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  1. That would be great. I have the basics down as a counselor...at least I think I do lol. I think my biggest downfall there is being in a habit of staying in one place too long along with draining my stamina when I don't need to be sprinting in the first place. As Jason, well I only got 1 kill in each of my first 2 matches so I definitely need more work with him. Maybe we can shoot for pretty much anytime tomorrow or Sunday evening if that works for you guys. Thanks a ton!
  2. Sounds good. I actually just requested membership to the group.
  3. I'll send you a friend request shortly. I'm Eastern time zone and usually play in the evenings and weekends kinda randomly. Thanks for reaching out!
  4. I won't be on until sometime tomorrow morning/afternoon but definitely add me and hopefully we can catch each other sometime this weekend. Thanks a lot!
  5. Awesome! I'll look into that this weekend, thanks so much!
  6. PSN - luckisforlosersX Only level 8, just got the game a little over a week ago.
  7. Hi, I'm sure there's already a topic for this buried somewhere but as the title says - I need people on PS4 to play with. I'm very new to the game, only level 8 and started playing last week. My only 2 games playing as Jason turned into a dumpster fire pretty quickly and most games as a counselor I'm one of the first ones killed and I'm sure a lot of you know that people on PS4 don't seem to be as talkative or team friendly as other systems, at least not in my experience so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated until I get the hang of this game. I should have a decent mic in a couple of days, in the meantime I'm using the cheap earpiece that the system comes with. PSN - luckisforlosersX Note - Please don't add me just to get easy XP/kills as a counselor/Jason just because I'm so new.
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