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  1. I hear you Pilo, but I have absolutely no faith whatsoever that anything will change... at least not for the better. Maybe the next patch will nerf Jason's Morph ability (it's not fair Jason can teleport alllllllllll the way across the map!) or maybe his Sense ability instead (It's not fair that Jason knows where you are if you're inside the cabins!) or maybe they'll implement some kind of automatic break-free mechanic (I don't have a pocket knife! It's not fair Jason can grab me if I just started!) What I'd really like to see is a diaper costume that's mandatory for all players who whined like little bitches about how hard Jason is to beat.
  2. Good for you, but obviously the vast majority of people in this thread don't feel the same way. I wonder what Kane thinks about the.horror icon he's so perfectly portrayed being reduced and degraded so badly?
  3. Bullshit. The bottom line is the Devs have made a horrible decision and, as a direct result, have caused a huge amount of disappointment and protest. This game has lost a lot of its appeal and for what? So counselors can have training wheels? So they no longer have to bother coming up with a strategy? They never seemed to have a problem with multi-traps before, so why have one now? Do you know what this reminds me of? A father letting his 8 year old beat him at checkers just so the kid doesn't have to lose.
  4. You know, I decided to be open-minded and give it a few matches as Jason to see if maybe I was taking the trap nerf too seriously or making it out to be worse than it was. Well guess what? No, I wasn't taking it too seriously, nor was I exaggerating how bad it made things. It's fucking horrible! I worked my way all the way up to level 101 with the old traps and old grabs and never made one single complaint about anything. I started a new thread in Feedback about traps and it was closed in less than 30 minutes by an Admin who told me there's already several threads about the same subject, which says to me that the Devs know it's a problem and know they fucked-up, but don't give a shit. They could at least have the Goddamn decency to say so instead of just stonewalling us and keeping quiet.
  5. I understand that it's your game and not ours, but this "minimum trap distance" is an unwanted, unneeded, and pointless "fix" for something that wasn't broken to begin with. How much fun and enjoyment do you think players get when someone fixes the fuse-box in the first 60 seconds and a 20 minute round turns into a 5 minute (or less) round? Where is the challenge when you cripple a game mechanic so severely that moving vehicles and completed calls to the police in the first couple of minutes becomes the norm instead of the exception? When a change causes as much resentment, disappointment, and backlash as this has, it's no longer the solution, it's the PROBLEM. Please change the traps back to the way they were before this update.
  6. If the recent patch is any indication of their qualification, I'll take that as a compliment.
  7. To be honest, I never noticed a difference between new grabs and oId grabs and didn't even realize they had been tweaked until I read it here. The only part of the update that truly bothers me is the way they colossally fucked up the traps. It's bullshit of the highest degree and the game has definitely lost some of it's appeal because of it (and the constant server problems but that's another story). If the Devs are actually reading any of this, I want them to know they're losing supporters and players every day (for one reason or another) and it's only going to get worse. You are killing your own fan-base guys and frankly, I'm not sure if you even give a shit.
  8. Amen! If Jason isn't scary, threatening, and ruthless, then it's not Jason. If he keeps getting nerfed, he's going to go from this: to this:
  9. No, it isn't a good fix, it's a case of "fixing what isn't broken". Traps are given to Jason at the start of the match to help him catch/kill counselors, he should be able to use them as he sees fit. If you go to fix the phone and there's a pile of traps in front of it then guess what? Go fix a car or boat (which shouldn't be too hard since the dropped items now show up on the map). This is a horrible move, I really hope the Devs listen to the players on this one, especially since without them this game wouldn't exist in the first place.
  10. "Extremely disappointed" is a severe understatement. It is blatantly obvious that the vast majority of players oppose this bullshit, so I'm hoping the Devs will see just how much people DO NOT WANT TRAPS CHANGED and will do the right thing by changing it back.
  11. Hopefully it's fixing the damn "minimum trap distance" mistake that shouldn't have been made in the first place.
  12. Seriously?! Not being able to re-trap an objective because your out of traps is one thing, but the update basically screws Jason over BIG TIME because after the first one is used, there's nothing he can do to prevent counselors from trying again.
  13. I feel the "minimum trap distance" is a mistake. Multi-trapping objectives should be the Jason-players decision and has never caused a major problem before. Forcing Jasons to only use one trap (I'm using the phone for example) means he no longer has the "security" of knowing there is more than one trap counselors must deal with, thus forcing him to stop whatever he is doing and go back to the phone again if he wants to re-trap it. While he's doing this, counselors may be getting away that wouldn't have if he didn't have to keep returning to the same objective. Could you guys please change traps back to the way they were before the update?
  14. Like pretty much everyone else, the first couple of minutes are spent trapping the phone, cars, or boat, usually with a slight detour to break an electrical box or two. After that, it varies greatly. Some games I hunt everybody down as fast as possible, some games I just half-ass it and don't bother unless they're very close to me. Sometimes though, I really love throwing them a curve ball (so to speak) by doing something unexpected, such as: 1) Battering one of them to near death, then abruptly turning around and walking off, ignoring him/her for the rest of the game. 2) Running around and breaking all the doors/windows while leaving the counselors inside unharmed. 3) Following a specific counselor around without grabbing/hitting them. 4) Killing only specific counselors (I.e. only males/females, or only AJ's or Kenny's) 5) Letting a counselor finish an objective before attacking them. A good example is to let them repair the fuse box, follow them inside the cabin, and stand right in their line of sight and not attack until they've hung up the phone (this one's hit or miss because sometimes they abort using the phone/fixing the boat/etc... and run away the second they realize you're there). 6) Actually fighting a counselor 1 v 1 using combat stance. This one I don't do too often, but every now and then I find a counselor actually willing to play along with it. 7) If I come upon a counselor being attacked by a team-mate sometimes I'll intervene, kill the aggressive counselor, and leave the other one alone. Once I got lucky and morphed right into almost the whole lobby (at the four seater car) shortly after the match began. When the counselors realized I wasn't immediately brutalizing the ones trying to repair the car, they actually stopped fleeing and came back. So now there's two counselors fixing the car, four just standing there, and Jason standing right beside them basically watching they get ready to escape. Until a Tiffany decided to run up and hit me from behind. After that, truce was over
  15. I hate this shit with a passion. Yes, it's "surviving" but it's not "playing" and it's certainly not "winning". When you continuously run in circles are objects, you (in my opinion) go from a counselor that's a viable threat to Jason to a counselor that's an obnoxiously annoying pain in the ass, nothing more.
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