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  1. Honestly, as soon as they made 8bit Jason playable, I just assumed we'd be getting something like this down the line. Following the kickstarter for a while, this seemed to be hinted at as well as Pamela being playable, a Jason X map and even a mode where you were confined to a wheel chair a la Friday 2. Will we get them immediately or at all? Who knows, but call me stupid, I have confidence they are at the very least, trying to get this stuff for us. Hope they will, but honestly I'm greatful there's even a Friday game at all. Disco, your ideas for this are very cool, I really hope your vision is created/ being created as we speak. It sounds like a blast! The possibilities for this game are incredible, I can't wait to see what comes.
  2. I got my first tape the other day on ps4. I feel like it was the first drawer I checked. I can't confirm or deny the bookshelf and typewriter theory. I feel like its just a random occurance and the chance to find tapes has just recently been increased because I'm in a facebook group that has people daily saying they've finally found one. Just keep playing, Im sure you'll get one soon.
  3. Slamming the door on anyone's idea just because you dislike it sounds just as dumbing to society as two 3d models making out so "naninani boo boo" does that dumb down society anymore Mr. Voorhees? XD
  4. Dude people ruin games no matter what. And I doubt anyone here truly believes this will be added. Its all good buddy you don't have to be so upset about it. Its all in good fun. At least I hope so.
  5. Sold! I definitely will be checking this out then, it sounds incredible. Thanks for the recomendation.
  6. Sweet! I actually found the source of my ramblings. It came from Jason X writer Todd Farmer himself! And apparently Uber Jason was just fighting his normal Jason X self which I assume that comic is based on? http://wendago.com/2011/12/31/jason-xi-and-xii/ I love it, I should check that comic too, can't recomend Freddy vs Jason vs Ash more.
  7. Oh I get mad when I die more than I like. Mostly when I do absolutely nothing in the match and just die effortlessly. I don't blame the Jasons, always myself because I'm generally a decent player and probably have some personal issues I need to resolve with myself. XD Usually that's not the case thankfully though. And as Jason most people don't have a HUGE problem with me. There's usually just people that end the room when they die, although, someone did start calling me out for not trapping the phone or cars... I do it SOMETIMES but really I just enjoy chasing people so I didn't care but it was funny never thought I would hear that.
  8. I'm not even sure Freddy was fighting for the proposed feature. I know my post earlier wasn't. There is a bunch of sarcastic comments on this person's idea which is fair if you don't agree but no matter how you slice it as bonkers as it sounds, a "make out" feature does align with the Friday series. Obviously yes it wouldn't work if they just tacked it to the current gameplay. Thats why this odd request inspired my reel 2 idea where you could interact with other counselors and whatever you did would effect you in reel 3. If they did implement something like this I doubt it would be literally Krystal's idea randomly tossed into the mix of things. I love the current gameplay, the developers knocked it out of the park. I just like talking about possiblities that may never even happen. Its fun, especially how pissed people get about it and how pervy people seem if they even like the idea. This forum is hilarious.
  9. This isn't gamebreaking, but wouldn't it be neat to have a sort of virtual "shrine" of all of Jason's past victims that you could walk through as Jason? In Freddy vs Jason there is a dream version of this, sort of a physical representation of the bloodshed through the years where all his kills lay floating in various rooms inside of a run down cabin. My version would be similar to his shack from part 2/in game with mother's head and Alice's body but there would be a room for each movie in the series as well, filled with each victim wearing their specific wounds from their death and a little bio of the character that pops up if you choose to interact and of course there would be a section for those that survived or even "killed" Jason. As I type this out, this sounds very dark and creepy to me, but its interesting in that it makes Jason's past more disturbing to view and walk through, thus making Jason scarier, at least in theory, to newer Jason fans. Plus it would double as a sort of "Practice mode" as I would have Jason have access to all of his powers while moving through his kill shrine and be able to break down doors and interact with stuff. Outside of this shrine would be a heavy rain storm, something constant in many of the films with lightning and thunder and tons of Manfredini music. This may seem very Fatal Frame, but I would even include random ghostly voices and screams from victims past. Just a real creep show. Imagine hearing Tommy's voice echoing "Die! Die! Die!" as Jason sees the machete that ended him in 4. And of course tons of easter eggs, like the axe Chris uses to finish Jason in 3, or the rock and chains that Tommy uses to pull Jason down and drown him in 6. Even that Freddy glove that pulled his mask away in JGTH. Honestly its tons of work to put together and is more for nostalgia purposes and creep effect and does nothing for gameplay... but it just seems so interesting to think of. I liked typing it all out.
  10. Agreed. They have a horror/suspense channel of STARZ which, I'm assuming, is why they have such a nice collection. My girl enjoyed the Friday series too but I usually have one of them on because they can be "comforting" so she gets tired of them too. She has a lot of love for Bruce and Evil Dead as well, also because of Xena Warrior Princess. AHYIYIYIYIYIYI!
  11. I may be missremembering. But I recal reading a trusted horror site's article featuring an interview with Jason X's writer. In it he talked about the initial plans for 1 or 2 sequel's after X. In them Jason would terrorize the new Earth he lands on at the end of X until he eventually gets sent back through time to the original Crystal Lake in the 80s, in the conculsion of 1 movie while the the 2nd would be a Jason vs Jason X movie that would have the orginal killing his X self once and for all. BUT I can't confirm this...the point being that Jason from Jason X may or may not have almost been murdering people in 80s. Which would be batshit in a good way? lol
  12. I feel the same way. I can't remember the set up but one could still hide in rooms and travel through corridors on a spaceship. And yes the hologram room! If they made an X map I doubt they wouldn't include it. It could spawn a random portion of the first 3 maps each round it is used. Very interesting Alien like gameplay.
  13. That sounds safer, although having the post would make it Jason from Jason Lives AND from the game which would make cool photos with any counselor costumes you see out there. Its tough but at least you have time. I would use a plastic weapon toy and bs my way into making the top.
  14. Honestly this could actually just work as an alternate "costume" for Part 9 Jason too. You could choose to play as a possessed counselor (whatever your counselor preference is set to) and if they don't want to make a new start of match cut scene, they could just use the orginal cutscene with all shots of Jason being swapped for a Killer POV so that no one knows who the possessed counselor is. But come on who doesn't want to see a cutscene of Chad chomping down on Jason's heart. ❤
  15. Can we just stop for a minute and appreciate how cool this? We have all these cool theories and folk lore about finding these "tapes" and the internet has yet to spoil the fun in figuring this out for ourselves. There's no "how to" here and I love it! I love the mystery with the blue and black dots...and even killing Jason was a fun mystery to solve when the game first came out. Very cool.
  16. I actually thought of a version of this as well. Mine wouldn't be an abilitiy it would only happen if the "Jason Player" quits or times out of the match. At that point, rather than ending the game a random counselor would become possessed and become the "New Jason". They could kill or takeover another counselor's body while their current body starts "deteriorating. If it completely breaks down and melts like in JGTH, or they get killed, they become the "Jason demon fetus thing" where if they crawl into Pamela's grave on map, they could burst from the ground as Part 9 Jason in rage mode. BOOM now we're playing with power folks!
  17. I don't have a problem with Jenny's look at all, she looks sweet and nice. If people have a problem thats cool...the only thing I find funny are the comments that say her hair doesn't fit a "final girl". Like what?! That sounds hilarious. "Sorry girl, you got that comedic relief hair. I ain't playing as you!"
  18. Haha. It is weird but your idea is quite interesting. As people have already said it wouldn't work in the "third act" of the current gameplay because everyone knows he's around but if there was a "second act.." A scenario where Jason is stalking counselors who can do various activities to increase stats...it just sounds intriguing. I love how out of the box this is. You could get bonuses for kissing and different bonuses if you go the "final girl" route and choose not to. And once Jason makes his first kill we hit the "third act" and all hell breaks loose but whatever you did in the second act directly effects your character but you never know exactly how. Perhaps Jenny Myers "kissing" wont increase her stats as much as Tina but if Jenny talks alone with Adam or even AJ (a la F13 3's Chris and Rick) both of their strength increases...the possiblilites are endless and it really creates a horror movie vibe. Ahhh you could even dance like Jimmy from Friday 4! HA! Bravo for your post. Its an odd request but it was such a detailed explanation of a very interesting idea that I can't help but like.
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