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  1. If you're standing right next to Jason and dancing as he kills somebody, that's fuckin' teaming.
  2. That's why I didn't include anything about snitching on players locations or leading Jason to hiding counselors; those aren't a grey area, there is no way you can be doing anything except teaming when you do them. And yeah, I get called a teamer at times (and granted, there are some people I am simply not going to kill if I'm Jason and they're in there with me) but it's usually somebody pissy about me letting the last counselor go.
  3. Since the word "Teamer" is used about 500,000 times a day on this forum, and everybody has an opinion about it, I thought it'd be interesting to know other players thoughts on some of the more "grey areas" that are more open to debate than others (If you're leading Jason to counselors, you are teaming...PERIOD. There is no debating that one).
  4. Server outages are temporary, being a butt-hurt little bitch is forever.
  5. What a bunch of losers. You know what's really satisfying when dealing with teamers? Being Jason in the very next round and getting the rest of the lobby to help you hunt down the teamers (counter-teaming, for lack of a better word). I find that most counselors are happy to assist you, especially if they were team-killed in the previous round. The last time I did this, I had the non-teamers hold on to any repair parts they found until the teamers were dead. One of them came back as Tommy and decided to go for a Jason-kill but this was foiled when one of the ones who had gotten run over last round snatched the sweater. They rage-quit, because of course they did.
  6. Cool. You know, it's a shame you're even having to have this conversation, but I guess that's what happens when some cocksucking little whiners get butt-hurt like the little bitches they are and decide to fuck with people who just want to play a game and had nothing to do with whatever made their vaginas sandy in the first place. Fuck those little cunts.
  7. I get the feeling one of the pussfied little bitches who did it is in this thread... 4E, do you happen to know where I can find them?
  8. I appreciate the answer, but what I'm asking is how is the patch going to help us get back on?
  9. First time for everything. Edit: What is this patch supposed to do, and how is it supposed to do it?
  10. There's nothing more revolting than a Jason who literally hides behind his teamer counselor-bitch because scary Tommy and Vanessa are trying to kill him.
  11. Even if you do manage to get the kill off, it leaves you open to being hit by counselors as soon as the kill animation finishes. I don't know about you, but to me that's a poor decision. What do you plan to do if if the hit breaks your mask? Yeah, you got the kill, but now your mask is off and the counselor you just killed could potentially come back as Tommy. Yes, even if you slash him/her instead of grabbing there's a chance of them spawning in as Tommy, but at least you'd still have your mask. Edit: I just noticed SaveDaLastZombie was in there. He's a lot of fun to play with.
  12. +100 If you think pinatas parties are what make this game great, you're even more fucked in the head than I thought. Edit: I'm not talking about DontZzz, I'm talking about Strigoi.
  13. As far as kill-squads and Jason Hunters go, they're not exactly difficult to spot. Red flags that you're dealing with kill-squads include but are not limited to: Being confronted by more than 2-3 counselors armed with machetes or axes. Lobbies full of Vanessa's or TIffany's (this doesn't always mean it's a kill-squad, as many players just like Vanessa or TIff because they're fast). Cabins that have been looted with untouched repair parts in plain view. Early-round aggression, especially from high strength counselors such as Buggzy, Adam, or Fox (and sometimes Vanessa's) Being "followed" by counselors who aren't advancing on you, but aren't running away either. Counselors that seem to be "trying to get killed". If you can walk right up to someone and they make no effort to run, don't kill them. Finding items such as first-aid, axes/machetes, or PK's dropped next to your shack. User profile background images that seem to be screenshots of Jason-kills. If you suspect the counselors are going to attempt to kill you: Once again, DO NOT GRAB WHEN SURROUNDED BY COUNSELORS. This will get you demasked ultra-fast. As an extension to the above ^^ do not do ANYTHING that involves an animation if counselors are close by. Don't break doors, power boxes, gather knives, grab, place traps, smash windows, or destroy radio's. Anything involving an animation is a chance to get a free shot on Jason. If time and circumstances permit, make a random surprise visit to your shack sometime after the first 1-2 counselors die. Waiting near the shack until Tommy spawns in is a common tactic. You're not the fucking Terminator, so don't try to soak up damage like you are. Shotguns do a lot of damage, try to avoid getting shot. Once the mask is off, it's much less about "inflicting damage" and much more about "making Jason hold still long enough for Tommy and SG to get into position". For the love of God, don't pursue Tommy and SG into your shack. This goes double if you've taken more than 2 or 3 hits, and triple if you've lost your mask. If you absolutely must, at least turn on Stalk, wait a few seconds for the ambient background sounds to come back, then Shift inside. If both Tommy and SG are in there, don't grab either of them unless you're willing to bet your life they're out of PK's. If you grab them and get PK'ed, you're fucked. Don't plop a trap down and stand on it thinking it will prevent you from getting killed, because it won't. This only works if: 1) You're a couple of feet behind the trap (so you're not covering it if you drop to your knees), and... 2) You're in a position where Tommy cannot approach you from any angle except head on. Even then, it probably won't work. If your shack trap goes off (assuming you put one down) and someone's still in it when you get there, don't grab. If you do, they're going to PK you, heal, grab the sweater, and be gone by the time the stun wears off. Instead, hit them with a throwing knife (this pulls the out of the animation and into a standing position), hold block, and slowly approach. Assuming she doesn't have a shotgun or isn't using Thick Skin, her only survival option is going to be stunning you and using that time to heal up and escape. If you just start slashing, she can simply stun you with whatever weapon she's carrying. and then you've lost your chance. Hold block, approach slowly, tap R2 to do a quick light-attack, hold block again, back off, and repeat. If she tries to heal, R2 her again, or come out of combat stance and use a TK. The goal is to avoid getting hit while still making sure she can't heal or run away.
  14. And yet we still have fuck-tards on this forum demanding to go back to that... Edit: Dude, don't rage-quit...EVER. Me and the 2-3 friends I go Jason-killing with have literally bagged literally hundreds of Jason's, but the only ones that we actually remember are either the rage-quitters or the teamers. If you stuck around and played fair, we've probably forgotten about you by the time the next round starts. No matter how much you want to, don't rage-quit.
  15. It's not a contest to see who can give the most tips. We both want the same thing; to help a n00b Jason-player succeed.
  16. NC-17 is more like it, since it would include telling him to go blow a dead bear.
  17. There is nothing I can say in response that would not be considered insulting or abusive.
  18. DO NOT GRAB WHEN SURROUNDED BY COUNSELORS Break down at least one door on every cabin you come across (assuming they're close by and you've got the time). If the last counselor alive tries to survive the night, you don't know where they'll end up. On bigger maps, use the waterways to get around if you for whatever reason don't want to Morph. Ambushes are common, so get used to going into combat stance and holding block when searching a cabin/building/etc... that you saw somebody run into but not out of. Trap your shack. Jason-kills are common too. If they dive through a window just before you grab them, pull out a throwing knife and hit them as they're getting up. If you can't get to them before they get up, hit the window with the knife instead. If you're inside with a counselor and they try going through a window when you approach, tap L1 to quick-toss a knife. If it hits, it will cancel the climb animation and leave them open to a grab. If you miss or don't have any knives left, walk out of the room and turn on Sense. If they/re waiting by the window, wait a few seconds to see if they climb back in now that you're out of sight. If they don't climb in, but they're not running either, activate Shift inside the cabin and shift to a spot close to the window they climbed out of, such as a corner or a nearby desk. You'd be amazed how often this gets them to jump back inside that same window. Don't tunnel the first counselor you see, especially if they're fast. This is how 20-minute long goose chases start out. Any counselor with an axe or machete is trying to kill you until proven otherwise. Any counselor that runs up to you and starts dancing or flashing their light is either: A) Trying to get you to kill them so they can come back as Tommy, or B] Trying to get you to chase them so other counselors can repair objectives. In either case, ignore them. If you're breaking into an occupied cabin, listen for the 'grunt' sound cue that means someone's climbing through a window, and use combat stance for the last hit. This will let you block just in case somebody is on the other side of the door waiting you hit you when it comes down. If you hear a skill-check fail, turn on Stalk (if you have it) before you try to stop them. Most counselors will be listening for you so they know when to quit repairing and run. You've got a better chance of catching them in the middle of it if they don't hear you coming. When counselors lock themselves in an upstairs room, they're probably planning to jump out and heal up when the land. Turn on Sense (so you will instantly know when they're climbing out), hit the door once, and wait a few seconds. If they're still inside, hit it again. If they're STILL inside, get ready to quick-toss a knife as soon as the door comes down, just in case they're planning to climb out when you try entering the room. Traps disarmed with PK's will show up as triggered on your map, but you won't hear the audio cue. Every now and then, take a peek at the map to see if anything's been disarmed. If the cops are on scene and counselors are loitering near the exit, do not grab...PERIOD. The only reason they're still there is so they can bait you into grabbing them. The only reason they're baiting you into grabbing them is because they have PK's and want to troll you. Slash those bitches to death. If the sweater is taken, find and kill Sweater-Girl immediately. She didn't yoink your sweater because she thought it went well with her shoes. If you DO end up getting killed, don't be a bitch-pussy and quit mid-death. It makes any shame or embarrassment you feel infinitely worse.
  19. If Jason doesn't fall, it's because the final hit from Tommy failed to stun him. Hence why SirMang, myself, and others are so adamant about using Sucker Punch. Believe me, I use to think it was a crock of shit... but I kill a LOT of Jason's and since I've been using it, they have all gone down on the first hit, every time, without fail.
  20. Oh, fuck off. As easy as it is to kill Jason and you're STILL whining about making it easier. Utterly pathetic... Edit: Well, looks like the frying pan isn't quite as guaranteed as we thought.
  21. If I abduct a counselor, 99% of the time it's either because the counselor is trying to hurry up and get killed so they can quit, or because I don't actually intend to kill them but want to fuck with them a little. For the other 1%, it's no because they used glitches/exploits first, or it's another lobby full of stun-and-dancers/tea-baggers. I will gleefully go completely out of my way to make such counselors miserable by any means available, abduction included. That said, there have been no times it's backfired spectacularly and ended up screwing myself (such as hiding inside the phone cabin in Stalk, planning to sneak up behind whoever's on the phone to the cops and abduct them at the last second before the call completes but screwing up the input and morphing to the middle of the lake alone just in time to hear the police get called)
  22. You mean like how it was "just not true" that you could stun Jason with the sweater, hit him once to demask, and then hit him AGAIN to drop him to his knees? Remember how you told me such a thing was totally impossible, and then I showed video of me doing exactly that? My Legendary Sucker Punch (+24% stun chance increase, -2% sprint speed decrease, +2 melee damage increase) + using an axe has dropped Jason to his knees every... single... time... without fail... in well over 100 Jason-kills. If you or someone else happens to have video proof of the contrary, I'd like to see it.
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