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  1. Due to the current state they left this game after all the backing and support even if they win the rights to keep going and wont this is a devistating blow for a new game company. I wont be buyinng your up coming title out of fear the same jive ass shit will happen to that where your broken patches are the best you can do. I wont buy it based on the fact i dont want to pump more money into a game where if something happens you all just give up and leave it as is. Enjoy your downfall gun you have turned off a lot of gamers from buyinng anything further. Im glad companies like bethesda ID and Bungie didnt think like you all do. they would have never gotten big.
  2. Cant pick up anything that drops near lake on higgins after cops are called cant pick up items or open doors on higgins haven large....
  3. Wondering why im being kicked every other game at this point.... Another bang up job by the illfonic/Gunmedia crew.....Soo if your up coming game is going to be this bad....I wouldnt expect high sales.
  4. After the patch... we get nothing changed on PS4 imagine that... oh wait we did get a change now you get stuck after repairing the propeller on pinehurst...
  5. youve had so long to put out a patch that works... but this list only lists a few issues. what it dont list is charactor glitching when pulled from the car and escapes. They will shift around then out of the map all together there are color fireworks instead of blood in challange modes. jason can grab a person using the sweater as they activate these are ps4 issues and many more to come.
  6. One beta two i dont have bad matches this seems to happen often as our goal is to kill jason and our record sits at nearly 600 kills you can stop talking now go back to thinking there is nothing wrong with the game whatever helps you just go away from talking to me ty have a good day.
  7. We where told you would fix jason moving when about to be executed just wondering when that is going to happen. Im tired of these people ok with killing everyone but when they get ready to die as jason they drop to knees then spin in circles till they get up.
  8. In your failed attempt to troll me you failed to read what i wrote. Considering i never said STUN i said weapons going RIGHT through him. Or swining is negated by a grab. Sounds to me like your giving jason to much head there guy. Try harder to not troll and more to looking at what people say considering im sure you have this same problem and it frustrates you. If jason has a councilor and is hit according to gun he is to drop them the weapon isnt supposed to pass through him. And no the animation hasnt started he literally just picked me up and turned around. Sooo yeah try your 12 year old 3rd grade special ed tired line elsewhere kiddo. Im pretty sure ive been playing since day one. Im pretty sure walking 3 steps isnt animation starting. Im pretty sure the weapon doesnt pass through jason on animation. Im pretty sure my friend swinging and the weapon passing through Jason body before he executes isnt supposed to be there.... Until this recent patch thats how its always been. Stop avoiding common bugs because your Jason game sucks without em there.
  9. Dont Care about Roys overalls. I do care that jason can grab me when i clearly hit him and when my pal hits with a bat it goes through him and then he kills me...just saying i think there are more important matters you should address instead of pandering for pats on the back from these clowns.
  10. Spent all that time and money... why didnt he just watch the damned movie....
  11. another Crybaby that complained for changes...so your butthurt changed an entire game... thats how real it was
  12. This quote made by a man that obviously criesand complains cause he isnt good at jason....
  13. You apparently are to new to the game.... or dont get the actual meaning here. And yeah we killer of jasons as in me and my crew.
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