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  1. Earlier today I finally got that escape-suicide glitch everyone's having problems with. It never happened to me before, so I was a little surprised to get the YOU DIED screen after leaving in the 2-seater. The Devs sorely need to get their heads out of their asses and DO SOMETHING! Did they do any play-testing whatsoever, or did they decide to be lazy and drop the patch as-is? Don't answer that, I'm sure everyone already knows which one they went with.
  2. Because they are FUCKING INCOMPETENT, that's how. Ever since this game was released, the Devs have repeatedly demonstrated that this was clearly much too tall of an order for them (case in point: Having a heavily multiplayer-leaning game without dedicated servers so the game can still go on if some 12 year old gets pissy and decides to quit). I also love how they decided to upgrade the game engine, but without solving the problems caused directly by the upgrade.
  3. .....By playing strategically and working as a team? The goal is to survive and escape, not teasing or pissing off Jason.
  4. In fairness, I haven't had a lot of the issues some people here are having. My selected counselor/Jason doesn't change, I haven't fallen through a map, I don't get "Suicide" when escaping in a car or boat, all my items are working fine, and I haven't seen any doors refuse to come down. I HAVE, however: 1- Had all my abilities as Jason abruptly stop working. 2- Been "stuck" after repairing a boat/car (as counselor) and after breaking a window (as Jason). 3- Been repeatedly "kicked" while trying to make a repair (basically it kept acting like I was letting go of X). Moving to a slightly different spot seems to help. 4- Had a couple of matches end early. I've also gotten killed as Jason during a firecracker stun. No "Resist" prompt, no "Put the weapon down", or anything else. Sweater-girl dropped them a split-second before I grabbed her, I got stunned, then it jumped straight to Tommys slow-mo animation. Edit: I'm glad they tweaked the weapon-swap. Having part 6 hold a machete like it was a spear was just embarrassing.
  5. Is everybody on the Dev team fucking stupid? NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT EMOTES! Why are you guys dumping so much time and effort into Emotes for a game that barely works?! Don't you think fixing the horrific amount of glitches, server problems, crashes, etc... is a better use of manpower and time? Wouldn't it be a much better idea to focus efforts on problems that are still in the game even one year after launch instead of worrying about a feature that is used almost solely by retards who think dancing on a downed Jason is funny (which it's not, by the way)? I understand you guys probably have a small team, but think of it like a candy bar: there's little point in having a shiny wrapper if what's inside tastes like shit.
  6. How about the bug wbere Jason's Shift gets disabled for almost THE ENTIRE MATCH? I've got recorded gameplay of it if needed.
  7. I've had the same problem. Also in the same challenge, a couple of times I've walked into the 'main' room and right into Kenny and AJ both, but with him still telling her he's going downstairs. In the same challenge yet again, I've had the game glitch in a way that Kenny NEVER goes downstairs at all. Edit: Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Gun/Ill said we'd be getting challenges for Jason AND counselors?
  8. To those attempting to defend Gun/Ill, let me bring your attention to a post that was written back in August of 2017 (about 9 months ago) appropriately titled, "So has Gun/Illfonic run out of excuses yet?" https://amp.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/6wpn87/so_has_gunillfonic_officially_run_out_of_excuses/ Getting Deja Vu yet? The same problems that the game had way back then are not only still here, they're WORSE. EDIT: Anyone else run into issues when re-trying Challenges? I had an issue last night with the game getting to the LOADING screen and freezing, but with the game still going. You hear the opening intro, and Pamelas opening "blah blah kill mother blah", but the screen is stuck on LOADING...
  9. I'm going to tell you why you're still having 'since-launch' problems: the Devs don't give a fuck. They don't care that the game has more bugs than a Compton trailer park, they don't care if you only get to finish 2 out of every 10 matches because the server croaks or the host leaves, and they certainly don't care utterly fucking broken the game is. I said this same thing in the 10/25 Patch Notes thread and got a lot of "Just be patient, they'll get it fixed!" answers but no... they didn't get it fixed, and they're not going to. But they sure do like adding stupid shit that nobody asked for. Who gives a fuck about new emotes? Why did we need a brand new counselor? Why not instead focus efforts on fixing the many MANY problems in the game itself instead of actually creating MORE problems (Jason's grab ring a bell?).
  10. So is the majority of the changes Gun/ILL has made to the game in the last few months. Jason's been nerfed to shit while the counselors have been buffed and coddled (dropped items appearing on the map is bullshit) and am I the only one that's noticed a huge increase in attempts to kill Jason? It seems like literally every other match either someones trying to kill me, or the other counselors are trying to kill Jason. I've been in plenty of games recently (again, as both sides) where the fuse and cars were totally ignored and counselors immediately armed up and went for the Shack, which wouldn't have been such an issue if it wasn't for all that "nerfing Jason" shit. Also I found this .gif of Jasons grab that shows what's wrong with it much better than I could explain in words. Notice that Jason now has a "waiting period" right after grabbing someone (you know, in case he's just angry and not thinking straight. Now he has time to ponder his actions and possibly decide to just hug the counselor instead of killing them). This little waiting period may not SEEM like a big deal, but it certainly becomes one when the counselor dodges your new clunky-as-shit grab and lays your ass out with a baseball bat. You can't even STAND STILL and grab without lunging forward and exposing yourself to an attack that, by the way, you have no way of evading. Maybe that's why they added the sound effect; to warn you that you're wide open and defenseless.
  11. I got stabbed by off-bot pocketknives SIX TIMES, and on stab #2 I got shot literally the second the stun wore off. In another match, the bots fixed the 2-seater much faster than I thought they could, which would have been impressive had they not immediately drove it into a tree. I never got a prompt to drag someone out, so I assume they were still trying to drive forward. Challenge Mode actually turned out to be pretty fun except for : 1) Not being able to skip cut-scenes, which you are forced to re-watch them every single time you play. 2) Counselors randomly having Superman vision and spotting you from half-way across the map.
  12. If it happens to me (as Jason) I stick the video on YouTube and call them out on it by name every single time.
  13. If this was the very first time we've seen the game, that might hold water. But it's not, so it doesn't. This isn't a game that was horrible from the get-go, it's a game that started out amazing and became horrible over time BECAUSE of the developers (or rather because of whiny little shits who did nothing but complain that the game was too hard and Jason was too difficult to win against).
  14. I'm making a video showing the differences between the old grab and the new grab. Since it's not done yet, I'll explain it the best I can: The new grab is basically a lunge that forces Jason to throw his body weight behind grabs. If this was only during Shift-Grabs it wouldn't be much of a problem, but it's not only in SG's. The amount of time between Jason making contact and being able to select a grab kill is almost double compared to the old grab. Jasons new grab not only takes longer, it literally locks him into the animation for an inexcusably-long amount of time. With the old grab, you could snatch a counselor and immediately start walking while choking them. The new grab removes that As others have said, being stuck in this ridiculous grab animation can (and in fact IS) getting Jason's ass kicked. I tested to see if it took Jason longer to drag somebody out of a car and though there does seem to be a very slight increase, the real problem is when a counselor is grabbed just after getting out of the car. The new animation is a near-guarantee that a counselor in the car will be able to hit you in time and force you to drop whoever you grabbed. Counselors could do that before the patch, true, but that's not the point. Before the patch, Jason could grab someone and try to quickly put enough distance between himself and the other counselors to enable him to use a grab kill. It didn't always work, but he at least had the option of doing it. Now, counselors have plenty of time to attack you after you grab someone because the game now basically gives Jason a mandatory wait-time before he can even MOVE. If your grab misses, counselors can wail on your ass and there's nothing you can do about it. If counselors are in a group, you're super-fucked. They'll always have time to hit you, but all you'll have time to do is regret buying this game in the first place. I'd sure like to know what ass-clown thought replacing the old grab (that was working just fine ever since launch) with this new clunky bullshit was a good idea.
  15. Complete, utter, and total bullshit. It's "gratifying" if Jason's grab actually makes contact with a counselor.
  16. If they leave the game like this, I will quit playing permanently. As others have already said, I've put up with all the nerfing they've done to Jason, all the one-sided advantages, the server problems that never got fixed, and every other stupid-as-shit thing that's been done to this game because despite all that, there was still enjoyment to be had when playing. There is no longer enjoyment in playing. Jason's grab is worse than it's ever been, his swing is shit (good job fucking up the range Pt 6 had with his spear by the way), the audio and music are out of sync, it's too dark to see anything, counselor animations look like shit ... I could go on but what's the point? At this point I'd support their license getting revoked.
  17. HAHAHAHAHA! Kiss my ass, whiny cheapshot'ers! Edit: What the FUCK were the Devs thinking when they re-designed Jason's grab?! I played one match and... wow... You guys fucked Jason up so bad I'm seriously considering deleting the game and never touching it again. You guys (Devs) are truly, entirely, and obviously incompetent.
  18. On the subject of knives, did you know you can hit counselors with them when you're facing the opposite direction? It takes a little practice but it's great for those counselors who play RAR with couches or tables.
  19. If it seems like some Jason-players are a bit hostile... it's probably because we (at least some of us) are. If you want to know why that is, it has to do with the pussification Jason has suffered for the last few months. His traps got nerfed, his grab got nerfed (yes, I'm aware the Devs made a teeny tiny adjustment, but they should have left them the fuck alone to begin with), dropped parts now appear on the map, Tommy Jarvis spawns with a pocket knife and first-aid, and tons of other stupid shit (why can counselors still hit Jason through doors?) that still to this day swing the odds in the counselors direction. Jason doesn't need less throwing knives. He doesn't need his Sense-toggle adjusted. He doesn't need to not be able to hit window-diving counselors with knives before they can dodge, and he doesn't need his stun durations shortened. All Jason needs is to be left the fuck alone. Edit: He doesn't need his stun durations LENGTHENED, not shortened.
  20. Two weeks into the new year and this game still has EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that players were complaining about last year. Jason's traps still suck, his grab still sucks, counselors are still escaping at a far higher rate than they should, and apparently the Devs need to re-watch the movies because we're still seeing counselors knock Jason down and dance on him. Why is Off-Bot A.I. such a pile of bullshit? Why are we still having glitches that literally paralyze Jason where he's standing? Do you know how absurdly stupid it feels to have to PM a counselor and ask them to come attack you so you can fucking move again? Why am I still sometimes hitting a Magical Window-Safety Bubble instead of a counselor when I try to attack someone who has dove or climbed through a window? All the complaints and feedback from the players and instead of fixing the problems, the Devs gave us barely-working bots and ...Shelly.... yay. Edit: On a happier note, I've discovered a fun way to piss off the toxic/Jason-bully counselors I recommend trying if you happen to be the host. In a nutshell, I had a game where the cops got called less than 2 minutes into the round. When I got to the exit there was another fucking "Stun Jason and tea-bag/dance" session going on that got so bad that Jason just walked off and started wandering the map. So, I went with him and we took a friendly self-guided tour of Higgens Haven (original)... for over 10 minutes... while I got flooded with angry PMs. Isn't friendship wonderful?
  21. I don't think so. I need 21 more kills to get the next "Kill counselor in hiding spot" badge and none of the Bots I've killed in hiding spots have counted towards it.
  22. What about the traps you guys (devs) botched up with the Oct. patch? The overwhelming majority of players expressed what a horrible idea it was and that they wanted to go back to the old way of setting traps but apparently you ignored us and/or this wasn't important enough to be included. Also, the Bots are horrible. They get stuck on rocks, they run endlessly against solid walls (and Jason), they run into the lake and swim in circles, they jump into hiding places right in front of you, they dive out of windows then turn around and dive right back in, Tommy Jarvis repeatedly opens and closes the same drawer, they repair the car but then don't drive anywhere (and if they do it's right into a building or tree), all while being set on "Hard" difficulty.
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