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  1. I'll never get my escape as passenger on a boat achievement because no one ever wants to use the boat when it's there and i have been trying for six months to get the last two passenger on a boat escapes I need
  2. I also noticed on offline bots games the game freezes and crashes now Scotty Plumbing [720p] - converted with Clipchamp.mp4
  3. I notice that today also I really stinks I hope they fix it soon
  4. Dumb question maybe but why would "My Dad is a cop" increase Tommy's weapon?
  5. No i don't own a PS4(i plan on getting one when Detroit: Become Human is released) there was no real reason i picked one over the other
  6. This makes me even more glad I have it for two systems, I can't wait for flip off
  7. I couldn't afford a X model I had to get a S model but it seems alright to me
  8. I just bought a Xbox one(just for Friday the 13th) and am look to get friends on my account to play friday with my user name is foxmulder242
  9. Jason shoves a hose down their throat and fills them with water until they explode
  10. I'm thinking about buying a xbox one just for Friday the 13th(I already have it for pc) is it worth it, is it easier to find a match on Xbox then PC? also if I did get a xbox is there anyother game I should get? Decision made I made the leap I order it and hopefully by the end of the day I will joining you Xbox one players
  11. A it's peek today there was a whole 522 on right now there just over 300, it takes forever to find a game now and when you do the ping is awful, They need give some TLC to PC gamers not just Xbox ones because it seems they are only worried about Xbox players
  12. Steam numbers must be low it's getting hard to find a game and to be honest offline bots are boring now not only is it repetive playing Jason all the time and killing 8/8 easily even on hard mode but nothing you do counts towards awards
  13. Why does Steam users have to wait until XBox and PS4 approves their patches, This doesn't seem fair when one doesn't effect the other why not release them as they are ready for each platform ?
  14. This made me go watch the Geico Drill Sargent ad again(RIP R. Lee Ermey )
  15. Nope I thought it was weird, i'm just very happy it's fixed, the only thing I did was install Xsplit broadcaster
  16. I can hear the music yet when people are speaking I can't hear them it just started yesterday
  17. I stopped playing for a few weeks(I don't like how they nerfed Jason so much) and I played a online game last night where I experienced a glitch I had never saw before Jason grabbed something happened(I don't know what) and the next thing I know I floating around the map and my stam doesn't go down, if I float over water Jason can't grab me, I let Jason kill me by getting on land and letting him grab me but if i was a exploiter I could have easily survived(I don't believe in winning by cheating). Today I was playing a offline game and A.J. hide under a bed I stood on the right side of the bed pressed the A button to kill her and she started floating above the bed and when I tried to kill her again by pressing A all it did was turn her flashlight on and off, I had to go around to the left side of the bed press A then it killed her like she was under the bed How do they make new glitches like this there is a old saying if something is broke don't fix it(because if one does try to it usually breaks it)
  18. As someone who is studying to be a minster I can tell you that guy was not only way out of line but also wrong, I know a few people who go to church and love horror, Personally horror and sci-fi are my favorite genres and I have a part six Jason mask and full costume I wore it last Halloween(my favorite holiday), next time some zealous gives you a hard time just ask them if they read Luke 6:37. People like the one you encountered gives faith a bad name, i'm sorry for your bad experience
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