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  1. So... Jason's suppose to stand there and get killed because....? Yeah, I'm with SC on this one. Good luck finding a tips and tricks video that says to bend over and spread 'em if counselors get the mask off. Also, "there's no shame in dying as Jason" is not code for "If counselors want to kill you, not being an active participant makes you a pussy-fied coward".
  2. Another case of "Individual X is a cheater/hacker/teamer/etc... and instead of giving anything that supports this, I'll just make up bullshit and expect that to suffice. You should totally take my word for it because, like... I saw him do it". Again, you... are... full.. of... shit. I don't team unless it's in revenge for being team-killed or teamed-on, and even then, it's only directed at the little teaming/team-killing shitheads and everybody else usually gets a free escape. Edit: You sound kind of like the guy who tried accusing me of cherry-picking lobbies, on the grounds of "I know all the 150's and I've seen your vids and don't recognize anyone in them as 150's so obviously you're quitting if the lobby isn't full of n00bs!" He, like you, is also full of shit.
  3. That might be possible on the small maps, but even then, it still means you've got to take your eyes off what the other counselors are doing at least temporarily. Get a bunch of Debbie's or AJ's in your lobby and that lapse of oversight might cost you a car full of counselors.
  4. #1: I didn't report your lying ass thread. #2: You are still full of shit.
  5. Actually, I should have said, "Finding him before some dumbass gets himself killed and comes back as Tommy". If we fail to get the kill, 99% of the time it's because either Tommy is a random that doesn't know what he's doing, or a random female counselor (who also doesn't know what she's doing) grabs the sweater early and gets herself killed. The other 1% is a combination of "Tommy never got called", "Axe broke on final stun", and "A random botched the kill by hitting Jason just before/after Tommy did". It is very rarely because of Tommy or Sweater Girl getting killed.
  6. Do you leave if Jason starts breaking down a door in combat stance? That's also considered an "exploit" by some. What be about cycling through skill checks when playing a counselor with low repair? That can also be considered an "exploit". What about if you're Jason? Have you ever broken a 1-hit door by swinging your weapon? Because that's also an "exploit" on account of the game already having a dedicated animation for breaking down doors. A counselor who animation-cancels a med spray can still be grabbed or slashed. A Jason who double-taps a door can still get a beat down and be killed. A counselor who glitches to an unreachable area cannot. If they do it at the start of the game, that's almost 20 minutes of holding everyone else up. Nobody gets to finish before the time limit is over because a single person has brought the game to a screeching halt. Either you can wait the entire 20 minutes or quit. If this really is no different to you than a 2 second animation cancel then you are simply deluded. I wish you luck in whatever players utopia you're living in.
  7. #1: If they were "fairly skilled players" they wouldn't be cheating. #2: There is a vast difference between a counselor who animation-cancels a med spray and one that glitches to an unreachable area where Jason has no realistic means of reaching them and makes the entire lobby wait 10+ minutes while she dances like a fucking retard.
  8. I'd be happy with this if the glitches actually got fixed.
  9. If I could get the Devs to go for it, I'd be happy to review evidence and issue bans for this shit. I don't even need to get paid for it, I'd do it for free just to get rid of garbage-ass cheaters.
  10. If they're encouraging people to do it in public games, I agree. I don't remember the actual name of the video or the person who made it, but there was one about getting on the Packanack roof where the guy sounded like he had a mouth full of hairy balls as he was encouraging people to glitch because "It's fun to troll Jason". Is it fun being a fuckin' loser, too?
  11. Sorry man, but Tiffany has a much nicer ass, but hey, to each his own and all that
  12. Nobody ever has, or ever will, because they know they'll never survive unless they can cheat. Not trying to make myself out to be some kind of Super Jason or anything but if your strategy for surviving is to retreat to somewhere that Jason physically cannot reach, that's pretty strong evidence that you fucking suck at this game. Perching on a rock that Jason can't reach doesn't make you skilled, it makes you a cheating piece of shit....period.
  13. Can't people just play the fuckin' game without being a bunch of cheating little ball-suckers?
  14. That guy's an asshole. What's the point in even turning the game on if you know you're just going to cheat like a little bitch? And why would you stream yourself cheating? You have nothing to brag about. Every time I have a counselor pull this when Im Jason, I send them a VERY hostile PM challenging them to play again without cheating and see how long they stay alive. You can probably guess how many of them did it. Without their cheats and glitches, they are nothing and they know it.
  15. Fucking dipshits is what they are. It was a group of teaming fuckboi's who decided to cheat when one of them didn't get picked as Jason.
  16. Had a round last night (as counselor) where four people on Jarvis House glitched onto a rock shelf somewhere near what looked like the bottom right (SE corner) of the map. Is this new?
  17. Until the counselor kicks out for the 8th time, then you bet your ass they're going to use something a little quicker.
  18. Know what I've always wondered? Where did the idea of grab-kills come from in the first place. Who was it that said, "Hey, instead of just having Jason swing his weapon, let's have him grab someone by the neck, lift them off the ground, and hit a button"?
  19. Or if the Jason-player is a dumbass and insists on trying to use a flashy environmental kill instead of just hitting the first kill available.
  20. Stun Resistance seems like it would have been a pretty valuable trait to have. Grip Strength, however, was made entirely pointless from the get-go. There's very little point in making it harder for counselors to kick out of your grabs if you can insta-kill them immediately after grabbing.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, they removed the possibility of getting stunned by melee weapons after entering Rage (unless the hit breaks your mask).
  22. Last time I got killed as Jason, I Stalk-Shifted right in Tommy's face and started hacking his ass to death without realizing that they had the sweater until they used it.
  23. You know, I had a moment of hilarity happen very recently that reminded me of this thread. A couple of friends and I were going around killing random Jasons a couple of nights ago. We're on Pinehurst, I'm Tommy, and we're having a bit of trouble getting the mask off. I was out of med spray and got crippled, so Jason quit trying to slash SG and came after me instead because... of course he did. As soon as he gets close enough, I swing and the mask comes off. SG does her thing, I hit him, and he rage-quits after dropping to his knees, apparently not even realizing the axe broke on the final hit. If he'd hung around about 5 seconds he probably would have noticed this, but because he was in such a hurry to demonstrate his pussy-ness, he quit what would most likely have been an 8/8.
  24. You dance on or tea-bag me even one single time, you're fuckin' DEAD... and so is the rest of the lobby. It''s one of the most obnoxious, childish things you can possibly do in this game (HOWEVER... I fully support doing it to an obvious teamer-Jason because fuck him, he doesn't deserve good sportsmanship)
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