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  1. Delay for Xbox & Steam Users

    I don't know what the spoilers are and i use the forum I am just careful what I read, That being said i am disappointed in Gun Media that they said Steam users would get the update the same time as PS4 and they delayed Steam's but not PS4
  2. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    we both are
  3. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Apparently only PS4 is getting it today Steam is getting cheated again
  4. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    Now that Net neutrality is gone this could effect online gaming negatively providers could throttle or increase fees for people who use a lot bandwidth so could this effect online gamers?
  5. I don't give a SHIT! Superman III was great

    I agree I loved Superman III ---- "I guessed it died from acid indigestion" Superman "What The Hell I'm a smoker" Gus
  6. Breaking tables or sofas

    Just make so Jason can grab them from the other side of the couch which is believable I know I can reach from the front of my to the back(not side to side)
  7. I thought the new rules quitters will get ban
  8. They should find out why the person quit, Today I had quit a match because one was teaming with Jason and had put the gas and key in Jason's shack so people would get killed if they tried to get it, why should someone be ban if they leave because someone is cheating
  9. How about banning ones that exploit it
  10. I don't cheat but i have noticed how easy it is find the phone fuse and box on packanack now
  11. I did, it just happened to me, also there is glitch that is making alive councilors invisible. I was Jason in a game and a noob cheated to live. I guess nerfing Jason grab wasn't enough now councilors get to shift and turn invisible
  12. adding Mark to the game

    Make it a electric wheelchair and have it so if he finds a big battery(to replace his regular one) he can escape like a car and one person can ride on his lap, have no stamina but have electricity and he has to stop and charge his wheelchair if he runs out of electricity he wheels very slow or someone can push him
  13. Most rounds have two cars, Why can't every game have the four seat car and the boat, or have three escape vehicles the four seat car, the two seat car, and the boat? The boat achievements have some high numbers Shipwright 100 repairs, I'm On a boat 13(still high when the boat rarely spawns) and when the boat doesn't spawn that often it makes them hard to get
  14. Today the frame rate was so bad I had to stop playing, It was only at 6FPS everything was so choppy it weren't funny and it was just me it was the others playing also