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  1. You mean like how it was "just not true" that you could stun Jason with the sweater, hit him once to demask, and then hit him AGAIN to drop him to his knees? Remember how you told me such a thing was totally impossible, and then I showed video of me doing exactly that? My Legendary Sucker Punch (+24% stun chance increase, -2% sprint speed decrease, +2 melee damage increase) + using an axe has dropped Jason to his knees every... single... time... without fail... in well over 100 Jason-kills. If you or someone else happens to have video proof of the contrary, I'd like to see it.
  2. Mines legendary, but I can't remember the % off-hand. It's the difference between "Getting the Jason-kill" and "Only managing to piss him off".
  3. SirMang is correct. Assuming you're Tommy and you hit Jason with the axe, Epic or Legendary Sucker Punch WILL drop him to his knees every single time. The only time he doesn't drop like a rock is either when using a machete, or when some over-eager ass-clown tries to help and hits Jason a split-second before I do. Again though, Tommy + axe + epic/legendary SP = 100% drop.
  4. I'm just going to bookmark this picture so I'll have it ready for the next million or so pointless threads about how Jason's so hard to kill.
  5. I use Slugger instead of SA on Vanessa, but my Buggzy has it (sometimes I swap it out for Medic). I used to think SP didn't make a difference, but after I started using it, I have never failed to drop Jason as Tommy (though I have had the axe break in the process a few times). Our groups usual Sweater-Girl will typically run an extra axe or machete to the shack before Tommy shows up. When he does, they go get the sweater together, swap axe for shotgun, then (assuming Jason teleports to the shack) shoots him, then picks up the extra axe/machete. If for whatever reason axes are in short supply, she'll hold onto the axe and Tommy will use a machete until the mask is off. This has saved our ass more times than I can count.
  6. Just don't be a cunt and intentionnally drive around running people over.
  7. I think it was around January 2019. I hadn't even seen Jason up to that point, and was trying to stay alive to give a friend a better chance of coming back as Tommy (though if I'm not mistaken, there was at least one person dead/escaped before it happened.. I'm going to start going through videos to see if I can find it.
  8. If Jason kills me and the intro starts before the kill animation finishes, I take it as "God wills the death of this Jason" and therefore do everything I possibly can to ensure Jason bites the dust 😈 Also, I know how crazy this is going to sound, but I swear I'm not bullshitting you. A while back, me and the friends I kill Jason with had a match on Higgens Small in which I (playing as Buggzy) came back at Tommy, but never died or escaped. I am dead serious here. I looted a few cabins, found a PK and axe, and was running towards the stream (intending to swim across and stop Jason from killing our designated Sweater-Girl) and suddenly Tommy's intro starts playing. The next thing I know,, I'm at the graveyard as Tommy. I'm pretty sure I've still got the video from it, but it's going to be a bitch to find since I have over 200+ gigs of video saved on my PS4.
  9. This is something I've been wondering about for quite a while and finally decided to just ask and see if someone can clarify a few things. 1) What is the minimum number of counselors required for Tommy to spawn? If there are only two counselors at the start of the round, could one of them die and come back as Tommy? 2) Suppose you and a second counselor both die within a short time of each other, why is it that sometimes you can come back as Tommy immediately, and other times it will take several minutes? Also, why is it that sometimes (when you're selected) you get Tommy's intro cut-scene before Jason even finishes the grab-kill animation? 3) Is it possible to respawn as Tommy if you are the only one dead or escaped? More than once I've been in lobbies where Jason kills one counselor, nobody escapes or quits, and then the person killed returns as Tommy. 4) If Jason kills 3 or more counselors one after the other, what determines which one of them comes back? Is the criteria different if Tommy is called AFTER 2+ people die as opposed to being called BEFORE anyone dies?
  10. About as well as expected. To this day, not a single one of the little pussies accepted, and it's a near-guarantee they never will. Sure, they love to dance and flash Jason if they're somewhere he can't reach, but as soon as they're forced to play on equal ground, they either die or quit. Complete and absolute gutter trash, nothing more.
  11. It probably wouldn't be THAT bad, but it's still not a good idea. As it is, you can easily jog all over the map with a walking (zombie) Jason right behind you and still stay out of his reach until either you run out of stamina or get injured enough to slow you down.
  12. Is it too much to ask for people to play fair? I understand it's just a game but come the fuck on... do you really suck so much balls at this game that the only way to survive is to cheat? What makes it worse is when you call them out on it and they start claiming they "won". NO motherfucker, you DIDN'T win... you cheated. Anytime this happens to me, I always ask them if they'd like to go again but without exploits or cheating. I mean, since you "won" so easily last round, it shouldn't be a problem...right? You can probably guess how many times they've took me up on it.
  13. I almost never bother doing anything to my videos in regards to editing or thumbnails aside from trimming. Yours just look a little more polished.
  14. You put WAY more effort into your videos than I do mine. Honestly, I think I'm kinda jealous. Good job bro. Edit: Ever notice that anytime there's an obnoxious twat in the lobby it's almost always either a Chad or a Vanessa?
  15. I didn't mean any disrespect or insult, and I apologize if it came out that way. Every Jason had their own play-style and you should go with what works for you. Having said that, I know how much it sucks to die less than a minute into the round, so I usually refrain from killing anyone until Shift activates (provided they don't attack me first, go for the sweater, or get caught trying to repair something). It's a 20 minute round, and not many players are willing to sit there watching everyone else play for 18-19 of them. It's hard enough getting through a round without anyone quitting as it is. Again, sorry if it came out rude or offensive. Edit: To be honest, I was rooting for you to kill that cheating little bastard.
  16. There's no such thing as an unkillable counselor. just like there's no such thing as an unkillable Jason (unless you just hide all fucking match). And Retro, no offense, but it's kinda shitting killing somebody that early in the round. It was probably that guy's first cabin and now it's either quit, or sit there for 19 minutes watching everyone else play. But, that;s just my way of looking at it...
  17. If this was on PS4 and she had a white bunny suit on, there's a chance it was me
  18. I know some might find it distasteful, but I'm all for them suing the hackers.
  19. First game as Jason since servers were fixed lasted all of five minutes: Full lobby on HHS that had some 10yo sounding little shit-gargler pestering the host to pick Packanack Small so he can glitch. He didn't, so shit-gargler quit. First Morph after phone box was right to the rocks behind the lodge so I could dump a trap there. Got over to the four seater and all but two people suddenly quit, one of which is a fucking Chad on the rocks near the Eastern shack location... big surprise. The other is low-level but trying his best to fix the two-seater as fast as he can. Cheating Fuckboi apparently catches onto this so he hops down and bolts for the barn looking for parts. He gets cornered, hits me once, then quits like the little bitch he is when I get up. Low-Level finds the part he needs, I let him fix the car and start driving before Stalk-Shifting over and wrecking his newly-fixed car. He doesn't move, and neither do I, but a few seconds later I say "Fuck it" and step back. He restarts the car and slowly makes his way to the exit. I'm glad the servers are working, but Jason shouldn't have to use his limited number of traps on making sure people don't cheat.
  20. Was that the time you were playing as Adam and found that abandoned barn?
  21. I think it's safe to say that a dancing counselor who is perched on a location Jason cannot reach did not get there by accident.
  22. You CAN do that, you know... if you're not in Ready status, you can change your Counselor/Jason as long as you do it before the countdown starts.
  23. If you're walking around with Jason showing him where everyone is hiding then yes, they should ban your ass because you're a little twat and snitches get stitches. Other than that, it's a really gray area on what is or isn't teaming. Is it teaming if Jason walks by one counselor to attack another? How about stopping the car and grabbing somebody other than the driver? If Jason shows up to investigate a trap being triggered and catches the counselor while they're still in (or just getting out of) the trap, but then teleports away somewhere else, is it teaming? Is it teaming if Jason leads the last surviving counselor to a med spray so they can heal up and then Morphs away? What about if he cripples the last surviving counselor and then allows them to escape? If Jason is chasing one specific counselor despite there being other counselors who are actively trying to attack him, is that teaming? I ask because I've done all of the above and been called a teamer for it when there actually wasn't any teaming taking place. Grabbed someone other than the driver? I DID grab the driver, but got PKed and while spamming X to stop them from getting the car restarted grabbed the passenger by mistake. Showed up to a trap and Morphed away? The phone trumps the 2-seater every day of the week. Ignored other counselors to chase only one person? Yep, bitch had the sweater. Led injured counselor to med spray? They were good at kiting but stepped in another counselors trap and I love chasing good runners. Crippled final girl/guy and let them go? Jason has prerogative over who dies and who doesn't, and since everyone else did nothing but fuck off all round, I decided the one counselor who actually did something the whole 20 minutes deserved to escape. Of course, telling the ones flooding me with PMs about teaming what was actually going on didn't help much because... of course it didn't.
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