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  1. Tina (Part 7) - She would be a hero character similar to Tommy, although I wouldn't totally agree with all her stats being 10. It would be nice to have a character that really felt like they played differently than any other one. It also wouldn't hurt to add a new method for killing Jason if she was added.

    As a hero character though I don't think you should be able to call Tommy and Tina into the same match, each match would randomize having either Tommy's radio or however you would contact Tina.

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  2. 8 hours ago, SheriffGarris1986 said:

    I put together a video of just random, dumb, silly, glitch and etc. moments from the game that I have captured... it's nothing too fancy, I put it together - or tried to put it together in a similar fashion to Botchamania (those that know what that is will understand)... I apologize in advance for my annoying ass voice and laugh, i tried to keep it to a minimum... if this takes off - it's something i would like to turn in to a series - and i would also be open to video submissions for future videos as well...

    anyways enjoy - or not enjoy.... but i hope you enjoy. lol


    Coming from someone that watches Botchamania frequently, I appreciate this.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Armani? said:

    Reggie is more remembered to general Horror Movie fans than Melissa, sorry to burst any one's bubbles. She's still a iconic trope.

    My social media campaign is just starting. And no, Reggie has gotten more than 60 total likes. My one little post on twitter already has 46 likes.


    Melissa got a lot of centered support on here because she appeals to the gays because she's a bitch basically and they are known for stanning.

    Yet she, or should I say her trope, was added first...without the ones pushing for her pestering the developers and/or actor/actress (or their secretary for God's sake).

    More iconic character in a movie franchise DOES NOT EQUAL that character being more wanted in the video game based on said franchise.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, malloymk said:

    I'm surprised. It's been this way since launch on PS4.

    I've never noticed this either but then again I don't know if I've ever been killed before picking up a walkie. I always thought that if you died with or without one you always came with one as Tommy just like you would come with a map regardless if you found one as a counselor.

  5. 1 minute ago, IcrazyKid855 said:

    I think you are right, although it would be cool to see young tommy in the challenges...maybe followed by trish?

    I agree it would be pretty cool to see although it seems very unlikely.

    The single player challenges revolve around Jason killing counselors and since Tommy and Trish killed Jason (albeit temporarily) it would seem a little strange, not to mention I don't think the developers would introduce a mode where Jason could kill a child whatsoever. Now If there was ever a counselor single player challenge mode I could see something like that implemented, maybe reenacting the final fight through the films with their respective characters.

  6. Just now, Reyezblood 03 said:

    Do you really think so?

    I agree with her, if and when a mod locks this with their explanation as to why it was locked they win this thread permanently.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    One could easily debate that many of these "constructive" bumps -- especially the ones that are just a few words or mention the word "hiatus" -- are concocted simply to unearth a dead thread.

    And my point was that you keep saying "a few members" -- trying to minimize the amount of people who don't like your practices -- when it's actually just "a few members" who must continually exhume this thread in order to keep it alive.

    Go back and review. With the exception of those posted by you three, the overwhelming majority of posts are tired of this. And it's not just "a few members."

    I would suggest we create a poll to prove this, but you three would simply use your tactics to fudge the numbers again. 

    Create the poll and set it so you can see how members voted. Just go look at who voted and see if the votes are coming from new accounts if you're implying what I think you are.

  8. 10 minutes ago, SmugDoka said:

    Is this thread Still alive? 

    God I hope not...maybe after the bit of back and forth on here it will be considered derailed enough for a lock and burial.

    No character needs to have their own topic for a suggestion. There are merged threads for map suggestions, clothing suggestions, etc. Why does this kid from a mostly hated movie in the franchise (I actually liked it by the way) need a 22 page topic that is being kept on life support by 2-3 people?

    General liking for this character because the original post has 15 likes...out of how many forum members that have come and gone since December?

  9. 3 minutes ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    Really? Over the last two months, please show me an example of anyone BESIDES Armani, Liquid Swordsman, or yourself bumping this thread after a hiatus of longer than a day.

    I found ONE instance, and that was someone adding to the earlier "stalker joke" made about the obsessive nature of this thread.

    By my count, that's three people bumping the thread. So, without that, this thread would have zero comments on it since at least January.

    Want to go back further? I've found no less than twenty instances of one of the above-named three bumping the thread after a long hiatus over the last year. The majority of responses from others are negative.

    This thread is not this size because "everyone wants Reggie." This thread is this size because of a very small minority who do and are using deceptive practices to try to make it look as though many here do.

    Playing off @hu_soldier13's earlier comment:

    *insert gloating gif of someone drinking here* 

    I got you @Cokeyskunk


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