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  1. I really hope we can play as a counselor on offline mode, but it's understandable if there's not considering it would be hard to make a Jason bot.
  2. When the last update came there was something wrong with the date. Instead of the actual date it said 10/8/17 (October 8th, 2017). I think this could possibly be the realese date for the part IV map and Jason. What do you think?
  3. All the things they have done to try and fix the game have actually broken it :/ I play on console but I'm thinking about switching to pc but they'll probably ruin that pretty soon. Which sucks because it's a fun game, but it's just not playable.
  4. Blonde chick all they way! I want her to be a bitchy biker or a final girl (like jenny) I've always liked the idea of final girls being blonde because it changes things up from the regular "dumb blonde that dies first" cliche. Here are my Stats for blonde final girl Composure: 8 Luck: 8 Repair: 5 Speed: 6 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 7 Strength: 5 And these are Blonde biker chick stats Composure: 9 Luck: 3 Repair: 8 Speed:4 Stamina:8 Stealth: 5 Strength: 9
  5. Her voice actress is also almost 40! Which seriously bothers me considering these are meant to be teens/young adults :/ If they ever do a face change i think she should either resemble Chris Higgins more, or they should model her face (and maybe hair) after Acacia Brinley. Jenny and Acacia do share a similar face shape. I'll upload aimage below for Acacia.
  6. Yeah I was surprised since a lot of woman did have long thick hair in the 80s, but I guess I'll consider Deborah a final girl until something is done about Jenny.
  7. My favorite Character design would have to be tiffany. I think they did a good job of succeeding her trope. I also like how they didn't really over sexualize her (besides those shorts). My favorite Jason is defiantly part 9. My least favorite Character design is Jenny. Which sucks because I love the her trope. They made Jenny look much older than a teen/young adult. I feel like she needs a change (espicaly her hair)
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