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  1. 12 minutes ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    No, no, no! All we're wondering is when you will announce the set date where you will announce the release of the hopeful official date of the actual date that the announcement of the release date of the news of the update release date will be released. Nothing more.


    I can't wait to play a match with you so I can kill you (as :JasonPt8: or :chadwut:) after reading that. :D

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Redrum138 said:

    I'm glad you came forward with this! We've had some good games, and a few bad ones. I'm glad I wasn't at packanack THAT night, but I know you did things that were very rude out of spite. Now, coming on here to face the music shows repentance. And, anyone who admits they were wrong and wants to make amends should be given that opportunity. As long as you can move past that night, and go back to being the team player I know you are. Then, you are welcome on any team of mine. That's just my opinion, I wasn't there that night. I can only speak for myself here, but it's my hope that some of the others will give you a shot at redemption.

    Much appreciated

  3. 7 minutes ago, Vaderspupil said:

    I agree with Rust.  I used to enjoy playing with you, but your actions as of late changed that. Locking the keys in an inaccessible cabin was the last straw.  That is why I dropped you from my friends list.  I'm willing to give you another chance and re-friend you if you knock that shit off.  That includes team killing on purpose as well which you have been known to do(ie. Hufflepuff).

    That's up to you, mostly I just wanted to get a general consensus on joining the league more than anything. I'm sure rules will be in place for league matches which will be followed.

  4. 7 minutes ago, RustInPeace said:

    Well, if this is what I'm thinking it was, then you're right to be wary.  I had you on my list originally before you showed us all that you would tend to speed loot and leave doors wide open and other team detrimental actions and removed you for it.  I had since played a handful of games with you that showed some promise that your in-game actions have  changed for the better (although you still had a tendency to randomly leave the lobby with no word spoken).  Then, THAT private match happened, with you locking the keys in an inaccessible cabin...  Personally, I'm not going to deny you joining or outright refuse to play with you at all, but I WILL say you are not very reliable based on what you have shown.

    Fair enough

  5. I'd like to throw my name in the hat, for those that don't know who I am my gamer tag is luckisforlosersX.

    So I'm gonna go ahead and get this out of the way. JuFred13 asked if I was interested in joining which I initially turned down. I'm slowly getting back into the game and @Redrum138 said I have a spot on his team if I wanted in.

    My last private match was not a good one due to my own actions during the match (trolling, now let my crucifixion begin). It was obvious that I alienated a few of my online friends in doing this which is fine but before I attempt to join the league I wanted to find out if anyone is against me joining, especially those that are working on setting it up.

  6. I wouldn't be totally against this but if implemented they would have to be very careful on how many of these were on each map to avoid lopsiding the game in favor of the counselors even more or again depending on who you ask.

    13 hours ago, sfosterjr said:

    i think they should add some "context" stuns for the counselors. like for example on pinehurst you repair a tractor and if jason nearby and u hit proper action button reggie runs him over stunning him. or if in a barn you can pull a lever that drops hay on jason. sorry if already a thread tried searching but nothing came up

    Map specific ones like the tractor in Pinehurst would be good but definitely should be a one time use, I for one would like to see the tractor be more than something to look at like 'hey that was in the movie' and that's it. If they ever add a map for part 7 this concept could be used for collapsing the front porch of the Shepherd house on Jason along with a few other movie moments.

    25 minutes ago, malloymk said:

    There are fire extinguishers in various cabins. It would be nice to use those in some capacity as single use environmental items.

    I like that. Either you would have to hit it with an axe or shoot it with the shotgun to make it explode and it has the effects of a smoke grenade. Then begs the question, why not just hit Jason with the axe or shoot him? Well if it has a smoke grenade type effect impairing his vision maybe have it impair his sense for a short (very short) time.

  7. It's never too early to make plans for a new road map but they need to finish the one we're on now first. Although other than a handful of maps that people seem to care for and hopefully adding Pamela one day (Paranoia maybe?) there's not too much more to add that people are clamoring for.

    With everything coming in the next update and hopefully dedicated servers being top priority after that I wouldn't want to see them get too ahead of themselves again and in turn lose even more of the player base.

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  8. 1 minute ago, The Gloved One said:

    Trust me ,I used to believe it  was real back in the day as well .All of takers eras are good though ,I'm currently in the AbA era of Undertaker .As long as your not as bad as this guy when it comes to wrestling 


    Wrestling has given me it's fair share of emotional moments (mostly involving The Undertaker actually) but not on that level

    When he came back as the ABA I thought it was awesome and not to say it was awful, I mean it did lead to the Big Evil heel/tweener character which I liked...but ABA isn't high on the list for me. I was and still am a sucker for the theatrics/mind game stories he would be in.

  9. 29 minutes ago, The Gloved One said:

    Which one is your favorite Era?

    The Undertaker hands down.

    I started watching in '97 right before his feud with Shawn Michaels/Kane's debut and I really enjoyed that part of his career especially being 10 years old at the time and believing everything I was seeing was real, don't judge me. My favorite era/version of him is a toss up between that and his return to The Deadman character at WrestleMania 20 on.

  10. I do my best to fight and pick them off. I've come extremely close to being killed one time - mask was off, Tommy was there, and they had the sweater along with the necessary weapons. I stayed on them trying to kill either Tommy or the sweater girl (both were friends of mine who said they were hoping I was Jason so they could kill me). I morphed away right as they activated the sweater, oddly enough when I landed from my morph I was in the struggle animation from the sweater being used.

    I have however stayed in the water on one occasion. In a QP match everything was set and seemed like everyone knew what they were doing but one problem, I was interaction locked. I let them know what was up and that if I was glitched I would not allow them to kill me so I hung out in the water while they stood on the dock, they eventually got bored of it and escaped to the police. Does anyone see anything wrong with doing that due to being glitched/locked?

  11. Yes. I've never considered spamming your flashlight as being a decent mode of communication considering how many people will do it and just to get your attention for nothing so it's pretty pointless. Also after the emote party pack the minimal communication use for emotes went out the window.

    I'm trying to ease back into playing here and there and I've went over to playing QP just to break up the repetition but as everyone knows more often than not it's either no mics, blaring music, or squeakers so my mic stays unplugged now.

  12. 34 minutes ago, Alien_Number_Six said:

    I'm burned out on the game in general. I still like it but I'm bored of it. It's balance is so off that I believe it's a design issue. Yeah it's great to have a powerful Jason and all but if the councilors have zero chance what is the point of playing. As far as Private Match goes I don't have the time to schedule it. Everyone plays at night to avoid the kids and I'm at work 80 percent of the time. So I play quick play to get some time on the game because I don't have another option. And quick play is worse than it has ever been. Your fucking doomed because everyone wants to hold parts instead of actually escaping. At present your there to die. I'm simply not having fun with it right now. So I'm putting it down for awhile to tackle Monster Hunter World. 

    This is pretty much the same reason I'm putting it down for a while if not for good to be honest. I would play during times I could easily get in to a full private match but the repetition and going through the motions for the same results almost every match has gotten too old for me to care to play anymore.

    At this point they could bring out the engine upgrade and even dedicated servers tomorrow and I can't say for sure that would pull me back in.

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  13. On 3/6/2018 at 2:27 PM, hu_soldier13 said:

    Fan of the movies, getting to play as Jason, and playing with my group of friends. Lately what had been keeping me playing were the friends I've made. I have just as good and as many if not more friends through this game than in real life, I'm kind of a recluse due to how much I work so this game is how I socialize.

    With that being said I'm semi-retired from the game at least until the engine upgrade. Playing every day for around 6 months along with the repetition has pretty much burned me out on this game.

    Just adding to my older post since most of the people I play with are forum members.

    So after playing a total of 3 maybe 4 matches over the last 2 weeks I think it's safe to say I'm done with this game. It's been fun and I'm not leaving the game due to any issues on Gun's/Illfonic's end, it's mostly that the repetition has just gotten to me after playing religiously for almost 6 months. The engine upgrade may bring me back but then again it may not at this point, we'll see.

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