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  1. U already said it no one should be Tiffany unless they want to take the sweater
  2. I really assumed she would be added for paranoia
  3. #jasonlives

    Freddy VS Jason

    To be fair I posted that about 3 months b4 it came out and 2 1/2 months b4 they released the trailer for him
  4. #jasonlives

    Freddy VS Jason

    And now he's here and there's 3 things that annoy me just one not so much bc without it wouldn't be much of Friday the 13th as Jason: . Roy starts in the Jason shack that he has no connection to . He hears Pamela's voice bc reasons . He has supernatural powers like actual Jason
  5. AKA every Friday the 13th movie.
  6. Is it? It seems easy and fast to travel on.
  7. Future player says," we got a new map its small-ish I guess and there's no big version."
  8. #jasonlives

    Middle Finger Emote

    Ha! Enhanced gameplay. Who needs that when u can flip off the buggzy putting the gas in as Jason teleports over there.
  9. #jasonlives

    What's your favourite fruit ?

    A WHOLE YEAR OF ONLY ONE GRAPE!!! I WOULD DIE!!! (in all seriousness tho I'd choose red)
  10. #jasonlives

    What's your favourite fruit ?

  11. #jasonlives

    Cinemasins started doing Everything wrongs videos on F13

    I've been waiting for this. Though I've watched Dead Meats videos and he's basically cinemasins but all he does is talk about the kills.
  12. #jasonlives

    Choose Your Own Death!

    Definitely not crotch chop. Probably the one where he throws the fireaxe at your face.
  13. #jasonlives

    What's your favourite fruit ?

    Grapes next question
  14. True but they did say we've all seen advanced AI bug out and that it wouldn't be scary or fun. They could possibly add it but I wouldn't bet on it