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  1. Bear-trap suicide would have been quicker. On the other hand, I'm kinda sick of breaking down doors only to have an injured counselor step on a trap and suicide right before I grab/hit them.
  2. On the subject of killing Jason, you know what else gives me a great deal of satisfaction? When Tommy, sweater-girl, and a couple of others are actively trying to hunt you and you Stalk-Shift over and kill either TJ or sweater-girl right in front of the others who can't do jack shit to stop you ?
  3. I don't think I phrased this right. I wasn't asking what kill animation was the most satisfying, I'm asking what KILL was most satisfying (I.E. Jenny finally killing her troll-Chad) Sorry for the confusion.
  4. For me, the most satisfying kill I've ever gotten in this game happened last night. The round turned into a "Half of us will escape in the car, the half will kill Jason" party about halfway through. That plan went South and by the end, Tommy escaped in the car and everyone but one A.J. was dead. She spent several minutes kiting me in and out of Higgens lodge (sometimes stopping to dance like a fucktard) but finally ran out of pocketknives near the end of the match. Then just as time ran out, this happened: What kill did you find to be the most satisfying or (enjoyable)?
  5. Wow, can non-blondes have blonde moments? That should have said HOST quits, not Jason. Sorry guys, don't know what fuck I was thinking when I wrote that.
  6. This guy kinda sounds like a twat...er... "non-approachable fellow".
  7. Why... the FUCK... is host quitting still a problem?! Was this not the SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE the new servers were supposed to solve?!
  8. I actually managed to find the video of that Fox I was just talking about. It DOES look like someone trying to get out of the game (or come back as Tommy), but later in the round this same counselor tried to steal the sweater.
  9. Ever had one of them just walk right up to you? I once had a Fox approach me while I was breaking down a door. I turned to her, then went back to breaking the door down. For some bizarre reason, she followed me inside and stayed right next to me until I Morphed elsewhere.
  10. Jason's a psycho, not a pedo. That's more Freddy's scene than Jason's.
  11. There's nothing wrong with a super-early kill if the counselor attacks you first (or goes right for the sweater immediately after spawning in). But that aside, not even letting a counselor get past the first 1-2 minutes of the game is just a really shitty way to play. Most of the time the counselor in the phone cabin bolts the minute I get there. Sometimes they get into combat stance, in which case I usually just walk right past them. In those cases they usually get the hint and leave on their own.
  12. I know that probably no one in this thread will agree with me on this one but to me, killing a counselor 30 seconds into the game just seems like such a complete bitch-move. The round is 20 minutes long, and now 19 of them will be spent watching everyone else have fun playing (assuming they don't leave). Last night I spawned at the phone cabin (as Debbie) and before she even finished her opening dialogue, Jason teleports right to it. In fairness, that's pretty much what you should expect if you spawn at the phone cabin but come ON! Long story short, got killed very soon afterwards by a Jason who didn't even bother to trap the fuse-box and instead just tunneled the first counselor he saw. To me, that just seems like you're desperate for kills.
  13. I like to take a minute and twirl around on the body of any counselor thats pussy enough to quit mid-kill. Call it Jason's version of a teabag.
  14. If counselors are grouped up close enough to hit you if you grab one of them, you may want to try Stalk-Shift-Grabbing. Because Jason and whoever he grabs now travel forward a couple of feet, catching the group by surprise may actually propel you just far enough away to pull off a grab kill before they make it over to you. Edit: I expect to see Jesus return way before I expect to see dedicated servers. I know they said next update. but with these... um... "developers".... that could be well into the Second Coming.
  15. To be honest, I think the new grab has kinda grown on me a little. Yes, it can be clumsy and awkward, but I've found at least a couple of positives about it: 1) Because it is now more or less a lunge, it actually increases your grab range slightly, and: 2) You know that irritating "feint" counselors love doing where they wait for you to grab then turn and hit you? With a little practice, you can actually turn the tables by baiting them into taking a swing. At the right distance, you can grab, wait for them to turn and try to hit you, then grab them successfully.
  16. That actually ties into what I said about non-repair counselors insisting on repairing objectives when a high repair counselor is right there. When they fuck up (and we all know they most likely will) and Jason shows up, which one do you think is getting killed, the slow repair counselor, or the fast non-repair one? Edit: Yes, I know it depends on circumstance, but it's a safe bet the fast counselor is going to get away while Jasons busy killing the slower one.
  17. It's better now than it was when the dropped parts didn't show up on the map. Back then you could fuck everybody's chance of escape up by grabbing repair parts and dropping them somewhere remote such as the little island on Higgens. Here's something else I wish people would stop doing: intentionally stepping in Jason's traps when they see you're about to disarm it with a pocketknife. I appreciate you're trying to help me save a PK, but disarming the trap won't alert him whereas stepping in it will. This isn't that big of a problem if whatever objective you're trying to fix only has one trap. If you're lucky, Jason's Morph will be offline when it happens and you'll have the chance to finish the repair and take off/start calling. But if it's a case where there are 2 or more traps, you basically just guaranteed he's going to keep a very close eye on whatever you were trying to fix.
  18. If I did poorly the first round (or the counselors we're particularly obnoxious) then I'll use the second game to more-or-less "correct mistakes". If I get 6/8 or higher, I'll pm a few of them and tell them to escape if they want to. EDIT: If one of them decide to try attacking me anyway, that counselors grace period is revoked and he/she is totally fucked. Everyone else gets to leave unharmed (provided they don't try to rescue said counselor)
  19. I had Jason twice in a row several times. Usually, I give everyone a free pass the second time.
  20. There are some Jasons out there that are very good, but have no "personality" for lack of a better word. I agree that Jason isn't here to entertain counselors, but if you're playing against a Jason that just immediately grabs and does nothing different the entire match, it does tend to get boring. I know some will say "That's what you're supposed to do, it's how he is in the movies" but 1) Even in the movies Jason toyed with some of the counselors and 2) This isn't the movies, it's the game.
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