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  1. tbh after ive seen that its in certification(the patch) im certain theres no release date what so ever linked with these pictures. Its in certification so we never know when it will go through
  2. they want us to think that but really i know its coming out really soon either tomorrow or monday. if not wednesday at latest
  3. If you look at them blue dots pictures(who hasn't) the first one has the 8th dot coloured. This could mean august as august is the 8th month. The second picture was posted and the 2nd dot was coloured signalling the number 2. So august the 20 something. However if you look at the days between the two tweets being posted there is 3 days. Add this all up and we get august the 23rd!
  4. I've ran into so many games where the Jason and a certain counselor are friends and the Jason just make its so obvious and lets there friend live. I've seen the friend killing other counsellors to help there friend Jason. its so game destroying and just makes it no fun. DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX THIS!
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