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  1. Forest Green could have that cabin thats covered covered in blood from the movie that was a sick scene
  2. As much as I love the Halloween franchise. Rob Zombie literally took everything scary about the original out, garbage remake
  3. Dont know how that double posted. Could a mod delete one plz. SMH
  4. What would people think of Autumn textures for all the maps. They could have red, brown, yellow, orange leaves. The grass is dead an dying. A few halloween decorations and pumpkins around the cabins. Crunching leaf sound and chilly wind effects. They could be switched on or off similar to the retro Jason on Part 3. This would also make the Halloween outfits feel more appropriate and less immersion breaking. It would also be a cool way to expand Jasons narative. Just an idea
  5. I only use head punch for part 8 and eye gouge for part 3 and no other quick kills. If you're skilled Jason player you just dont need them to win. And whenever I play quickmatch its like the only kill eqipped by other jasons is one hand choke. Whenever i see the one hand choke used i assume they just arent expierenced enough to win without using a fast spam kill. Yesterday i saw a Jason do 6 choke kills 2 escape. Like come on your name isnt the Crystal Lake Stranglar its fucking Jason Voorhees. Lol
  6. I dont get why people have such a problem with them either. I still always trap the phone first cause everytime i dont they get called right away than the cars and still almost always manage a clean sweep or the host quits cause they think the small maps are easier smh I also often have the phone spawn next to a car so its very much two birds one stone most of the time lol
  7. Yea fair point it might be a bit of both I think its pretty good. Not nearly as scary as friday was when i first started. Its got a real creepy atmosphere but i dont feel as stressed when im getting hunted lol I do enjoy choosing to be the killer whenever i want as well wouldnt mind to see a similar option in f13 Thinking of buying it cause its on sale and will hold me over on the horror game till the new contents out
  8. Well Dead by Daylight is free to play with PlayStation Plus for a few days that may be why. Thats what im playing for the next few days lol
  9. Thats pretty funny I always mute Jason if he has a mic and unplug mine if im Jason cause he's a silent killer never says a word and normally it kills the mood if Jasons complaining he just got stabbed lol Once i didnt tho and had a part 9 chase me using a mickey mouse voice...that was hilariosuly disturbing
  10. Same thing I do lol part 6 gets the heart punch from killing Tommys friend at the beggining
  11. Im on ps4 you to or somethin else?
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