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  1. 7 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    I think the current grab is as long as it should get. I'm content with it. Maybe it could be adjusted, but doesn't need more length.

    Agreed. The grab length is perfect now, the only thing I wish they'd tweak a little more is the radius. There still seems to be too many times you can pretty much bump into Jason and him miss a grab because of the angle.

  2. I voted for Tina and KM-14

    There's several others I wouldn't mind seeing but there's only so many stat distributions the devs can go with to make new characters play any differently than what we have now. At least with those hero characters they'll have abilities and maybe items specific for them, Tina would anyway when it comes to abilities. Also you should add Sergeant Brodski to the Jason X section.

  3. 23 minutes ago, JasonLives86 said:

    I gotta say either a part 6 kill pack or a part 5 kill pack. I say part 6 because a few months ago, gun media posted a video showing some new mocap kills with Kane hodder, and the kill he was doing looked almost identical to the kill in part 6 where Jason stabs the guy with the fence post, and tosses him over his head behind him. I love that kill and hope they put it in at some point. And I also say part 5 because they just released Roy, and it would make sense to give him a kill pack like they did with part 4. If they do, they HAVE to put in the kill where he cuts the girls eyes with the shears.

    You could be right speculating that part 6 may be next. Although the kill you're referring to was in the video of leaked single player kills and Jason was using a scythe in the animation.

    Currently I either play with part 8 or 5 so I'd rather see a fire axe kill pack next and part 5 is new enough that his kills aren't stale to me yet.

  4. 28 minutes ago, Ker Juice said:

    From my experience since launch, I have seen Part 2 have his removed the least and Part 9 the most.  

    Do machete/axe hits on the back of Jason count towards his mask removal, or does it have to be directed toward the front or side?  Also, do you have to aim for the face, or will simple body shots with bladed weapons to the trick?

    In my experience it doesn't seem like hits with any weapon to the back or side will take it off or even help progress towards getting his mask off, I could be wrong though. Your best bet is facing him, also aiming the camera up towards his face does help but it's not absolutely necessary for the mask to come off.

  5. Just now, JasonWhorehees said:

    So what. Fuck them.
    The internet is full of free hardcore porn, and kids have access to it.
    By the way this is NOT a game for kids. So they shouldnt be playing it anyway,

    Fair point but adding that would pretty much immediately change the game's rating from M to AO. That could cause most if not all retailers that carry physical copies to pull it from shelves.

  6. I've never been killed 'legitimately' - meaning I've helped people get the Roll Credits achievement as well as ran tutorial matches here and there for new players. I have come very close on a couple of occasions...a couple of friends said they needed me to be Jason so they could kill me and I was Jason in the next match, challenge accepted. They got my mask off, the sweater, and one of the friends that said they were going to kill me came back as Tommy. I managed to morph right as the sweater was activated so it didn't happen. If they had managed to kill me I feel like I never would have heard the end of it.

    The only other time anyone came close oddly enough was in a public match. This was in between the 12-18 and 1-30 patch when people would get Jason hunting quads together, mask was off, they had the sweater, Tommy, and the necessary weapons. Unfortunately for me I got interaction locked soon after my mask was off so essentially I had no chance to defend myself against the kill attempt. I morphed close enough to tell them I was glitched and could not do anything to fight back and let them know they will not be killing me due to that. So say what you want but after I let them know what's up I went into the lake and let them be. Good job on them for getting everything set up to that point but under normal circumstances Jason still has a fighting chance up until the cutscene and in this situation I did not so I was not about to let them have it.

    If and when the day comes I'm killed as Jason they'll earn it all the way but I refuse to be killed due to a glitch.

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  7. 37 minutes ago, JasonWhorehees said:

    Were there any envirnomental kills added with the last update?

    No new kills were added.

    4 minutes ago, JasonWhorehees said:

    Does it count if you do it with the bots?
    Or does it have to be online?

    To my knowledge trying to get that achievement with offline bots is bugged. If you managed to do a kill you hadn't yet it would count towards the achievement but then reset your progress after the match as if you didn't do a new kill. This was discussed in an offline bots thread I believe, if I find the specific posts I'll tag you in them in case I got any of that wrong.

    My best advice is if there's a couple of kills you're having issues getting like the graveyard fence kill for example, in 6 months of playing I've only ever caught and killed 1 counselor over there, jump into a private with some friends and ask if they'll help you out.

  8. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/

    ^^^ Here's a list of all the kills that are needed for the Ph.D. in Murder achievement.

    This list does not include the unique weapon kills for parts 4 (6 kills total - 3 default and 3 from the DLC kill pack), 5, 7 (3 from the DLC kill pack), or Savini Jason. It also does not have the 5 environmental kills that were added when the Jarvis House update came - (boom box, knife - multiple stab, knife - throat slit, screwdriver, and stove top).


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  9. All around I have nothing negative to say about this patch. My only issues with the game stem from problems previous updates brought in, car rubber banding and hit detection to be precise. Address those couple of issues along with whatever else the community brings to your attention and this game will continue to thrive. Great job devs, thanks for pulling me back in!

  10. 3 minutes ago, GeneiJin said:

    That is not true.  Wasting time while Jason is around is at the advantage of counselor.  Putting distance between you and Jason doesn't matter, since he will close that distance easily.  On the other hand, delaying Jason from breaking that door down keeps you safe inside longer and buys time for others to do all kind of things happen (or nothing in a public lobby <_< ).  Just make sure you keep track of your weapons durability and have a replacement in mind (I keep track of all weapons from the cabins I've visited).

    Agreed. Granted I have people try this on me much more in public than private so that's why I mention the wasting time and staying in that cabin being a detriment to them.

  11. It doesn't really bother me too much but I feel like you shouldn't be able to, or want to for that matter.

    Jason can't throw knives through the hole when the door is mostly broken, counselors can't shoot through, firecrackers don't have any affect until the door is completely broken that so it makes me think being able to hit through wasn't intentional. Also why waste a weapon shot? It doesn't work 100% of the time and while you're swinging away at a door you're wasting valuable time you could have been using to put some distance between you and Jason.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Patriots1 said:

    Well if the Developers Make the maps where you can change the difficulty you can play as you wish.

    Why do you care if someone else is playing a game on an easier difficulty level.


    An Easier mode on a map would have more weapons and pocket knives.

    A Harder difficulty mode would have less weapons and pocket knives.

    players could change the difficulty to their liking.

    then everyone will be happy.


    Have you ever heard The John Lennon Song IMAGINE.

    For what may actually be the 100th time you've said this and some-fucking-how managed to reword it every single time, we know what you mean...no example necessary.

    This is not meant to be a peaceful game and/or setting. Deal with it.

  13. 12 minutes ago, J.J. said:

    The game is certainly confusing around trophies like how I got "Jack of all Jasons" when I haven't even unlocked Part 4 Jason yet. :lol:

    As @AldermachXI said, you only have to use each Jason that was in the game at launch.

    As far as the kills go it takes the 58 kills that were in the game at launch to earn Ph.D. in Murder. No added environmental, part 4, 5, Savini Jason, or DLC kill pack kills are needed for this achievement.

    Keep in mind that no DLC is needed to earn any trophies, if there were there would be a separate category in the trophy menu for ones that the DLC was required.


    ^^^ that's the entire list. You'll see some debate on whether or not a couple listed are counted as separate kills but everything on that list is needed.

  14. 1 hour ago, UlfKarl said:

    I can't place bear traps in front of doors as being a counselor, fix this please!

    Don't try to place a trap facing the door, stand against the wall parallel with the door and place it. This will place it as close to the door as possible, it's placement is also slightly less obvious to Jason. Barely any part of the trap will be visible to him while he's breaking the door and the way the door breaks the pieces will cover the trap for the most part.

  15. 18 minutes ago, Aalke said:

    played 10 games 1 pocket knife found, thanks for making the game compleetly team based / without a team there is no fun or any chance of survival thanks for ruinin the game, i am thinking about stop supporting this game with my stream, till this shit has been put back. -.-. i cant invite always a full lobby to make a game work or survive atleast. this is for nobody a option. so yeah. the new map is also a way to big map after this pocket knife nerf, if you have a bad based stamina counselor youre dead. 100%.


    Rip f13.



    2 minutes ago, Aalke said:

    youre probaly a bad jayson thats why this update came trough, many people dont know how play jason ;) if you know how to play as jayson this update wasnt needed at all --'

    They FIXED the game so it's not 99% in favor for counselors against Jason (NOT JAYSON) Voorhees? Made it a little more necessary to play as a team, in an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MATCH?! Say it ain't so! THE HORROR!

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  16. 2 minutes ago, TinTin_57 said:

    Yeah did it both ways, also from 2nd floor in Packanack just in case. The Crystal Lake repair shop, is that the gaming table? I did that, plus desk plus table just in case

    Crystal Lake repair shop, yes that's referring to the game table in the next to last room.

    The video I attached in the original post is no longer available but the list is based off that video. Was there ever a time you did some kills for the first time and either had a host quit or lost connection? I'm not 100% but I think that may negate any kills you did in that match.

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