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  1. 6 minutes ago, Redrum138 said:

    Totally hear ya! I feel like semi retired too! I was on for a bit last night, was real rusty but had fun as always. We gotta get in some games together soon.

    I'm a HUGE FAN! That's why I bought the game, but the people I've met keep me coming back for more! I love the group of ladies and gentlemen we've gathered, good times.

    Definitely! I won't be on any this upcoming weekend with Monster Mania happening but I'll be back soon enough, may try to jump in with our people in the next day or two.

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  2. Fan of the movies, getting to play as Jason, and playing with my group of friends. Lately what had been keeping me playing were the friends I've made. I have just as good and as many if not more friends through this game than in real life, I'm kind of a recluse due to how much I work so this game is how I socialize.

    With that being said I'm semi-retired from the game at least until the engine upgrade. Playing every day for around 6 months along with the repetition has pretty much burned me out on this game.

  3. I wouldn't mind special abilities for counselors but your list gives 3 different counselors the ability to call the police pretty much instantly so I strongly disagree with the ideas for Kenny, LaChappa, and Deborah. If a lobby had these 3 counselors every match would end in 5-6 minutes.

    For Jenny since she is supposed to represent the final girl when she is the last counselor left alive it puts her composure to max and she has an increased stun chance with weapons. All final girls in the movies put up a good fight so I feel like that ability for her would be a good fit without it being extremely OP.

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    I'm looking at both sides of the coin, here:

    (And being a dad of two boys -- and two girls -- I have to look at it from a parental perspective)

    • Heads - The bloody sheet is the very epitome of the very last time Roy saw his boy. When he arrived, he didn't know what to expect. And if you re-watch the film, the moment he sees that it's Joey under that sheet, you can tell from the look on his face that he never once even suspected it might be his son under that sheet until he saw him. So it was that sheet that revealed the entire inciting incident of the whole film. So yes, the sheet is definitely a viable device for throwing Roy into a momentary mental crisis.
    • Tails - I again lean toward the blue cardigan/chocolate bar combo. What would confuse a grieving, maniacally depressed father more: seeing someone standing in front of him with a bloody sheet over their head looking like a yucky ghost, or seeing someone who actually kind of LOOKS like his dead boy -- wearing his sweatshirt and eating his chocolate bar? I kind of feel like the emotions would be greater thinking momentarily that -- just maybe -- his boy was still alive.  Rather than just seeing what could be his dead body again.

    I don't know. Maybe I'm missing more to the intended "bloody sheet" plot element, but I still somewhat prefer the cardigan/chocolate bar idea. 

    All that being said, I'd be happy with either.

    . . . and I still want the ambulance. Not in love with the "convert Jason's shack to Roy's shack" idea. Roy's base of operations was that ambulance. So should it be in the game. Seems sad to get every detail in the game right, but this one wrong.

    (A side note: WHY didn't Roy ever go after Vic -- the guy who ACTUALLY killed his son??)

    I'd be happy with either but would prefer the blue sweatshirt/chocolate bar.

    Also the ambulance would be great but I do have to wonder how Roy would be alerted since you're not going inside of a building as you would with Jason's shack. Maybe in order to get Joey's things you have to open the back door to the ambulance and he's alerted from that?

    Your side note: good question! My best guess is since Vic was in police custody Roy could never get to him. Up until the end of the film Roy relied heavily on stealth to kill his victims where Jason would go after his in any way he saw fit. Once Reggie, Pam, and Tommy tried to fight Roy off you saw that he could be hurt so say Roy goes to go to the police station to try and go after Vic, police shoot him dead, roll credits. There would have been no practical way for him to get Vic even if the movie did as much as it could to make you believe Roy is really Jason.

    (My side note: I'll be back on the game soon hopefully, I picked up a 2nd job and in the process of moving.)

  5. Just now, RussianGuyovich said:

    I'm pretty sure systematic team killing is bannable, along with hateful insults, toxic behaviour and obnoxious music. A lot of people have been reporting this group of players, and yet no results. Also, if you pay attention you can clearly see the chad is running as fast as sonic in few instances. I'm not exactly sure what else is needed.

    I watched the video and that's why I said in the first half of my post 'I can't speak on the possibility of a glitch/hack being used'


    ^^^ list of specific bannable offenses - team killing is nowhere on that list

  6. 19 minutes ago, J.J. said:

    What's a rep?

    Forum reputation = Amount of likes your posts have.

    As far as host quitting I'll admit I went through a 'try hard' phase when I first picked up the game and closed lobbies for no reason.

    Now as a counselor I'll really only close a lobby now if there are teamers, I have on occasion let the game keep going despite this just to toy with Jason and teamer and even made a duo that was doing this quit because they still couldn't kill me. As Jason when it comes to people getting in glitched areas I'll see if throwing knives could take them out before quitting.

    I personally love it when I find someone and they try and negotiate by saying 'I'll help you find the others'...now usually my response is 'I'm gonna find them anyway' and now I'm gonna make it my life's mission to kill you first. Every so often I toy with those people a little with 'alright but come closer so I can hear you better' and kill them immediately...you'd be amazed how many people fall for that.

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