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  1. "Yeah, your honor, technically I DID sexually assault that girl, but I shouldn't be held accountable for it. It's her fault for being so pretty out in public. She was asking for it." Edit: Nobody forces any Jason to RQ. If he quits, he's at fault.
  2. They're not playing him in character, they're acting out their real life inner ghey-tard. When I see Speedo Chad, the first, last, and only thing that comes to mind is: "This person's going to be an irritating little shit stain. They're going to intentionally come find me and follow from a distance until they see I'm about to end someone's lifu (yes, that IS a Kub Scouts reference), then they're going to run in, save them, dance like the fucking retard they are, and then run away. When they finally do something stupid and get grabbed, they're going to quit faster than a McDonald's employee who just won the lottery.
  3. "Attack"? Are those pussy-ass hackers butt-hurt again?
  4. I turned around and msg'ed that little fuckboi the address of the video just to piss him off because fuck him, that's for being a teaming piece of shit. Then he proceeds to have a category 5 bitch fit because we're "disrespecting him and his friends", which we definitely are but again, that's what happens when you're a teaming piece of shit.
  5. Speaking of toxic little fuckwads... (NOTE: I'm not posting this to shame anyone, I'm doing it for educational purposes only as it relates to the topic at hand) This team-killing asshole lets his teamer buddies ride around and run everyone over, then quits the lobby, comes back a few minutes later, gets picked as Jason, and gets the living shit beat out of him by the same people he let his buddy run over in the previous round. When we tried to kill him (as kill-squads tend to do... obviously) he sends his buddy to try and run us over again. When that fails, he gets out of the car and follows us around so he can sabotage the kill once the sweater is used. While he's following us around like a puppy, one of ours steals his car and runs him over with it (how's that for irony?). Jason, knowing his buddy is dead and can't save him, proceeds to rage-quit like a bitch.
  6. What the fuck? I tried playing a little Off Bots earlier and got six blue-screen errors in a row (all of them CE-34878-0), each one came less than one minute into the game. Is anyone else getting this? EDIT: After a little testing, I discovered I'm still getting blue-screened even if I leave the game on the main menu without even selecting a game mode. EDIT: Yes, I restarted the game and system several times, made sure I had the latest version of all the game and PS4 updates, and even deleted some video files just to free up a little more HD space.
  7. I'm inclined to believe the hardest part of killing Jason is getting him to kill your teams "attack dogs" before anyone else. The best kill-squad in the world is still SOL if a clueless random comes back as Tommy. I'm sure anyone who's killed a decent number of Jason's knows how it feels to get dumped into a lobby full of idiots, start the round, and run all over the map trying to find Jason only to check the scoreboard and see that he's already offed someone (or even worse, Tommy's already back but is being played by one of those retards who literally follow you around all game hitting you with a baseball bat).
  8. Well, this certainly turned out one-sided, didn't it? As someone who has never missed an opportunity to argue for Jason being buffed to high-heaven, I think killing n00b Jason's is kind of a dick move, but it shouldn't be bannable. Consider this: How would you determine what qualifies as a 'n00b'? If you say "low-level", what about all the bored 150's with smurf accounts? If you say "poor Shift-grab accuracy", what about those with shitty ping / those who have trouble seeing (if sense isn't on, I'm probably gonna miss the grab unless it's indoors)? If you say "Those who haven't scored a kill by the ten-minute mark", what about the ones who are simply slow killers or like collecting a shitload of knives/breaking down a shitload of doors before really going after anyone? If you say "Well, watching Jason play for a few minutes will tell you if he's a n00b or not", what about the 150's who put in God-only-knows how many hours playing but still make colossal fuck-ups like this guy? If he hadn't weapon-swapped, I'd have sworn he was a n00b simply by his lack of defensive playing *standing there trading hits with Vanessa's with machetes is fucking retarded no matter how much experience you have).
  9. I love getting salty messages. It means I've pissed them off enough that they go through the trouble of writing a message rather than simply letting it go (and perhaps changing lobbies). There's no point in them getting pissy at me if they get run over by other counselors or get killed by me as Jason and have to watch everyone else get an easy escape. They wouldn't have gotten that easy escape if they hadn't decided to team with Jason and fuck everybody else over. No pity or mercy, bitches, next time try playing fair
  10. Don't quit, there's a better way to handle teaming Jason's. Some of these suggestions might be borderline toxic or trollish towards Jason but fuck him, he deserves it for teaming. 1] Kill his punk-ass if at all possible. If you're still alive when their teaming becomes obvious, do your best to get someone in on it. If you decide to go this route, be aware that his little fuck-boi's might attempt to run you over and/ruin the kill (grabbing the sweater and wasting it, double-tapping Jason when the sweaters used, etc..) If you succeed in finding a willing partner (which might be incredibly easy depending on how in-your-face their teaming is) be as big of an absolute asshole to Jason as possible before putting him out of his misery (dance, tea-bag, use your flashlight, etc..). I know that sounds weird coming from me since I've said how obnoxiously retarded doing such things is on several occasions but fuck him, that's what he gets for teaming. If killing him isn't an option, you can always try to run his bitches over as a consolidation prize. 2] If you happen to be Jason while the teamers are still in the lobby, consider "counter-teaming". Enlist as many counselors as you can to help you find those pussies. When you do, kill them, but let everyone else go. Just to piss them off, slash them to near death and leave them limping, but don't kill them until they've hobbled their ass all over the map looking for med-spray. Because it's related to the topic of teaming Jason's, here's a video of mine I recorded recently you might like
  11. One Bunny-Girl is all you need. Get yourself a small map with a good spawn (such as the barn on Higgens Small) and tell that Jason to go fuck himself.
  12. IF YOU WANT A COPY ONCE IT'S DONE: Send me an email at mattlikespenguins@gmail.com and tell me what who you are and what email address I can send it to. It's probably going to be a 100+ MB file, just as a heads-up.
  13. Do we need to compare all the supposed whining by Jason's against the confirmed whining by counselors? No? Didn't think so.
  14. I did this a couple of times after playing for 3 hours and never getting picked as Jason. Last time, it backfired horrendously. I finally got to be Jason, but it was in a lobby full of Jason-killers. I fucked their whole squad up and STILL got killed (didn't even realize they had the sweater until it was too late)
  15. This will probably be the last video about it for a while. This picks up the morning after Lorelai arrives at Crystal Lake to start work (meaning it's day one of actual Counselor Orientation Training.) I don't want to spoil my own story, but after this, things start getting "real" (as in, you can start losing counselors and Jason actively becomes a threat), and choices made start to carry actual consequences. I'm trying not to blab too much, but just know that on the morning on Day Two, the counselors have a group meeting to discuss Chad's disappearance (ya'll know that motherfucker ain't coming back but obviously the counselors in the game don't). They decide to look for him in the morning, but continue with Counselor Orientation in the afternoon, with the stipulation that if they don't find him by nightfall, they'll call the cops.
  16. Wrong, Stalk and Shift... especially if you're standing around dancing inside of a cabin I've already broken down the door to. Do it right and NOBODY will see it coming.
  17. I can remove mine with my Little Hitler. Learn to remove yours with at least your feet, then we'll talk.
  18. If the host is talking over the mic and is clearly a child, LEAVE. Don't even attempt it, just leave the lobby and try again. You'll thank me later for not having to listen to someone who probably still believes in Santa Claus emitting high-pitched stutters and other unidentifiable noises who will almost certainly quit once you grab them. If you're playing as part of a kill-squad, have the party leader keep quitting until he/she is the host. You can ignore this little piece of advice if you want, but if the host happens to be Jason, theres a pretty good chance you're about to be looking for a new lobby.
  19. I've been experimenting with setting Jason's sprite movement to "Move towards player" on high speed and frequency, and tweaking it so that every time it touches the player, they lose a certain amount of Life and there's a slash animation and red flash (to indicate you're taking damage). The problem with this is if you're in a space that's even remotely cramped/confined, you're going to die in about 5 seconds.
  20. I thought it was simply hearing an actual counselor at first, but then started hearing it even when the only players left were girls. I've heard it on every map, usually when alone and away from Jason. The choking sound seems to happen if you get grabbed and somebody hits or shoots Jason fast enough for you to keep your PK.
  21. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else hear random voices out of nowhere? Most of the time it's Chad (stumbling sounds mostly) but it happens even when there isn't a Chad in the lobby. I've also noticed that if you kill Jason, sometimes you can hear an echo of the axe hitting him after the screen has faded.
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