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  1. She was..... how do I put this? "More than a little bit pissed off"
  2. If the counselors are really pushing the phone-box (I.E. this is the 4th time I've had to break it again) what I like to do is hide inside the cabin somewhere close to the phone itself, activate Stalk, and let them fix the fuse-box. Then, I just wait until they pick up the phone and, well...?
  3. Ha! I thought I was the only one who noticed this. It's kinda-sorta a false sense of security actually. You're playing with people that don't repair anything, swing weapons blindly, step right in Jason's traps, don't call Tommy, etc... and you're thinking "Oh please let me be Jason next, these people are idiots". Then you get picked as Jason the very next round and five minutes in your getting shot by Tommy and the cars are almost to the exit.
  4. If I'm driving and Jason Morphs in front of the car, sorry guys, you're probably about to get killed.
  5. Sometimes I like to place traps in completely unexpected places such as right in front of the Map-stands or on random points of the trails. On Packanack, sometimes I'll stick one right under the "jump windows" (as I call them) of the two little buildings counselors like to hole up in and then jump out when you start breaking the door down. At Higgens, sometimes I'll place a couple directly below a couple of the lodges 2nd floor windows.
  6. What makes the way YOU play Jason different than the norm (for lack of a better word)? Generally, I won't kill you until Shift comes online, even if you're close by (unless you attack me first). If a counselor makes a stupid move that results in them running into a small space with no way out, sometimes I'll step back and let them leave before continuing the chase. If a counselor wants to 1v1, I'll usually do it instead of just immediately grabbing (unless they're in a large group or are doing it to stall for time and regain stamina). If I happen to catch a counselor in the middle of installing a battery or other part, I'll usually let them finish before grabbing/attacking. I realize these things aren't exactly the "proper" way to play Jason, but I prefer having fun over having kills.
  7. What about when you're trying to escape and one of the counselors refuses to drive and just stands there flashing their light insisting that you do it? If I'm driving the car, Jasons going to get easy kills because I can't drive for shit in this game.
  8. This game is NOT dead and those who claim it is are ass-clowns. I'm on PS4 and have no problem finding plenty of full lobbies to play in. Yes, sometimes you get dropped into empty rooms or those with only 1 or 2 other people, and yes, sometimes it takes a bit to find a game to join, but neither of those mean the game is "dead".
  9. A few more from earlier: Non-stealth counselors (a.k.a. loud as shit) invading the cabin you're in is bad, but it's even worst when one of them stays on your ass and follows you everywhere, which sooner or later WILL catch Jason's attention. Being critically injured with teammates who have FAS, but ignore you and take off when Jason shows up. Players who set bear-traps in doorways but leave the door wide open. The traps can be clearly seen, yes, but when Jasons right behind you using you as target practice, you tend to overlook them until you step in one. Counselors that are not being chased crashing through closed windows. That might sound kinda weird at first but if the cabin they come crashing into has either no windows (or mostly screened-off windows) it means you have no choice but to go out a broken window and take damage.
  10. How about if you're trying to kill Jason (as either sweater-girl or Tommy) and your other-half RUNS THE FUCK AWAY AND GETS KILLED? I know I harp on it being too easy to kill Jason and how a lot of people make that their Plan A over cars or cops but seriously, if you're going to kill Jason then Tommy and SG need to stick together. It is beyond irritating to be playing as Tommy (with an axe and with Jasons's mask off) only to discover your... ahem.... partner... has run off to loot a cabin and gotten killed in the process.
  11. Standing at the exit to help people escape is perfectly fine, but the "Hit Jason dance party", as you called it, is when it goes from helping teammates to being an obnoxious twat. That said, I do occasionally fight Jason in 1v1 if more counselors are on the way and I need to buy time for them to escape.
  12. There have been times you could legitimately say the driver is trying to save more people, I'll admit that, but probably not if you're in the 2-seater and definitely not if everyone left alive is in the car (I.E. 3 counselors left and you're all in the 4-seater). As far as people trying to intentionally run you over, I haven't seen that one in quite a while, but the last time it happened to me I just stayed indoors until they caught Jasons attention and he killed them.
  13. Unless you have never played with random people (unlikely) or never played as a counselor (even more unlikely) you have almost assuredly at some point been annoyed or irritated by something fellow teammates have done. So,, let's hear about it. 1) I've mentioned this before but one of my biggest pet peeves are counselors with horrible repair skills insisting on repairing objectives (especially the phone and boat propeller) when there is a Debbie or AJ literally right beside them who can do a much faster/quieter job than they can. 2) Riding in a car with a driver who, for some stupid/asinine reason, decides to drive around aimlessly while honking the horn instead of just driving through the exit (ditto those people who stand by the police exit just to tease Jason instead of escaping and not dragging the match out far longer than it has to be). 3) Greedy-ass teammates who invade "your" cabin and literally cut you off so they can search the drawers/desks before you can. For the most part, I've noticed that other counselors will bypass an occupied cabin and move on to the next one, but every now and then you run into counselors who apparently never heard the word "Share" from their parents. 4) Speaking of invading cabins, I also hate playing a stealth counselor and having 2 or 3 Vanessas/Bugzys/Adams/etc... decide to use whatever cabin you're in as a makeshift headquarters, thereby leading Jason right to you. 5) Helping repair a car/boat only to have the driver/pilot immediately haul ass and leave you behind as soon as it starts even if Jason's nowhere near you.
  14. Wrong. It became inevitable when the Devs decided Jason would look better without his balls.The ability to kill Jason has existed since early development, but Ill/Gun said that even in their own private testing, they could only manage to do it about once out of every 75 matches. Either the Devs are the shittiest players in the world (at their own game) or Jason got neutered somewhere along the line.
  15. I gave it some thought and have come up with a 3-part idea that I think would (in my opinion) help relieve the issue without giving Jason an over-sized buff. Bear in mind that the numbers are not official and I'm only using them for reference purposes. 1) As it is now, a melee attack will usually succeed in stunning Jason regardless of who does it. I understand the strength stat plays a big role in that but the fact still remains that even the weakest characters can repeatedly knock Jason the fuck out, even with a crappy weapon. You could try and tailor the stun chance to fit whichever counselor is attacking (such as a wrench having a 20% stun chance if the counselors Strength stat is less than 3/10 and a 40% chance if it's 4/10 or higher) but that seems like it'd needlessly complicate things. Instead, why not just reduce Jason's overall chance of being stunned? Instead of dropping the stun chance for each weapon (I.E. wrench now has 15% SC instead of 20%) just decrease Jasons over-all probability of ANY melee attack resulting in a stun. 2) Jason has a window of stun-immunity, but it's a VERY short window. If Jason gets pocketknived, he can be stunned again immediately after he regains movement control. In a tightly-clustered group of counselors, Jason can perform a grab, get stunned by another counselor (making him drop whoever he grabbed), get up, grab another counselor, get PK'ed, then immediately stunned again as soon as the PK stun wears off. The time between stuns wouldn't have to be increased to some crazy-high length of time, it just needs to be long enough that counselors can no longer treat him as a punching bag. 3) As many others have suggested, it would be a big help if Jason's stun chance gets lowered once he enters rage mode. As an example, if his pre-rage overall SC is 30% (meaning that out of 10 melee hits, roughly 3 of them will result in a stun) his post-rage SC could be dropped to about 10% or so. This would allow counselors to still be able to stun him, but not with the frequency they could before Rage activated. On a side note, it would be worth considering a change where instead of reducing stun chance, you reduce the actual stun TIME.
  16. I'm not going to bother finding videos of Jason being bullied, as I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about without having to see examples. When a little Asian girl with glasses can repeatedly stun Jason over and over using a fireplace poker, there is clearly a problem. Last night I saw four games in a row that ended either with Jason getting killed, or getting his ass kicked like a football, and I couldn't help but think of CharminEXSoft's video way back before the games release day that stated F13 The Game "Is not a 'Go kill Jason' game, it's a 'Run from Jason' game". Apparently, he was very wrong. As others have pointed out, killing Jason has gone from a super rare event to one that gets attempted nearly every round. Do you guys have any intention whatsoever of looking into it?
  17. I don't think I've ever heard any start-up noise from the boat, so I always assumed it just never had one for whatever reason.
  18. Which is fine, but if a Debbie or LaChappa were standing right beside the box, would you try it anyway or give it to someone who can do the repair without ringing the dinner bell?
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