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  1. Car rubber band... The interaction lock doesn't get to me as much as it used to. I play almost exclusively in private matches so it's never much of an issue to get one of the guys to stun me to knock me out of it.
  2. It's a toss up between 3 shows for me - Hollywood Undead, Korn headlining w/ Stone Sour, and Slipknot headlining w/ Marilyn Manson
  3. This one gave me trouble too, I kept failing the undetected challenge. The way I list it will also complete all the objectives if you haven't already completed them. 1. Buggzy - cabin to the northeast, walk him over to the knife on the counter for the multiple stab kill 2. A.J. - bathroom, mirror smash 3. Kenny - same house you killed Buggzy in. Walk him over to fridge that Buggzy was at and do the back stomp kill 4. Chad - bathroom, stand in one of the stalls on the other side from where you killed A.J. and wait. Chad will climb through the window closest to you and walk down the side you're hiding in, pop out of the stall and kill him any way you please 5. Deborah - when you get close to her cabin you'll hear her say something like 'who's out there or what's going on?'. Morph to the archery range and wait, once she walks close to the targets do the bow and arrow kill (the bow and arrow is on a small table in front of the long stand, this is also the hidden challenge) 6. Vanessa - wait outside the strip poker house and wait for her to get up and go to the bathroom, drown her in the toilet Be patient and wait for them to come to you
  4. On PS4 there's an option to change button assignments in the dashboard settings. Granted it won't be specific to any certain game but it's the closest thing to controller key binding we'll have for now.
  5. Joy. So another several months of that issue if it's ever resolved. Again I'm thankful for this update but that is my biggest gripe about the game (on PS4). Edit - car rubber band and Jason becoming interaction locked, which also seems to be neglected.
  6. Car rubber band glitch? One of the more game breaking glitches present, nothing being done about that? I don't mean to come off as ungrateful for everything we're getting tomorrow, trust me I'm thrilled but this glitch has to be fixed.
  7. YEAH @malloymk!!! Stop being good at the game and just charge Jason head on in the opening seconds of a match...jeez. This guy shows off as Vanessa (I mean that with all due respect) and turns her into as good of an all around counselor as it gets.
  8. That is why the one time I was glitched and they were prepared to kill me I morphed around until they were tired of running after me and escaped via the police. I was not about to deal with that.
  9. I've had 1 or 2 quit but MANY more morph/shift away or hide when they know it's gonna happen
  10. I'm just here waiting for the thread bitching about what time the update comes on Thursday... "it's 12:01 AM...where's the update?!?!"
  11. @ShiftySamurai care to give a straightforward comment on whether or not the glitches described above as well as the car rubber band glitch is being fixed in this?
  12. Does anyone know if it has been said if the car rubber band glitch will be fixed in this patch? You know, the one that has been present since DECEMBER...that alone makes me want to uninstall this fucking game.
  13. If your question gets acknowledged here's the most likely answer: 'We're very close and the team is hard at work to get this update out as SOON as possible'
  14. I play with @malloymk quite often and can attest to the rubber band glitch. When you're driving and Jason stops the car you get out and run away. On the counselor's screen it looks like you're getting away, however on Jason's you're just standing there so when he swings his weapon or grabs it will teleport you back to the car right in front of him.
  15. Weird. I put in a link to my photo album, it might work now. He was great, granted they all were but he seemed to enjoy it the most.
  16. Same! There were a lot of people there from the Child's Play franchise I'd love to get a photo with and get an autograph from. I went to Monster Mania 39 back in March and got the 6 Jason photo op as well (C.J. had a death grip on the back of my neck, caught me off guard) Edit: Not sure why but I'm not able to attach my photo, will try again later.
  17. I understand how you're looking at that but at the same time you should consider anything Shavar tells you privileged information. Keep in mind that if he wanted anything, yes even one word of what he and Wes discussed to be made public knowledge, he would have made it public for all his fans to see.
  18. Chad - in every scenario he'll need to remind everyone that his family owns the camp and he'll sue if anything happens to him.
  19. As I've previously mentioned, I'm fine with this only if I can punt Muffin across the map when playing as Jason.
  20. How is it a fake statistic? It shows that other than the 5 forum members that were pushing hard for Reggie, only 3% out of the near 50% of the other posts by many more forum members thought it was a good idea or didn't really care. Yet at the end of the day the answer from the people who decide what will and will not be in the game, and I quote 'nah'
  21. @Cokeyskunk I don't remember an exact time being mentioned in the movie but the Friday the 13th wiki details her first encounter with Jason happening in 1979. Granted this has to be taken with a grain of salt due to the fact anyone can edit a wiki page to anything they want. http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Chris_Higgins
  22. Two handed choke. It's a slow, angry kill (not to mention one of the most drawn out kills) and even once they're dead...head stomp.
  23. Jason's name originally was supposed to be Josh, my name is Josh, and I was born on a Friday the 13th!!! I should make a topic and campaign to be in the game!!!!!
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