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  1. I did 'write' it. Edit: After playing with the little group of friends I kill Jason with last night, I have concluded that there are few things in this game funnier than having two separate groups in the same lobby that are both trying to kill Jason before the other one can. It ended up being our sweater-girl and their Tommy (and then the lv 150 P4 rage-quit mid-death because... of course he did).
  2. This entire thread is about killing Jason, who the fuck did you think I meant?
  3. Unless you're playing a private match, I highly doubt a kill squad of 150's is going to be anything remotely resembling "respectful" when killing a brand new Jason. Think of it like this: Suppose you just graduated from the police academy and it's your first day as a rookie cop. You know the basics of how things work, and you know what's expected and required of you in order to succeed at your job, but there's a lot that you'll have to learn in time after much experience. Now, imagine you've just shown up for your first shift and the very first assignment you receive is to go stop a bank robbery and rescue the employees being held as hostages... alone, with no back-up or support of any kind. You protest, but the Sergeant just shrugs and tells you "You'll have to learn this anyway, might as well start now". Does that sound like it's going to end well to you?
  4. Treating an obvious new player like this doesn't teach them shit except that they picked the wrong game.
  5. It's a little unreasonable to expect a level 3 Jason to fend off a lobby of Jason-killing 150's. All that's going to teach him is to quit playing the game.
  6. Is it (for lack of a better word) moral to kill Jason's who are still in single-digit levels? Honestly, Ive largely stopped letting someone's level dictate how I treat them in favor of watching how they play. If they're really a new player and not a bored 150, you'll see it. That said, if the Jason is being an entitled little shit then n00b or not, they're fair game.
  7. That's not really an answer to the question. How is a programming error what dictates who comes back?
  8. I'm glad because I can't find the damn video. I tell people that and 99% of the time I get the "But that's not possible! You can't suddenly just change into Tommy if you haven't died!" reaction but I swear to God you CAN.
  9. I try to give people the BOTD as to whether or not they're actually teaming or just inexperienced. If you're sweater-girl and not using the sweater on cue, I don't just assume you're teaming because I've had cases before where the SG didn't realize I was telling her to use it, or didn't know the mask was off (p9) or was inexperienced and waiting for "the right time", but I've also had times where SG would demask Jason, dance on him, then stand there and get killed/run away on purpose just to fuck everything up. Side note, I largely stopped being lenient on low level counselors and Jasons once I became aware that some "new players" weren't new, but we're playing on a new account to troll other players. Now, I watch them for a minute to see how they play first.
  10. It's called "being a bitch-ass cheater". The best way I've found to counter it is to wait until they're close, quick-toss a knife just as they wind up to swing, then grab.
  11. I kinda expected #3 to get deemed teaming, but the other two surprised me a bit. Personally, I don't consider it teaming unless: 1) You're intentionally fucking things up for others, and... 2) You're doing so with Jason's help or complicity. Examples of this include running people over, blocking counselors from enter/exiting so they can't get away, holding repair parts hostage, and (worst of all) leading Jason around to other counselors locations. As for jacking the sweater to foil any attempts to kill Jason, I honestly don't really mind it, but I do mind when someone pretends to help kill Jason but pulls a Judas at the last second. I'd have more respect for them if they just came out and said "I got the sweater so nobody could kill Jason, so don't bother trying, I'm not going to help you".
  12. Sometimes, this Jason just wants to troll counselors more than kill them. If you can get a female counselor to play along, I've found it greatly entertaining if you have the female get the sweater, then have her follow you around until you find "Jason" (Tommy works best for this), then both of you proceed to attack "Jason" until hes limping, at which point you can have the female use the sweater if you'd like. When nothing happens, have her spray Tommy and either escape or resume normal game-play content with the knowledge that you have thoroughly confused the shit out of the counselors.
  13. .....except after rage, where all it usually guarantees is Jason's hostility.
  14. ....or they're unfamiliar with the map and are taking a second to get their bearings.
  15. I may have worded it incorrectly, but what I was getting at is a situation where a counselor is basically given a free pass. Trap goes off at the phone, Jason Morphs over, see's it's said counselor, and turns around and goes elsewhere. He's not ignoring the counselor because they're a Kenny in a sea of Vanessa's, he's doing it because they're friends (or some similar reason). Now, that said, like I've mentioned before, there are some people I am simply not going to kill if I'm Jason and they're in the lobby (provided they're staying out of other players way and not being a team-killing dicknose). Personally, I don't really care if Jason lets a friend go as long as said friend isn't ratting out player locations or being a clogged enema-nozzle by running people over or driving them right up to Jason. That's the point where I take offense.
  16. Why do you keep bitch-whining that "a strong male character that is supposed to be supernaturally over powered" isn't easy enough for a female character to beat the living shit out of?
  17. Last time I got called a teamer for that, I pointed out that I was originally planning on killing them (them being the survivor I let go) but changed my mind because they wanted to die fighting me 1v1 and even when their weapon broke they ran in a cabin long enough to get another one and came back out to keep fighting. I respect that, so I told her to go find keys and escape.
  18. I kinda tend to do the same thing. If a counselor plays well and isn't a tea-bagger/dancer/troll then sure, I'll let you find a weapon or finish a repair, or I'll step back and let you get out of the bathroom you stupidly trapped yourself in before I resume trying to kill you. If you're crippled, out of med spray, and 20 feet from the police exit, yeah, go ahead and limp your hobbled ass out of here.
  19. I'm getting through whole matches again, so the patch looks like it's made a difference.
  20. The only time I can actually say I LIKE playing on Pinehurst is if the shack, phone, and car all spawn at the very top of the map. As a counselor, it pretty much always sucks unless you and the phone happen to spawn at the top of the map. Then all you have to do is hope like hell you can get inside one of the cabins/outhouses before Jason shows up 10 seconds into the round.
  21. I know, I already corrected myself one post above yours.
  22. Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it. I should have added something about following Jason around because you're right, there are exceptions to dancing while Jason kills a fellow counselor.
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