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  1. Google is your friend. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/help-library/apps---features/playstation-apps---features/share-play-on-ps4-and-how-it-works/
  2. I get to play daily unless I say pick up an extra shift at work. I just don't really have the desire to play that much anymore. Turning 31 SOON, work Monday-Friday 7-4, engaged with 3 kids, 2 of which live with us ages 3 and 4. Currently level 141 in F13 and really only play it as much as I still do to have fun with the core group of friends I've made in the game. I'm starting to split my time between this and Fortnite.
  3. I really need to start recording more of my gameplay. Playing Jason part 8 recently I believe on Higgins Haven I killed someone fairly early, cops were called and the person I just mentioned comes back as Tommy. I grab him right around one of the cabins north of the main house, got knifed and hear 'suck my cock Jason.' My response - 'didn't I kill you first?' Him - 'yeah and I'm gonna be the last one to escape!' Managed to tag him with a throwing knife and FOR ONCE nailed a pretty nice shift - slash. He's limping...tries to get far enough away to heal, slash...dead (probably 30 feet from the cops). 8/8 mother was pleased. Decided to ask him what happened to his master plan of being the last and only one to escape. No response and rage quit about 30 seconds later.
  4. Yeah that's me! I need to find out if I can change my display name on here... You're not a bad Jason by any means and for what it's worth we all have those moments as a counselor we think 'Jason really should have grabbed me there' so it's definitely not your grabbing to blame (not every time anyway ).
  5. Free roaming cameras would be nice. Good point. I was thinking about that as I was typing my first reply, I'm not entirely sure what having access to the map adds to the game anyway. @JasonB Now that I think about it what would be the purpose of being able to pull up the map after you are killed and spectating?
  6. What if someone is killed that was teaming with Jason? Now all they have to do is set up a party chat with Jason (if they didn't do this when they were alive), and they still have the ability to screw with other players by pulling up the map and telling Jason where everyone is. The argument can be brought up that if the teamer is killed and they are spectating they can still do this but if they're spectating someone that's in a cabin, unless it's a main cabin I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be able to pinpoint where they are to Jason.
  7. As Jason I will occasionally skip collecting the throwing knives and instantly morph to the phone box, occasionally go to a car first depending on location. Recently I was called a cheater because I morphed to the phone box to trap it (Camp Crystal Lake map, west workshop). Someone decided instead of running away they wanted to hang out at the campfire next to the workshop and whine that I found her so fast, so because she decided to stick around I decided that regardless of what else was going on that she will be the first killed. Once she realized that I was actively chasing her I hear something along the lines of 'you're cheating, in our lobbies we don't kill before x amount of minutes' at which point I let her know that as host I don't have any rules of the sort and that as soon as she realized I was near she should have started running. Eventually caught her in the boat repair shop after about 2 minutes or so and threw her through a window. The core group I play with is too good to allow them to go free if given the chance to kill them. If I manage to catch you before I can shift, sense, or even morph a second time...YOU DESERVE IT.
  8. Go back and read my post - it says (seemingly) drowned. As in that's what the counselors in the movies THOUGHT. Counselors would tell the story that Jason supposedly drowned and went on to say his body was never recovered, watched his mother get beheaded, he's still out there, etc. Part 5 - you are correct, Tommy was intended to be the killer from then on. Audiences hated the idea, so they ditched it. Sit back, have a drink and settle down. Good day sir.
  9. You're not the first person to mention this to me. I actually messaged one of the moderators to see if it can be changed, just waiting on a response.
  10. Realistic - A game based on a franchise based around a killer (only speaking about Jason in this instance since Pamela is not playable in the game) who (seemingly) drowned, but wait, he watched his mother get decapitated! This sets him off on his rampage and throughout the films he's killed in almost every way imaginable and resurrected in even more out there ways. Not realistic - Firecrackers indoors.
  11. This is about the most recent information regarding the next update/patch. It's also been said somewhere that Uber Jason, Grendel, and Paranoia will not be part of the next update.
  12. Vanessa. Especially if I'm playing against @malloymk If I do manage to catch him it is always the most satisfying kill in the match for me.
  13. Chad - medic, sucker punch, thick skin. Since the level cap increase I did put grinder in place of medic. Once I get a decent nerves of steel it will permanently take the medic spot. A.J. - home body, level headed, low profile. All together gives me a 55% sense avoidance give or take a percent.
  14. There is 1 more 'new Jason' icon on the content map. To my knowledge it's been said that retro Jason will not be considered a new Jason if and when he's revamped, they don't have the rights to the FvJ or reboot versions, and Hobbs said on Twitter that pre Uber will not be in the game (source below). So for actual Jason content, that just leaves Roy.
  15. I came across 1 Pamela tape but I had already found my last tape a few days ago and 1 Jarvis tape.
  16. Disarm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhhEzUIJA3I&feature=youtu.be
  17. Gallery of the bloodier skins, not sure about what level they're unlocked at though https://imgur.com/gallery/EeCNr
  18. Search 'Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack' and it should come right up. If the store on the system gives you any issues finding it then search for it on a browser, buy it there and it will be added to your download list.
  19. I haven't played online since the patch and I main Chad...what did they do that wasn't mentioned upfront?
  20. @patrickgage27 as a fellow Chad, any input? Chad + epic sucker punch = you will be stunned 90% of the time or more. God forbid if he has swift attacker. If he's jogging in short spurts, letting you get closer than you would let Jason get, odds are he's drawing you in to try and grab so he can stun you. As soon as you see him start to turn around to swing, back off. He'll whiff his swing and be defenseless against a grab.
  21. Search 'Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack' If nothing comes up then it hasn't been released where you are yet.
  22. On the bottom of moonshine jug says 'bottled March 7th' in blue. Side note - really sucks it doesn't save progress. @ShiftySamurai any chance of this being fixed?
  23. So I know they've said that the snowflake represents winter, not Christmas, but was it ever stated if it represented the beginning of winter or the winter season in general? Meaning some of those other things could be between now and the end of winter.
  24. I'd like to believe I'm a decent Jason, although the private group I played in recently absolutely schooled me (0/7 and somehow or another mother said my job was done and she was pleased). I've somewhat adapted to the grab, but still not a fan of the fact that you can essentially rub shoulders with Jason and somehow be out of grab range. In my honest opinion the first thing that needs to be addressed for Jason, hit detection. At some point you can adapt to a grab change. How can you adapt to your weapon passing through a counselor when they're out of stamina or limping and you're right behind them or adapt to your weapon passing right over their heads if they're crouching and directly in front of you?
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