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  1. So I know they've said that the snowflake represents winter, not Christmas, but was it ever stated if it represented the beginning of winter or the winter season in general? Meaning some of those other things could be between now and the end of winter.
  2. I'd like to believe I'm a decent Jason, although the private group I played in recently absolutely schooled me (0/7 and somehow or another mother said my job was done and she was pleased). I've somewhat adapted to the grab, but still not a fan of the fact that you can essentially rub shoulders with Jason and somehow be out of grab range. In my honest opinion the first thing that needs to be addressed for Jason, hit detection. At some point you can adapt to a grab change. How can you adapt to your weapon passing through a counselor when they're out of stamina or limping and you're right behind them or adapt to your weapon passing right over their heads if they're crouching and directly in front of you?
  3. You need the original 58 kills from launch. Savini Jason, part 4 (3 base or 3 DLC), or new environmental kills (boombox, butcher knife, kitchen stove, screwdriver) are not needed. Regarding the 1000 matches as Jason the achievement description says 'play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason' so I don't think offline bot matches will count for that.
  4. What perks do you use?

    The Chad: Medic (rare) Thick skin (rare) - 16% damage reduction. Occasionally allows me to tank a trap and not limp as long as I haven't taken any damage up until that point. Sucker punch (epic) - Not sure about the values but the wrench is my new favorite weapon.
  5. It's never happened to me but are we saying he shouldn't be able to grab you from let's say 2 feet below you and the only thing in between you and Jason is a 2x4?
  6. Where we now are ?

    You may be right. That was my assumption that it represents the end of winter based on there being so much content on the map between where we are now and the snowflake. I can't disagree with you, but that along with the balance changes topic is the only answers we have right now and I'll take that over no answer at all.
  7. Where we now are ?

    To answer your question in a serious manner, they've said on Twitter it will be out as soon as possible. As far as any detailed information for the next update goes, there's a topic in the about section with some information regarding balance changes. As far as the road map goes we're through the pumpkin.
  8. For that particular spot where you always end up morphing on the opposite side of the fence, place your morph icon a little below the car (so that the edge of the morph icon is just under the edge of the car icon) and you should end up beside the cabin closest to the car. You should then have a straight line to the counselor from the passenger side of the car. The only downside I could see to viewing the grid while morphing is I feel like it would make stopping the car as Jason way too easy.
  9. Report Section

    PM a moderator. Whatever is going on they can look into, it's one of the many reasons they're in that position. @JPops @Kodiak @Ralph Wiggum777
  10. List of Kills?

    Grab kills 1. Backbreaker 2. Bear hug 3. Body slam 4. Choke 5. Eye gouge 6. Head crush 7. Head punch 8. Head rip 9. Head squeeze 10. Head stomp 11. Heart punch 12. Jaw rip 13. Knee snap 14. Neck twist 15. Two handed choke Weapon kills Part 2 16. Can opener 17. Headbutt 18. Throat hack Part 3 19. Crotch chop 20. Head chop 21. Stunner Part 6 22. Knock down 23. Spear impale 24. Shish kebab Part 7 25. Dismember 26. Eviscerate 27. Machete stab Part 8 28. Chin strike 29. Double tap 30. Fire axe throw Part 9 31. Chest stab, head chop 32. Decapitate 33. How to peel a coconut Map specific kills 34. Camp Crystal Lake – Repair shop – Corner slam 35. Higgins Haven – Barn fence – Face smash 36. Higgins Haven – Barn closet 37. Higgins Haven – Graveyard fence – Impale Hiding spot kills 38. Bed 39. Closet/cupboard 40. Outhouse 41. Sleeping bag/tent Environment kills 42. Big tree - Impale 43. Bird bath 44. Cabin wall – Backbreaker 45. Cabin wall – Head punch 46. Cabin wall – Head slam 47. Campfire 48. Chair 49. Coat hooks 50. Corner slam – Can be done on desk, Higgins Haven porch, Packanack porch, rock, shuffleboard table, or tombstone 51. Door slam 52. Drowning 53. Fireplace 54. Small tree – Arm rip 55. Toilet 56. Tree stump 57. Water pump 58. Window After some help with the last 4 or 5 that I needed and finally getting the achievement I can confirm that the corner slam on the game table in the Crystal Lake repair shop does count as a separate kill. EDIT - The list I posted is of the kills necessary for the Ph.D. in Murder achievement, realized it doesn't account for part 4 Jason's or the new environmental kills. Part 4 Chop Suey The Jarvis Up and Under Part 4 (DLC) Throat Slit Kneecapper Slam and Gut New Environmental Boombox Butcher Knife - Multiple Stab Butcher Knife - Throat Slit Kitchen Stove Screwdriver
  11. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Playing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 arcade mode on the SNES with my dad...getting beaten by Shao Kahn over and over and us taking turns until one of us would finally beat him. Playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the SNES with my dad...always bailing me out on some of the tougher levels.
  12. Occasionally if I have traps to spare and catch someone in either of the tiny cabins close to Packanack I'll place a trap outside the window. Break down the door, counselor instinctively jumps out the only window to what they think is safety at the moment. Trapped.
  13. Since PS4 doesn't have any kind of stat tracking I'm not 100%. I did however get the trophy for killing 666 counselors last night and had 1 or 2 more matches as Jason after that so I'm guessing around 670.
  14. Using a rare thick skin (16% damage reduction I think) on Chad I dove out of a 2nd floor window and fell into one of Jason's traps and didn't die. That's why you use thick skin.