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  1. THE Chad: Sucker Punch, Swift Attacker, Thick Skin I can swing faster than you can swing or grab and will get at least 6-7 hits out of a baseball bat before it breaks and stun you every time. After a few stuns Jason gets major tunnel vision and I serve as a distraction while the other players get objectives.
  2. 1. Usually 2. Without hesitation, yes (well only if them blocking me is intentional) 3. Rarely, usually my plan is to gain a little distance between myself and Jason to give others enough time to get in 4. Usually, or I'll circle back and try to pick them up 5. If possible, if Jason is on me at that moment I'll mark the part for later 6. Yes 7. Have I? Yes, but not anymore (that I can remember anyway) 8. I main Chad, so if I fix that car with a 2/10 repair while the repair counselor(s) did fuck all - that's my car 9. Depends on what car was closer to the part I found or what car is closer to being completed 10. Fight as long as I have a weapon
  3. No. The match has to be completed without a host quitting or your match crashing due to connection issues.
  4. You should! I play with @malloymk almost daily along with a few others from our Friday crew and I have a lot of fun with it. By the way, this is Luck...I should have set my username on here to reflect my gamer tag, oh well.
  5. Not in the slightest, haven't played in about 2 weeks and have moved on to DBD.
  6. Exactly, we're their free QA team. Just when I thought they couldn't possibly fuck up the game any further after car suicides and matches randomly ending. Granted I'm on PS4 so this issue doesn't affect me but come the fuck on...there's no way any of this was tested and 'slipped by you'.
  7. With the current state of the game I wouldn't recommend buying it, the game is more broken than ever. I would recommend waiting until the next 'bug fix' drops and check the forums to read up on what they fixed (or broke even more) before wasting your money.
  8. 10 years? Check the numbers, nobody will be playing this in 10 months given the track record, let alone 10 years. Not a high priority...apparently neither is the state of the game being more broken than ever.
  9. Probably not. Several months ago they even unbanned EVERYONE they previously banned regardless of the offense, why would they police their game now? They can't afford to ban anyone and lose even more players.
  10. I finally gave in and bought this during the recent PlayStation flash sale, I'm absolutely terrible at it right now but have fun with it although I can't play in long sessions like I used to on F13. I main Freddy right now and I'm ashamed to say it took me a couple of games to grasp the concept that you have to pull survivors into the dream world to hurt them... Has it been confirmed when this chapter will release on PS4?
  11. Agreed. They came in with little to no credibility but in the beginning most people were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt considering the game was developed (and I use that term very loosely) by such a small team. It became very apparent that content was prioritized over having a working game and now that they can't put out more content it seems like they're washing their hands of this game and community. What credibility they did have is gone.
  12. It's Gun's way out of producing more content, something to hide behind so they can maybe focus on giving us a working game if that even matters to them at this point.
  13. Will the game move on after the lawsuit is settled? No. Can it? It could but won't.
  14. In short: absolutely fucking not. If we ever get what they've been claiming they're working on, great, but in my opinion it will shut the game down faster due to the money they'll be shelling out for dedicated servers vs. $0 of income because nobody wants to buy a busted game. On the other hand, if we don't get them is anyone truly going to be surprised? Odds are this post will get removed because God forbid anyone criticize them and not dick ride them for all of the ATTEMPTS to give us a working game.
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