixed.
  5. Does anyone notice that after patch is quite hard to be chosen as Jason? Before patch, if you leave and enter new lobbies, you had a good chance to be jason if you were the last to join the lobby. Nowdays, its not happen. Does anyone know how this process is made now?
  6. Everytime the host dies he quits. I am have a huge throuble in finishing a match in open play. I am throwing the towel. Unless they put dedicated servers on ps4, I wont play anymore.
  7. Tottally agree about the sequel and the final chapter trophies
  8. After the patch, my game turned to portuguese (my local language). I hated it. How can I put in english again?
  9. Hey dude! Its good changes! I am in Hype!!! LETS KILL JASON!
  10. I also love stats. I suspect my numbers are higher than thoses from this guy.
  11. You must be joking or something to speak too bullshit. I have four times more game hours of you and play since the first day. I ve be involved in every sort of game situation. I know how is to be a noob and how is to be a veteran. If you will be a veteran one day you would know whats like die in the beggining trying to killing jason (maybe you are still in escape stage) or something else
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