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  1. He should have the ability to grab you through a window if you are standing close enough to it. It could break the window causing the same amount of damage to the counselor as if they dove through a closed or already broken window. Maybe the only downside could be is the counselor would have a slightly better chance to break out of Jason's grip, just so it's not instant death every time. On the other hand though...Jason is chasing you, you just manage to reach a cabin and you have to dive through the window, you stand up from the animation and he immediately grabs you back out and kills you. If they implemented this, how long until everyone whines about Jason being OP again?
  2. I'm considering it being my next tattoo to begin my horror sleeve.
  3. Items showing up in proximity could work but also if you had the option to turn item marking on/off for private matches I feel like that would resolve most of people's problems with it. I'm not knocking anyone but that's where most of the negative posts regarding it seem to come from, people who strictly play private, so give them the option to turn it off. This feature catered to public matches, where there is usually no communication, coordination, teamwork, etc. I don't hate that the items show up because I occasionally still play public and a fair amount of the time in my experience anyway it encourages teamwork.
  4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Red Dead Redemption 2 Spider-Man UFC 3 I'm on the fence about, haven't played one of their games in a long time
  5. Additions: It - 2017. Let's get this out of the way now, THIS WAS NOT A REMAKE AS THIS WAS NOT BASED OFF OF THE 1990 VERSION. This was hands down better than the 1990 film, fight me. Tim Curry was the only good thing about the original, the 2017 film was all around fantastic. I really enjoyed Jigsaw. I wouldn't personally put it above the first 2 or maybe even 3, nothing beats the original in this franchise, but would put it above some of the later sequels.
  6. I live in MA so this is a great area for cons, but so far I only have a couple of autographed items A bat signed by Sting from WCW/WWE Autographed photos from CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, and Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) NXT poster autographed by everyone from that night's event A Stone Sour autographed photo and setlist Will be meeting The Undertaker from WWE in one month have a replica urn signed Will be meeting the band Hollywood Undead in a couple of weeks and getting my vinyl record of their latest album signed In March of 2018 there's a Monster Mania Con in Cherry Hill, NJ where Steve Dash (part 2), C.J. Graham (part 6), Kane Hodder (7-X), and Ken Kirzinger (FvJ) will all be appearing in costume for photos and I'll be getting a prop machete to begin a Jason collection
  7. Just a couple of changes, and I personally don't think they'll ever make a -destruction since the ones that don't have a + take the same amount of swings for any type of obstruction. A +destruction Jason as it is now still gets into a cabin quick with 3. As Jason I loved being able to break a barricaded door in 2 hits as I main part 8 with the occasional switch to part 4. As a counselor though if Jason is chasing you and he sees that you're intending on jumping through a window so he goes and starts on the door while the window climb/dive animation is happening...by the time you get up, he's right there on you.
  8. What map do I want next? Manhattan. What map will most likely come next? Camp Forest Green.
  9. This. As soon as I was Jason in this group of players I thought...damn I'm kinda trash...although I feel like I've learned a lot from playing with and watching them after I die almost every.single.time. At the end of the day though I have a blast with this group.
  10. SAME!!! Especially during that flustercuck around the phone house and car!
  11. Fair point. I was trying to figure out a way to implement how some characters throughout the movies would eventually come at Jason after so long. Also the threads about Vic got me wondering if his personality could work in a game like this.
  12. 1. Tiffany or A.J. may have had the thick skin perk to negate damage, marathon to increase stamina, and one of the various perks to reduce fear although A.J. has 7/10 composure so that helps her fear rate not raise as fast. There's not much you can do to prevent that if them having these perks was the case other than stay on them and keep dealing damage. Eventually stamina will run out and they'll run out of health sprays. Regarding the window damage, I've intentionally killed myself (in order to come back as Tommy) via broken windows. The counselor will appear slightly cut but it's pretty minimal in the beginning, it takes quite a few dives/climbs through broken windows to actually injure them. 2. You only receive sound cues when counselors mess up repairing. When the car is started you will get a sound cue but not one for the boat. Since Jason part 7 and 8 have water speed if he got alerted when the boat is started that's a gifted kill or two. 3. Again that could come down to a perk. Sucker punch increases melee stun and heavy hitter increases stun time with a baseball bat. The baseball bat is a guaranteed stun (when it connects) and they recently reworked the weapon stats so it's not impossible to stun Jason when you don't have a bat.
  13. I can agree with a few of these. If they ever do implement a perk system for Jason I'd like to see one where you can reach through a window to grab a counselor if they're standing right by it as he does this several times throughout the movies. Even without perks I'd like to see this put in. + Breaks the window, causes the same damage to the counselor as if they dove out of a closed window - Counselor can break out of Jason's grab easier
  14. When did I imply that the counselors NEED any more help? It was an idea based around people suggesting the inclusion of Vic and I tried to come up with something from his personality that might be able to be used for others. My last sentence in the post mentions I would never want anything like this in the game in it's current state as it's already too easy for counselors. On that note I'm not arguing with anyone over me throwing out an idea. Good day sir.
  15. Hey guys! So I joined up in August, posted and never had anyone tell me this was mandatory...no I didn't read the forum rules before posting back then, my bad. Anyway, some of you know me as luckisforlosersX on PS4...if you don't, now you do. Feel free to add me! Lifelong horror fan and born on a Friday the 13th so if you're Jason we got that connection. Roommates in the shack? I get dibs on a cabin? What's up?!
  16. So there's been a couple of posts about adding Vic in some way which got me thinking about the anger and rage we saw from him in the short amount of screen time he had. What if the counselors had some kind of adrenaline or rage mode? Have some sort of meter that fills up when you escape grabs, get caught in traps, or get hacked. Once activated it would be on a timer, not infinite like when Jason's rage kicks in. I'd say the pros of this would be boosted strength, stamina, and higher stun time and the con would be lowered repair or maybe even repair prompt disabled during this time, not sure what else should be a con to keep this as balanced as possible. So many times through the movies we see characters actually go after Jason once they've had enough and something like this maybe could reflect that. Now back to Vic, how would this affect him since this idea came from his possible inclusion? Maybe have counselor fear raise when he's near you, but not at the rate that Jason causes it or maybe Vic's screen looks like the raised fear screen but red instead of black? Before anyone says it, I know in the game's current state this would possibly make it even easier on the counselor so let's say this topic was put out before the latest update. So with that being said, thoughts?
  17. I wouldn't mind seeing him in the main game as well. Composure and strength maxed out, in the small amount of time we saw him he doesn't seem like the type to scare easy. Not sure about other stats though.
  18. Anyone other than Tina I feel would just play like any other counselor. Not that I'm complaining about the addition but as soon as Fox was added everyone was like "she's the female version of Adam!" with the main difference being she can get Pamela's sweater. Tina is the only option that I feel could avoid that and really play like a completely different character if she's done right.
  19. I don't own Savini Jason either, I knew about it and it's limited time availability. I wasn't a backer because I had no gaming system and wasn't planning on getting one around that time not to mention I wasn't an online gamer. I consider myself a huge fan of the franchise. Hell I was born on a Friday the 13th and grew up watching these as I'm sure many of us did.
  20. I don't think this is new with the latest update. There has been multiple times I'd hit Jason with a machete during the stun animation and once in a while would take his mask off. I think the reason it has went unnoticed is because when they fixed stun locking and reduced his stun time people weren't sticking around him long enough to try.
  21. Thanks, just sent a request. I won't really be on much until Monday, gotta work all weekend. CURSE YOU ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES!!!
  22. As I mentioned there were a few times that even after this update I really feel like I should have been able to grab someone and missed. I'm not saying it's perfect but I can live with it. Do I want to see it tweaked in the future? Yes. 4-5 feet I have no problem with considering his size, it was the feeling that I was shifting into his hand. I think that had been everyone's issue, that's what is shown multiple times in the videos I added a few posts up.
  23. Do you think instead of doing what they did they should have updated his grab animation to lunging forward to merit the grab range? Would that have appeased the many people that felt like his grab range was over exaggerated in your opinion? I didn't personally want the nerf and I was concerned that as Jason it would be almost impossible to get a clean sweep. As a counselor I would have been fine playing with his grab as is and would have died many, many more times and kept on playing but as Jason it did make it more challenging which I'm perfectly fine with.
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