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  1. Real life Pamela and Jarvis tapes.

    Jason's name originally was supposed to be Josh, my name is Josh, and I was born on a Friday the 13th!!! I should make a topic and campaign to be in the game!!!!!
  2. Tina (Part 7) - She would be a hero character similar to Tommy, although I wouldn't totally agree with all her stats being 10. It would be nice to have a character that really felt like they played differently than any other one. It also wouldn't hurt to add a new method for killing Jason if she was added. As a hero character though I don't think you should be able to call Tommy and Tina into the same match, each match would randomize having either Tommy's radio or however you would contact Tina.
  3. Congratu-fucking-lations, a comment that had to do fuck all with the OP or the subject of your campaign (and I use that term very loosely). You made the big time kid.
  4. Friday the TROLLteenth

    Coming from someone that watches Botchamania frequently, I appreciate this.
  5. Yet she, or should I say her trope, was added first...without the ones pushing for her pestering the developers and/or actor/actress (or their secretary for God's sake). More iconic character in a movie franchise DOES NOT EQUAL that character being more wanted in the video game based on said franchise.
  6. All speculation. None of the devs have replied in the 26 pages of this thread or acknowledged it anywhere else.
  7. I think it would improve the game but keep in mind though that 99% of the time Jason will trap the same spots. Even if the traps were less obvious it would still be relatively easy to tank them, especially for experienced counselors.
  8. I tell 'ya hwhat that boy Jason ain't right.
  9. Fix Jarvis' walkie

    I've never noticed this either but then again I don't know if I've ever been killed before picking up a walkie. I always thought that if you died with or without one you always came with one as Tommy just like you would come with a map regardless if you found one as a counselor.
  10. Exactly the point I came here to make.
  11. My post to him was meant to be sarcastic.
  12. Absolutely unrealistic. No way a dog would ever be seen roaming around a massive camp site.
  13. Only as long as when I'm Jason I can punt that bitch across the map.
  14. Animated signatures (warning: Image heavy)

    @Kodiak can you put me on the waiting list?
  15. Last Post Wins.

    Yeah getting those bloo- food stains out are a pain...
  16. I agree it would be pretty cool to see although it seems very unlikely. The single player challenges revolve around Jason killing counselors and since Tommy and Trish killed Jason (albeit temporarily) it would seem a little strange, not to mention I don't think the developers would introduce a mode where Jason could kill a child whatsoever. Now If there was ever a counselor single player challenge mode I could see something like that implemented, maybe reenacting the final fight through the films with their respective characters.
  17. Maybe he was the one that voiced young Tommy Jarvis on the first few Jarvis tapes
  18. Last Post Wins.

    I heard Tide pods were pretty tasty
  19. Last Post Wins.

    I agree with her, if and when a mod locks this with their explanation as to why it was locked they win this thread permanently.
  20. Grab kills 1. Backbreaker 2. Bear hug 3. Body slam 4. Choke 5. Eye gouge 6. Head crush 7. Head punch 8. Head rip 9. Head squeeze 10. Head stomp 11. Heart punch 12. Jaw rip 13. Knee snap 14. Neck twist 15. Two handed choke Weapon kills Part 2 16. Can opener 17. Headbutt 18. Throat hack Part 3 19. Crotch chop 20. Head chop 21. Stunner Part 6 22. Knock down 23. Spear impale 24. Shish kebab Part 7 25. Dismember 26. Eviscerate 27. Machete stab Part 8 28. Chin strike 29. Double tap 30. Fire axe throw Part 9 31. Chest stab, head chop 32. Decapitate 33. How to peel a coconut Map specific kills 34. Camp Crystal Lake – Repair shop – Corner slam 35. Higgins Haven – Barn fence – Face smash 36. Higgins Haven – Barn closet 37. Higgins Haven – Graveyard fence – Impale Hiding spot kills 38. Bed 39. Closet/cupboard 40. Outhouse 41. Sleeping bag/tent Environment kills 42. Big tree - Impale 43. Bird bath 44. Cabin wall – Backbreaker 45. Cabin wall – Head punch 46. Cabin wall – Head slam 47. Campfire 48. Chair 49. Coat hooks 50. Corner slam – Can be done on desk, Higgins Haven porch, Packanack porch, rock, shuffleboard table, or tombstone 51. Door slam 52. Drowning 53. Fireplace 54. Small tree – Arm rip 55. Toilet 56. Tree stump 57. Water pump 58. Window After some help with the last 4 or 5 that I needed and finally getting the achievement I can confirm that the corner slam on the game table in the Crystal Lake repair shop does count as a separate kill.
  21. will the weekly news continue

    The mods today...
  22. Create the poll and set it so you can see how members voted. Just go look at who voted and see if the votes are coming from new accounts if you're implying what I think you are.
  23. God I hope not...maybe after the bit of back and forth on here it will be considered derailed enough for a lock and burial. No character needs to have their own topic for a suggestion. There are merged threads for map suggestions, clothing suggestions, etc. Why does this kid from a mostly hated movie in the franchise (I actually liked it by the way) need a 22 page topic that is being kept on life support by 2-3 people? General liking for this character because the original post has 15 likes...out of how many forum members that have come and gone since December?