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  1. No they don't get cloned, lol. When cheaters use the spray cancel on PC/Console when grabbed they do use one of their sprays every time they do it. Spray cancel is being used by cheaters to not lose their pocket knife or knives & also to bypass traps. Counselors can also slide (teleport) while using medical sprays. It is unfortunate that people are doing this and it needs to be fixed.
  2. I have been telling people for years. The only way to guarantee that Jason will go to his knees is to run at least 23%-25% Sucker Punch Perk. The lead pipe is buggy but it works with the other weapons that have good stun chance.
  3. I don't know how many Medical Spray's there are right now per map - maybe around 8? Of course, Medic gives YOU (and nobody else unless they have Medic Perk equipped) 2 sprays. One person with Medic Perk equipped can carry 6. **And I have NEVER seen 13 pocket knives on one map - that is ridiculous!
  4. I have played thousands of hours of this game and... I do not know what platform you play on BUT I play on STEAM and trust me there are around 4-5 pocket knives per map.
  5. There are 4 (maybe 5 at the most) pocket knives per map. So, how many will spawn after the patch? Just wondering because I do not find pocket knives every time I play.
  6. Well it has been fun. Hope you all have a healthy productive New Year in 2018. And get off your computer sometimes and enjoy life while you still can!
  7. I don't know why but for some reason I have been getting a lot of LAG on the 2 Higgins Haven Maps. All other maps play fine & smooth. Is anyone else experiencing this a lot lately like I have? Thanks for your input. Platform: STEAM
  8. Will I be able to buy a physical copy for PC this Friday the 13th? I checked amazon & ebgames and they both do not have it. Is Steam the only platform available for PC users? Thank you for your consideration.
  9. The "Head Punch" & "Choke" Grab Kills are the FASTEST (almost instant) and you can do them almost anywhere in the game, Overusing one or both on ALL Counselors is what I am referring to above.
  10. Please note: Jason using "instant/quick grab kills" is really becoming an issue on PC (Steam). People know that "Head Punch" and "Choke" are the FASTEST grab kills in the game. More and more people are using only those 2 kills while being Jason and it does ruin the experience. Even with 10/10 composure there is no time to break free from those 2 kills. It makes it so when a player is grabbed by Jason he/she has absolutely NO chance whatsoever of breaking free. Because more and more Jason's are doing this, it may have to be modified in the future (like at least 2-3 seconds to TRY to break free before the kill). Anyways, just wanted to make everyone aware of it. Sincerely.
  11. omg please delete above posts... i thought my comp was slow i hit reply 2-3 times, sorry
  12. So, is it true that thick skinned now only applies to Jason's attacks? or does anyone know what is happening?
  13. I don't know why my previous post faded please delete it. Here is what I was trying to post: (EPIC) Thick Skinned Perk is NOT working correctly since the STEAM patch a few hours ago. Before I could take 2 bear traps before limping and now it is only 1. I have tried moving the perk in different slots and it made no difference. Please fix, thank you.
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