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  1. I'm sure there are people who can perform Abduction like they were the one that invented it, but I can't pull it off unless the counselor is standing completely still for several seconds (thus why I only do it to counselors who are either giving up, or who weren't going to be killed in the first place) To claim Side-Shifting is an exploit is just laughable. The only benefit of Side/Wedge/Wobble Shifting is slightly better control of your Shift. Speed Shifting gives you a little bit of extra distance and that's ALL, and is easier to avoid than regular Shifting since Jason stays visible a bit longer. On a different note, I would have thought that league games and tournaments would be the one place were any exploits of any kind would be banned.
  2. I'm glad you agree. I'd rather have an entire lobby of sliders than a bunch of fuckbois who sit on a rock out of reach.
  3. I really don't care if all of you escape as long as I get some LOLZ out of the deal. I told this story before, but if I'm Jason twice in a row, I tend to try and let everyone escape the second round. A while back I had that exact thing happen (first round everyone died, so I told them they could escape at the start of the second). I dumped all five traps right at the shack entrance and was heading off to go troll them a little when I see an A.J. come running down the hill toward the shack (Pack small, N. spawn location) She runs right by me, steps in the traps, heals, steps in another trap, heals, runs inside, grabs the sweater, and hauls ass. It was so amusing I just let her take off with it. I get a message from her asking if they could get a Jason-kill since I was letting them go anyway, so I told her sure. They call the cops, a couple of them escape, a Buggzy and Fox get the mask off and we're all hanging around by the police exit waiting for Tommy. He runs up, shoots me, and hauls ass to the cops, completely ignoring sweater-girl and the 3-4 other people trying to get his attention. It was one of the few times I ever actually felt sorry for a kill-squad/wannabe kill-squad.
  4. Side/Wedge/etc... shifting is no more an exploit than using combat stance to break down doors (if the game tells you that you can attack in combat stance, why the fuck would anybody be so stupid as to think that hitting a counselor in CS = good, but hitting a door in CS = bad?). Are you seriously trying to tell me that R1 + Square to shift is fair, but R1 + Square + R1 is foul? I don't ghost/ghostwalk, I don't animation cancel traps or breaking closets or even opening doors, if I'm fighting a kill-squad and have a choice between either abducting Tommy/SG or getting killed, I'm going to pick "getting killed" because I don't want them to have the excuse of "You only survived because you cheated!" EDIT: I don't use any chat PERIOD. I don't have a mic, and even if I did, I mute everyone as soon as I get into a lobby. The only communicating I do is through very hastily typed PM's.
  5. Let me clarify things: 1) The Savini Jason was the one cheating 2) The counselors trying to kill him, myself included, were not cheating. And yes, you're right... if someone is willing to cheat when playing Jason, they'll probably do the same when they play as a counselor.
  6. I use Speed-Shifting (I prefer to call it "Instant-Shifting", Side-Shifting (sometimes called Wedge-Shifting) and 3rd Person Shifting (a.k.a. "Wobble-Shifting" regularly. I only use Abduction if the counselor in question is "giving up", or if I don't plan on killing them for whatever reason (for example, if the entire lobby sans one person quits, I tell the last remaining counselor to escape, he steps in a trap without med spray and gets crippled with the nearest spray being way over on the other side of the map, I'll Abduct him/her right to it and save them the trouble of doing the gimp-walk all the way over there). I'll use Double-Tap in offline bots, but after trying several times in live games, I've concluded that my connection is simply too wonky to time it consistently and thus it's faster to just break it down the old-fashioned way. The TK animation-cancel IS used, but only in one specific circumstance (if some asshat keeps hitting/trying to hit me when collecting knives, I'll wait until they've close by and use it to bait them into going for a cheap shot but then turn and grab them). The various Shift-types I honestly don't consider a cheat. Everything else, well... yes, those are cheats. You can call them "tech" or "advanced gameplay techniques" if you want, but it's the same thing as calling a pedophile a "Maturity-challenged affection aficionado"... a pretty name for an ugly thing. Last night, my little group was going around killing Jason's and had a Sivini Jason cheating his bitch-ass off. Constant Shifting (not Shifting then going into Stalk or Shifting and then Morphing, this fuckboi was literally trying to Shift-Grab us every few seconds), Ghosting (he wasn't moving, just more-or-less staying in "Morph limbo" hoping one of us would run up and try to hit him), etc... Unfortunately, the girl who decided to grab the sweater beat our designated Sweater-Girl to it and ended up getting her dumb ass killed. Immediately after the kill animation finishes, we break his mask. If that dumb motherfucker had stayed alive 10 more seconds, we'd have got him, but nooooooooo.... she runs right up to a blocking Jason and starts wailing on him while both of us were flashing our lights at her trying to get her to stop.
  7. That means you're going to leave and never come back... right? RIGHT?
  8. Looks like I found your problem Get a PS4. It might not have the same level of graphical performance as a PC but it also doesn't have tons of hacking little shit-slurpers.
  9. You sure about this? I've killed a lot of cheaters in this game and they've all run out of PKs sooner or later.
  10. If you're getting outrun by a crippled counselor, you suck as Jason. As a counselor, I really hate when people with shit for repair skills try installing parts (especially the propeller or fuse) while an AJ or Debbie is standing right next to them frantically flashing their light in the hopes they'll stop trying to fix it before they fuck up the skill-check and alert Jason. I also have a healthy hatred of "home invaders". The round starts, you run inside whatever cabin you spawned near, and 30 seconds later some greedy asshole runs in and starts opening drawers despite having (or having had) a cabin of their own next door. I understand if it happens at one of the lodges, the radio cabin, or somewhere that repair parts commonly spawn at like the garage, but anywhere else it's just them being dick-waffles. If you invade a cabin I spawned at, I'll stop and go elsewhere, but if you loot that one and then try it again, I'm putting a fucking bear-trap under the window. Send me all the whiny PM's you want, but you deserve it. Learn to share, asshole... there's plenty of cabins to go around. I also hate when you see the car coming your way, it stops, you get in, and then the driver decides that, instead of driving the literal 100 feet to the exit, they want to troll Jason by driving around and drifting like an autistic FATF extra with Downs Syndrome. Stop fucking around and GO! Do you have any idea how many people I've killed as Jason that I wouldn't have had they just escaped when they had the chance (don't even think about saying "Well, they're probably looking for counselors to save or they're distracting Jason" because that doesn't hold water when the last 4 people alive are in the car)? People who are fully aware the cops are on scene but make you wait 10+ minutes after everyone else is either dead or escaped because they want to survive the night can also go fuck themselves. Incompetent Tommys/Sweater-Girls are a big one for me, especially if I'm playing with friends and a random is playing Tommy or SG. Watching SG repeatedly dropping the axe next to an idiotic Tommy while she's being chased by a maskless-Jason has nearly gotten my controller broken on several occasions. As Jason, I honestly don't really get frustrated because I can simply kill whatever happens to be annoying me at the moment That said, I do hate hearing the shack trap and the alert from Pamela go off, getting over there, and finding out it's just a Chad triggering the alarm so someone can start the car.
  11. So... what you're trying to tell me that is that if three counselors die one after the other, nobody will come back as Tommy until the 4th person dies/escapes? Or are you saying that if two counselors die together (very short amount of time between deaths) the second one to go will return as Tommy? Or am I wrong and what you're saying is Tommy won't come back until the 3rd one dies? I'm trying to make sure of what you're saying because there have been dozens of times two counselors have died at almost the same time and the first one to die came back as Tommy.
  12. I looked but couldn't find one. If you want, I can go through old footage I have and see if I can find you some from that.
  13. Too bad there's no way to program a big, flashing sign that hovers over rage-quitters heads in-game that says "I PUSS-OUT LIKE A LITTLE BITCH" because whether you're Jason or a counselor, when you rage-quit that-s exactly what you're telling people.
  14. I still don't have PhDIM, but I've got all the badges maxed out, plus the trophies for 1000+ games as Jason/counselor/etc.. this is the only one I'm missing from getting the platinum.
  15. I tried it just a second ago and everythings still working fine on PS4. Could it have been a hiccup maybe?
  16. I did 'write' it. Edit: After playing with the little group of friends I kill Jason with last night, I have concluded that there are few things in this game funnier than having two separate groups in the same lobby that are both trying to kill Jason before the other one can. It ended up being our sweater-girl and their Tommy (and then the lv 150 P4 rage-quit mid-death because... of course he did).
  17. This entire thread is about killing Jason, who the fuck did you think I meant?
  18. Unless you're playing a private match, I highly doubt a kill squad of 150's is going to be anything remotely resembling "respectful" when killing a brand new Jason. Think of it like this: Suppose you just graduated from the police academy and it's your first day as a rookie cop. You know the basics of how things work, and you know what's expected and required of you in order to succeed at your job, but there's a lot that you'll have to learn in time after much experience. Now, imagine you've just shown up for your first shift and the very first assignment you receive is to go stop a bank robbery and rescue the employees being held as hostages... alone, with no back-up or support of any kind. You protest, but the Sergeant just shrugs and tells you "You'll have to learn this anyway, might as well start now". Does that sound like it's going to end well to you?
  19. Treating an obvious new player like this doesn't teach them shit except that they picked the wrong game.
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